Friday, December 4

Weekly Surf:

What a week this has been. Lots to do, lots of stress, lots of late nights home alone while Dustin finishes up projects. I asked him how long he'd be at the library the other night and his response: "I dunno, anywhere from 3-6 hours give or take...." 3-6 hours! Ugh! Sad. Well, on a brighter note, he graduates in 8 DAYS!!! I'm so ecstatic!

ANOTHER reason this week has been extra stressful: Conrad decided to be a bad baby and forget how to sleep. He woke up at 3am today and 4am the day before, not going back to sleep for his morning nap until 11 (Which he hasn't done since he was teeny. He loves his schedule and I love his schedule, but when he decides to veer away from it, I want to pull my hair out!) I had to forgo a walk with my girlfriends, and beg my mother in law to come over so I could shower. It was rough, like as in, reminded me of when he was 2 months old and not sleeping and i wanted to throw myself off of a building-rough.

But alas! It's FRIDAY! It's the weekend. And I have this picture to make me smile,
So I forgive you Conrad, you rebel.
Here are some links I thought you might enjoy! Happy surfing!

#1 reason why I will keep my hair for a little while longer

I'll be making this. And while I'm in the crafting mood,
I'll put that gold spray paint under the sink to use

Perfect bib for a photographer's baby to wear
and perfect accessory.

I just ordered these lovelies.

I have lost my battle with Toms shoes thinking they are super useless
and would be a total waste of money.... Every girl needs a little
(apparently they have size 14 for dudes with boat feet)

lets give Michael Cera some credit here folks. He sort of isn't

If you haven't seen Stella McCartney's Gap line yet,
you're missing out on some serious cuteness.

Dream Car And not because Edward Cullen drives it,
but because my first car was a Volvo
and I've always had a soft spot in my heart for them. *Sigh*

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. i just saw michael cera's new movie (he came to my school for a free screening and let me just say, he is the tiniest person in the world. barely qualifies to be a person. but he is hilarious) and even his rebel character was not a far stretch from his standard awkward nice guy thing. a little disappointing but a funny movie nevertheless with a lot of visually pleasing set dressings.

  2. Yeah, I feel in love watching arrested development.

    I love all of the characters though. It's really hard to have a favorite.

    He's adorable. It will be fun to see him play something other than the lovable nerd.

    What school was this at??

    (the video is hilar)

  3. Holy crap with that Stella McCartney zebra sleep set! I want one in my size.

  4. If you like those bandaides and I know you like silly stuff (as do I) you should go to It's one of my favorites.

  5. those band-aids would be great for Conrad when he's a little older. They're silly, but kind of gross, which is perfect for a little guy.


    i want those toms and to make those necklaces with you.

    after next week i'll be out of school for 5 weeks and will see you!

    p.s. fred flare is legit!

  7. Amanda. I'm looking forward to your break!

    Those necklaces seem like such a no-brainer, why didn't I think of that before??!

  8. Lucia's sleep schedule is totally wackadoo right now. Screwed. Thus a tired mommy, tired baby, messy house, slacking on the job-front. You name it.

    Oh ya, and we are in the middle of a move! Close on two houses on Monday. Maybe I can sleep again when this is all over!

    At least are babies are cute - it makes it much easier to forgive them for messing with their sleep schedules :)

    (Congrats on the hubs graduating. I've been there. Such a relief when it is ALL OVER!!!)