Saturday, October 16


You're cool and collected with your tempting 75 degree weather in the morning, which forces me to put on my boots, and then BAM! you hit me with your evil 90 degrees in the afternoon? You're totally killin' my fall-time-bust out the sweaters and knee-high knits-"high" Vegas Hot-as-hell-non-existent-fall! You're such a jerk Vegas fall weather. You're SO dead to me.

Whatevs. I'll wear my quarter sleeves and boots, arch my brows with attitude, snap my Z snap in your face, and flick my hair behind my shoulder like a diva, because you know what?  
You suck! 
I am wearing:
Shirt, shorts & boots from Buffalo exchange. I'm too lazy and pissed at
 our stupid HOT fall to tell you the brands. Brown knee socks are from target. 
I'm so over it. 

But fashion week is coming up, 
so take some photos of your favorite fall time outfits 
and join in on the fun! 
{Happy Fall Fashion!}

So The other night I'm enjoying  a "Mommy date night" (a date where you don't have Daddy and Baby in toe. You go out by yourself and get a coffee, savor every sip and put your phone on silent for an hour! You shop and enjoy your alone time! You check your hot ass out in the dressing room mirror and take advantage of your Mommy date!) Anyway. I went to buffalo exchange and got myself a few new outfits to celebrate my birthday and spend my store credit. I went when Dustin got off of work. I had spent my day with my son sweating at the park and getting splashed with water while he took his bath. Long story short, I was gross! I get to the check out at Buffalo Exchange and this totally adorable-totally fashionable guy says to me, "Soooo you're going for a WHOLE NEW LOOK ey?!" And I say, "Um, NO! This isn't how I normally dress....I'm a mom, and so I don't ALWAYS look....." (At this point I'm totally embarrassed and mumbling my way through my explanation as to why I'm looking like a complete slob on this particular night to a kid who has NO idea what what life as a parent looks like.) It was one of my shining moments. I DID however contemplate punching him in his totally fashionable little face though. Jerk.

I walked out of there with my bag flung over my shoulder like a total miss-priss because, No, I don't always look like a slob! I DO put on a cute outfit every now and then. SO take that! Cute-fashionable-guy who tries to rain on this stay at home mom's parade! You know nothing. 


  1. Come to Utah!! It is BEAUTIFUL here right now...chilly mornings, perfect afternoons, fall leaves everywhere, pumpkin patches, need a fall vacation!

  2. I think you are totally cute... no matter what you wear:)

  3. As much as I absolutely LOVE Buffalo (90% of my wardrobe comes from there after all), sometimes their employees can be asshats. What a chode! You look great!

    And Tucson is in the same Fall weather boat. It's really putting my tights in a twist!

  4. Wow. Sometimes people need a real lesson on when to keep their mouth shut. That would be one of those times.

    LOVE your outfit! You are one hot mama! :) And do what you want. It's time for FALL!

  5. hahahaha....woooow!!! just because some days we look like a haggard mess doesn't mean we look like one EVERY day. moms can have style too! people have told me before "wait till kid number two comes won't have time to dress cute anymore. all your style goes out the window!!" well i am not letting that happen to me. no sirreee. i refuse to be that mom that just lets herself go because she is running around like a mad woman chasing her kids. why can't i look good AND be a mom????!

    anyway, i feel you on the Fall thing. though we have been in the low 80's for weeks and the 50's in the morning so it's not quite as bad as yours. but i have been putting on my boots and sweating my tired bum off by the mid afternoon. UGH. i need a vacay to some cold weather for a couple weeks.

  6. Love how to told mr. fashionable what's what! he better think twice before messing with a hot momma!

  7. What? I think a punch in his face would have been good. ;D

  8. wow! the perfect autumn outfit! boots and knee socks are really great! and the rest of the outfit is top drawer too! thanks for sharing! :)

  9. I love your outfit!
    I did the same today.. put on knee high boots and tights with my dress for the cool 60 degree weather and now its 89 degrees!
    got some sweet sweat stains going on. (thats hard to say.)

    I'm glad you said something to that fashionable cute douche!
    I think they try to hire the most condescending fashion divas there. I love the store and refuse to quit going though.

    You're adorable.

  10. Those boots are adorable!!! And that wall your standing in front of is AMAZING!!! I LOVE!!


  11. you look so amazing.
    love this whole outfit.<3

  12. Love the shorts with the boots! The colors look great together. Ahh Vegas... I have to finally visit soon!

  13. I love those boots with those shorts! Fabulous darling!

  14. i love your blog and your fall outfits!! i have a buffalo exchange right down the street from me, maybe i should start appreciating it more!

  15. hahaha...that is amazing! Oklahoma is in on the Fall weather trickery thing too...:(

  16. I love Buffalo exchange! And I totally have those Target socks. Aaaand pay no attention to my thrift disclaimer on my last post. It does not pertain to you. Cause you're a friend. And you're awesome. And here's hoping the weather cools for YOU! :)

  17. VERY CUTE! love the boots ;) you would be so proud I did some trifting the other day and got a lot of good stuff. Now I just need a few pairs of cute boots to complete my outfits!