Wednesday, December 8

7:13am On A Wednesday Morning:

It started out just like every morning starts out. The alarm wakes us up, your Dad gets in the shower, I start the tea kettle to boil water for the coffee press and make my way through the hall to your room. Usually you're talking to yourself resiting all of the animal sounds you know. Moo for cow, Bzzzzz for bee, Sssssss for snake, Howwwwwl for wolf with your lips perched out exaggerated as you pronounce the "wwwwwl" part. It's cute. It makes me smile. It starts my morning out right listening to you chitter chatter until I scoop you out of your crib. 

This morning though, you were still asleep. I smiled and adored you. Then I quickly ran to the office for my camera. 
As I was changing my settings and getting all to artsy for my own good, you started to wake. This was the photo I captured 
(Dirty socks, hand by your cheek, bed head and all....) 
My heart melts.
And then you perked right up as I laughed at your, "Really mom? It's not even 8am and you've already got that camera in my face? ughhhh. How annoying are you?" Expression painted all over
 your sweet tired face. 
 You rubbed your eyes and pointed to the lion on your rocking chair and said, "Ion." 
So I grabbed him for you and you gave him a tight squeeze. I'm dying inside. You're too cute.
 I want to squish your face off. 
 Then you looked up at me like, "Um, we're having a MOMENT here.... GeeZE! Mom!" 
 Then you really started to look pissed and I stopped laughing. OK, I get it. You're a big boy.
You don't want your mother all up in your business with her camera all day long. I understand. 
I've had so many moments recently where he takes my breath away. Like, when we're in the shower and I've had the worst day ever I'm so stressed I'm having trouble breathing because he's been teething and won't let me put him down all day.... and I'm just watching the hours pass until I can go run and think for a few minutes! BUT when I draw a circle with the shower crayons and he points to it and tells me what I've drawn..... Those little moments make me feel like I used to feel at work when I got a raise or a pat on the back. I feel like I've done a good job as a mom. When he identifies that a circle is a circle. 

*I don't feel all that wonderful though when I have a screaming toddler under my feet and I have to tell Gabe, (the banker on the phone) to please hold so I can put my little devil child in time-out for screaming, crying and chanting "Mooooommmy! Mommmmmyyyyyy," while I'm trying to talk on the phone. 

The happened the other day and I thought I was big stuff when I put him in his crib kicking and screaming, walked back tot he office to continue my civilized phone conversation and realized my toddler was suddenly quiet as a sweet, peaceful little lamb. I thought to myself, "That's right. You sit there and think about what you did-screaming like a little lunatic in front of Gabe while Mommy wanted to punch her face off! You sit there in that cold dark room (It wasn't really dark.....that was for dramatic effect.) And you think about how crazy you made mommy, Mr!" 

I finish my conversation and walk back into his room. He's sitting in his crib quiet as can be WITH HIS BINKY IN HIS MOUTH. Little butt nugget! THAT'S WHY HE WAS QUIET! How stupid of me to put him in time-out in his crib WHERE THE BINKY STAYS ONLY FOR NAP AND BEDTIME! That wasn't TIME-OUT! That was pure Ecstasy. He was livin' it up. UGH. 

My Mom sure has a good laugh at me when I told her this story. She was probably thinking, "Ha! Ha! You idiot! Ha-ha-ha Conrad told you!" (She was also the one who took his side and defended him when I took his other obsessive toy away. The dinosaur that was pretty much a weapon......) 
It was sold in a yard sale thankyouverymuch. 


This age is so much fun. I dread the days of potty training when he's peeing all over my rugs and making my house smell like yuckies. I love him though in his totally-too-small-i-could-only-button-one-button-Guido-duck-jammies. His jammy top was way too small I could only button the top button. The pant legs are high waters... Too cute. 


  1. i love the dirty socks !! such a boy. i think of you each time i think i am ready for Jude to abandon his bink and leave it in bed. we keep it under the pillow but he has several hidden through out the house. I have actually caught him with 2 in his mouth at once! so why is it that these boys scream when we are on the phone?

  2. oh i loved this post :) i'm sitting here nursing romanin the middle of the night, and cant help but feel the same way about him growing up!! i've been pouring him into his 0-3 month clothes because i refuse to bump up to the next size!!!
    i LOVE the photos of your little man, capturing him at this stage is priceless!!
    and those pj's are too cute ;)

  3. this post makes me smile :)

    it's so funny how you can go from being soooo mushy in love over them and the next second you just want to throw them in their crib!
    this happened to me the other day. olivia was so sweet at Willow's doctor's appointment. trying to calm her when she cried, just being the best big sister ever. and then....while i was at the check out desk scheduling the next appointment she decided to be a total turd and take off running through the offices. for a split second i forgot i had another baby and left the stroller there and took off running after her! after many moments of this lately i now understand why people put their kids on a leash. HA!

  4. Oh, that was sweet! Man, teething is the hardest.

  5. I really, really like ALL your posts but I enjoyed this one ESPECIALLY.

  6. want to come live at my house and follow my kids around?

  7. i love these shots. so sweet. he looks unbelievably adorable.

  8. I completely understand the "squish-your-face-off" urge. I think it has something to do with toddlers in the morning. They are at their sweetest, cutest, lovingest, everythingest first thing in the morning.

  9. I LOVE this. You really paint the picture of how I imagine normal mommy life to be... and then you throw in your personality and you've absolutely got me hooked. He might give you those seriously cute "annoyed" faces when you take out your camera but I can't wait until he grows up and realizes how precious those moments are and thanks you for always having your camera handy! Love it.