Wednesday, December 9

The Christmas Card:

It's so much more fun making my own cards.
(with Dustin's help...he's good at the paper cutter)
and not having to spend a studio fee.

here is our 09' x-card. I had a little help from
Bobbie to get all 3 pictures on the card.
The pictures were taken in my office a few weeks ago.
I added an adhesive magnetic strip to the back.

My initial idea was to have the dude in the tub with a Santa hat on,
and a beard of Cool whip on his face. That Idea didn't quite work out.
He ended up eating the Cool whip, slipping on the tub and falling over, soaking the Santa hat and splashing the beard off, So there are a few pictures of that train-wreck-of a-photo-shoot...
I mean, it wasn't that bad, I still got a few that I liked.

Merry Christmas.


  1. omg I love his little teeth!

  2. Chels! You are just so creative!! I LOVE your christmas card! I just love anything homemade anyways :)
    I hope I can be a cute mom like you<3

  3. Oh my gosh amy, you are just adorable. You will be the sweetest mom in the world. Can't wait!

    I love his teeth too. I'm actually kind of really sad he's teething and will be getting those 4 top teeth soon. He won't look like a baby-baby anymore....

  4. I love the one in the tub. So darn cute.

  5. Love love love the Christmas card! You are so crafty!