Sunday, October 17

Weekend In Photos:

With a toddler, there really is no good way to give a gentle hug. He's either digging his fingers into my neck or biting my entire cheek. To him, this is how kisses are given. To me, It's just plain violent.
 Giving me a full mouth inspection.
 He is suspicious that something is very different about my mouth.
  Eating is Super painful, so I've been having yogurt and mac and cheese. Today though, I went to breakfast with three lovely woman who were all close friends of Bobbie's. We went to church and then enjoyed some breakfast at Sunrise Cafe. It was nice to celebrate Bobbie and talk about what we loved about her. Tears and laughter were shared. Adoration for our dear Friend was evident in how we all spoke of her. It was healing for me to spend time with them. As bad as my mouth hurt, there was NO WAY I was leaving the restaurant without devouring my favorite item on the menu. Glen's wrap. It's a wrap with egg whites, chicken, buffalo wing sauce, avocados, and swiss cheese. It is heaven, pure heaven. Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. that wrap sounds delicious!! glad you had some "healing" time spent with those ladies. happy almost monday!

  2. I can still remember having the spacers put in before they put my braces on. I cried so much. And when they put the metal bands on around my molars, it was torture. Hope you feel better soon. Refried beans were good, ice cream, and pudding. Unfortunately none of those are low calorie.

  3. Awh. I love the little ones!

  4. ohh, braces. lovely, painful, braces. i had them FOUR TIMES. so i totally feel your pain.

    but i think you are b-e-a-UTIFUL with them. you rock those braces, hot mama :)

    glad to hear you had such a great time with your friends. sometimes friends bring the sweet healing our souls need. love you!

  5. When I got my braces, I lived off of mashed potatoes and frosties from Wendy's! Ha.

    Yes, spend time with people...even when you don't quite feel up to it. It does help!

  6. what is wrong with me? i totally got emotional looking at your kid inspect your braces. i must be pmsing.

    i'm glad that you spent time with bobbie's close friends. that was good.

  7. Aw, I just got emotional over you getting emotional about my kid inspecting the braces.


  8. You look gorgeous in these pictures. Just thought I'd point it out. :)