Thursday, December 9

Weekly Surf:

I am wearing:
Vintage Jacket (with shoulder pads. Thrifted last year.)
Shirt: Thrifted (mens section.)
This head band was a gift sent to me from my good girl friend Cara.
Weekly Surf:
4 new posts on my photo blog (shameful plug. I know....)
A truly amazing before and after baby body (I just have to say that I was shocked, impressed and inspired after seeing her before and after pictures. She's got a lot of balls to post these pictures and give other Mom's out there who are depressed over their after baby body the encouragement to work towards a healthier lifestyle and a body they're proud of. Seeing her results, I hope will encourage many.)
Likes this bag a lot
An empowering song that gets me excited to run
Oh Polariod, how dare you tease me. Reveal your new insta camera already!
I really dig this "man" jewelry & this Necklace
Little ones holding old cameras = adorable
Pretty fall dress
Why is he so adorable? Enjoy this hilarious video
Who I look up to when It comes to fashion
So loving this art wall
Candy cane dipped marshmallows would be so yummy in hot chocolate
Cute holiday hair I'm dying to try on myself
Funny art
Love the brightness of this dresser
AND since it's Vampire Thursdays, I can't wait to see this episode tonight

{And just because I think they're utterly adorable: my boys @ Conrad's 18 month Dr. visit.}

{Have a wonderful Thursday friends.}


  1. the baby body link you posted was JUST what i needed to read this morning!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! i have been feeling like a slug, eating like crap, and still complaining about this extra weight. time to get a move on!

  2. Three things-

    1. I heart the Schwartz. But you already knew that.
    2. I NEED that dresser in my life!
    3. I so want to try the side chignon (although my damn curling iron crapped out on me!). m

  3. as usual this surf was awesome! the body transformation was awesome, she does have some balls! I could never post my ugly before shots!!

  4. Cute blog! And you have beautiful eyes dear:-)

  5. the shoulder pad jacket is rocktastic and purple; love it.

    your boys are adorable.

  6. your fashion idol is my ex-boyfriends ex crush. haha. they went to unr together. weiiiiird :)

  7. Awww... look at him in his diapers and little converse! I think this is the cutest picture I've seen all week!

  8. so glad you commented. your blog is AWESOME. and i love love love your style.

  9. love the lipstick. cute headband. :)