Tuesday, December 8

Sayonara Suckers!

This weekend we were treated to dinner by our friend's Matt & Vicky at Aureole .
Outside the window we saw some Swans swimming. It was lovely. Aureole also has a 4 story wine cellar in the middle of the restaurant with wine angels dressed in black that travel up and down retrieving bottles of wine!
We didn't mean to both wear hounds tooth...
it just happened that way
Aaron & Morgan
Vicky & Matt
The guys looking dapper
The six of us enjoying our last dinner.

Our friendships date back 7 years for some of us (Vicki & I), while our 2 year friendship with the Snows' seems like it's been a life time (the night we found out we were pregnant, we drove over to the Snows' and were in their living room praying at eleven o'clock, rejoicing. They were the second people to know the good news, first was my dear friend Tracy who lived with us). The six of us have disagreed on many things, big and small whether it be theology, taste in wine, raising our babies...etc. The glue that has kept us together is our love for Christ.

We decided a few months back to enter into a deeper way of experiencing community. We committed to one another that we would show up, participate and engage in each others lives no matter how uncomfortable, or painful, or humiliating, or whatever, we would show up every week. We would usually eat a meal together, sit down and hash out our week, and as we engaged, our love for one another grew and grew.

One of the biggest things we committed was how we would confront conflict. This meant, if I had a problem with something one person said, I didn't go gossip to the other couple first to use them as my filter, but I dealt with the conflict head on right away. As we pursued deeper relationships with one another, honest relationships, it brought out sin in our marriages & sin in ourselves into the light and we were able to confess, cry, pray, take communion together, worship and heal. It was one of the only times I've ever experienced community the way I believe God intended it. There was a certain rawness, brokenness, humility, and nothing was left un-cared for-spiritually. We truly experienced life together. Ups and downs, good and bad- we rejoiced together and fought for each other.

Out of the love that has manifested through the six of us, I have been stretched, grown, humbled, called out, incredibly loved on and cared for, and my marriage has been nurtured in an unbelievable way. And also in that love, I've been able to do the same which has been a great joy.

So this week the Snows' are heading off to Texas, which makes me very sad. We wanted to thank you guys for all you've given us. When we were pregnant and stressed, you sent us a check in the mail- a check you never wanted payed back, but just to bless us with to take the load off. You guys have served us greatly by helping us paint our baby room, giving us awesome hair cuts, challenging us spiritually, praying with us through some of the hardest things we've experienced, visiting us in the hospital the night I delivered, and unconditionally loving us. You will be greatly missed. We plan on coming down there very soon {so Aaron can make us some amazing white Russian's...} Sayonara.... :(

And in 3 short weeks we will be saying sayonara suckers! to Matt & Vicky who are moving to sunny San Diego! {jealous} I look back at God's sovereignty in how he had us purposed to be friends years and years ago. I think it's pretty awesome that we've gotten so close. I remember praying for you guys as you were trying to get pregnant, eating amazing stake dinners at your house, enjoying Matt's awesome cocktails- he's such a bad-ass bartender! We love you guys so much and are grateful to have you in our lives to weather the storms together and watch I'm on a boat and laugh our asses off. Good times. It's been fun raising our babies and rejoicing over all the answered prayers, watching God move in our lives. It's been real. Sayonara for now...

We will miss you guys.
Get your guest rooms ready for us!


  1. aw serisouly, Im not a cryer, but I just teared up. damn you chelsea and your sweet words, damn you. :)

  2. Awww...very sweet. Good friends are very special. <3

  3. Wow. You have no idea how much life and encouragement this just breathed into me. The things you described about our community and relationships over the past few months are exactly what I feel God desires of us for obedience. Nothing big, huge, flashy, and stuff that makes the headlines. Just simply loving one another in a deep way, and committing to growing deeply with one another in our love for Christ/His purpose in our lives. Thanks for letting us be a part of you guys' journey over the past two years...the guest room is READY! (ummmm....once we have a place to move into...that is...=)

  4. Aaron already said some of this in his comment, but I wanted to post what he wrote earlier on his FB.

    You guys are a so dear to us. Thanks again.
    Can't wait to have another dinner the 6 of us in TX or SD. Lets make that happen.

    "God has been teaching us SO much over the past couple years. One of the main things has been what He truly desires of us as followers of Him…simple obedience. Our hope is that the realization of His “free” grace would fuel that obedience, and not performance/obedience in order to earn grace. In the midst of that we have discovered our tendency to do the “flashy” things that draw attention, & make the headlines in an attempt to “satisfy man’s expectations”…

    I was VERY encouraged this morning when I read a blog that our friend Chelsea posted. We’ve known Chelsea, & her husband Dustin for two years now. About 5 months ago, along with the Hudgin’s, we decided to take our relationships to a new level. We embarked on a journey to “be the church” together in a very raw, deep, and relational way. We started a new church together. It was simple obedience. It wasn’t flashy, forced, or energy draining. It was life giving. It’s what we know God desired of us. The key however, was that we had to remove the clutter we had put on our “plates” attempting to “please God”, “be a good Christian”, or seek to satisfy man’s expectations, and press into that simple obedience. I’ll stop now, and let you read Chelsea’s beautiful words describing all of our family’s journey together…"

  5. I suppose I should chime in as well. Love you all and will miss you greatly. Thanks fro sharing such sweet words my friend.

    PS. I love how Chelsea said we treated ya'll to dinner, like we are loaded or something, HA! Sweet:)

  6. {clarification, matt got a fat comp from playing black jack and we all got to eat out together...}