Thursday, October 21

Fall Fashion: Teal & Stripes

I usually spend my days in comfy clothes that I can be a mom in. 
But, when I have a reason to put myself together, I don't usually wear my 
TEAM EDWARD shirt and sweatpants....usually. 
The outfit below is what I wore to my ortho appointment last week. 
When I sat in the chair the lady preparing all of 
my metal said, "you always look so cute!"
 (I go there to see the dentist too so they see me every six months so they know me.)
To which I said, "thank you! If I have a reason to put myself together, I do. so it's nice to get out of the house and feel cute for a few hours!" It's always nice to get a complement when you're a mom and you need that extra confidence boost when you're feeling grubby. I really miss getting ready for work and putting outfits together..... I wouldn't trade my current job for my old job though. 
 I love the buttons on this sweater.
I am wearing:
Skirt: F21 (4$) score!
Tank & Headband: Express
Cardigan: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Payless

I hope you all will play along with us! 
It's loads of fun. 


  1. cute! I love that green hat...totally makes the outfit!

  2. i'm excited to start participating in the new fall fashion thingy... although, your style totally rocks and mine is inferior to yours...

  3. Ummmm the Team Edward shirt ROCKS!! Love it. :)

  4. I LOVE your team edward shirt! I want that. And you always look adorable no matter what you're wearing! Can't wait to see all of your outfits next week!

  5. Your shoes, and that cardigan - so cute!

  6. Chels you are too cute! I'm pretty sure I want to build you a room in my closet and hire you as my daily personal dresser. fantastic dream right?