Monday, October 18

Weekly Surf: A Case Of The Monday's

We had so many errands to do today that we didn't make it to the park to see Conrad's park friends in the morning like we usually do. We stayed in and did some cooking in the afternoon. I made some butternut squash soup and roasted red onions as a side. We both were a bit antsy so we had a cookie to pass the time. 

To avoid Dustin's judgmental stares and finger wags, we eat our sweets when he is at work. WHEN he comes home, we eat our green beans and no one feels guilty. Dustin means well, and I'm glad he cares, but can't a kid have a cookie every now and then? Especially when he asks for the cookie with that sweet little voice, "C-OOO-KEY MOM-EEE!" And bats those big blue eyes at me.... 
You'd give him a C-OO-KEY too. 
At first he just held it and licked it, and then I put him in his high chair 
and he got down to business.

Weekly Surf:
A Halloween themed wedding that wasn't on Halloween (The dress & the grooms bow tie kill me. So hot.)
40 weeks of adorable baby-bumpness.
This is how you get started on the journey of running
I want this print
Unisex nursery decor inspiration
In case you needed something super cute to squeal about today
Motivates me to get crackin' on my highchair redo
Drooling over These shorts with tights and boots for fall
A woman who does this has a lot of balls, or not a lot of brains... I can't decide.
      (I don't think this is one of those things you would ever want to do unassisted.)
And then other times, there is no time for assistance or a support system. Impressive.
This time last year we were covered in pumpkin guts and friends we love
I can't get enough of furniture before and after's
A sweet sentiment for your husband to wear

I love the expression in the last photo. He's like, "It's all gone? Not cool Mom!"
{Have a great week friends.}


  1. He is seriously the cutest little boy I have seen. Love that last pic and his face expressioN!

  2. I nearly busted a gut at the link to the beanie beard....mmmm, now I want a cookie.

  3. Levi says "TEAT, TEAT!" Whenever he wants a treat. it's too funny, how can we not comply?

  4. LOVE those baby bump photos. maybe i need to get more creative with my next one!

    and olivia is completely obsessed with cookies. i blame it on her grandma and her gigi. i never keep them in the house because when she goes to grandma's she pretty much gets whatever she wants! spoiled rotten, i tell ya.

  5. Hey there! Thanks for highlighting our highchair makeover! You have a darling blog and a beautiful family. Thank you again. :) Have a wonderful day.

  6. he is adorable! that pic of him at the window holding his cookie in his onesie and socks is priceless!

  7. Just stumbled across your blog, and I am in love! Also these links were amazing. But I gotta say home births FREAK me out!! I could never do it, I am a big wuss!!

  8. It's not so much the home births that freak me out, it's having a home birth without trained midwifes, nurses, Dr's or friends who can coach you through it and supervise.

    My ideal birth situation would be to have a natural birth in a hospital with a doctor who supported natural births without drugs (pitosin, pain meds) who would give me time to birth instead of rushing me to hurry and deliver. I could go on forever about what's wrong with medicine these days and why it's such a shame that the right to labor seems to be taken away from so many woman and for whatever reason, EVERY deliver ends up in a C-section. When did birth become so dangerous? But reguardless of what I WANT, i know that my husband would never let me birth in a home without doctors, and he deserves to have a say so in it too.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Have a great day!

  9. ahhhhh i love that last picture!!!

  10. The accidental unassisted birth made me laugh. That mom just looked clueless as to what to do next. I would probably have the same reaction: Oh crap! The baby already came out? Now what do I do???