Sunday, May 2

Let the Weaning Begin!

My little guy before he knew how to sass me:
When I was pregnant, I had all of these ideas of what kind of mother I would be. One of my ideas was that I would never EVER let my son use a binky. I HATED with a passion, seeing 4 year olds at the store with their binky in their mouths, not saying sentances, just riding along like little zombies!
But then I got home with my baby and realized that shutting them up is harder than it looks and resorted to the binky. He actually wouldn't take it at first and showed no interest at all, but I kept putting it in to plug up the noise and now THIRTEEN MONTHS LATER....I'M THAT MOM with a baby addicted to his binky. I'm not kidding you, he has one in EVERY color and shape and they're located in EVERY corner of my home.
It's sick. Let me be the first one to say it.
It's sick.
{A binky in the mouth and one in each hand. This child CANNOT
BE TRUSTED. He is up to no good!)

We said at six months we were DONE with the binky (actually, Dustin said six months) he seems to have very strong opinions about nearly everything I do with, "DON'T feed him fruits first, he needs to like veggies before you give him fruit!" OR, "Don't take him out of his crib when he's crying, leave him. He HAS to learn!"

The dirty looks I get from Dustin as I feed Conrad heaping finger fulls of icing while we're driving really make me feel guilty and ashamed are really awesome. WHAT? Let the boy have a little chocolate cupcake now and then! Sheesh!) ANYWAY. My point is, I'm the push-over and Dustin is the mean-evil-disciplinarian-Daddy-who won't let our son sleep in our bed, and takes binky's away! who wants the best for our baby and I'm thankful that he has two cents to contribute rather than not give a hoot what goes on with our son, but sometimes....
I want to tell him to take his two cents and shove it somewhere!

I've made excuses for WHY our son needs his binky, and I've pacified our son for far too many months. This binky obsession has gone on for too long, and maybe this time....
DUSTIN is right!?

I want to coddle Conrad and Dustin is
"Raising our son to be a MAN, not a lil' sissy baby!"
"Ok, FINE, you and your little MAN can go flex your muscles together all you want I agree honey, It's time! BUT I'M JUST GUNNA STASH THE BINKY DISCRETELY IN THE SIDE POCKET OF THE DIAPER BAG, OR IN MY BACK POCKET just in case of a major emergency or melt down! They will all be thrown away immediately, you kind of have my word!"

Our son needs his binky when he's teething, taking a bath, when he's riding in the back seat where it's all lonely and mommy's arms are too stubby and short to reach and give the "sissy baby" some snuggles or reach that toy that the "sissy baby" just launched at the window and is now throwing a full blown, "Rosemary's baby" kind of tantrum.
(BUT if I have a binky handyyyyy... THE TANTRUM IS SILENCED!)
Duh Dustin!

And sissy babies' need their binky's when they get bored after their afternoon snack is all gone and want to get down to play in the kitchen (But Mommy is petrified AND DADDY WOULD KILL HER if he came in and saw the sissy baby crawling around on the ground ANYWHERE NEAR THE STOVE.....) so when I cook, the sissy baby sits in his high chair. I plug up that yapper of his TO BUY ME SOME TIME, SO SUE ME!!
He also needs it when he's playing the drums,
Taking a bath...
Or hangin' with Daddy...
Or riding in the car...

Or when we're at the dentist office for 2 hours with Uncle Vinni
and the sissy baby starts to get bored and tired,
SO I just whip that sucker out and the noise is magically GONE!....

He has it when he's bored, tired, hungry, cranky, happy, sad, teething, laughing, farting, pooping, climbing, wrestling, reading, etc....

You get it right?
My kid is a full blown JUNKIE!

SO we've started the weaning process, and BOY has it been tough.
I had no idea until now how dependant he was on that $5.39 piece of plastic.
It's insane.

It has been really useful, (and necessary) for him to use his binky,
but I believe it's time for God sakes to throw that thing in the trash.

I can't just hold onto the binky because it makes my life more convenient.
I have to teach him how to sooth himself and not rely on the binky. (Deep breath)

Someone say a prayer.
Shits gunna hit the fan around here, I feel it coming.
I'm imagining rosemary's baby screaming in my back seat.

I can do this
I can do this

****(If any of you tell my husband anything about the stashed Binky's, I don't know you,
and I never knew you, and this blog never existed, so help me God!....)


  1. Anonymous02 May, 2010

    U CAN DO IT!! for the sake of that lil boy, DEAL WITH IT! I have found that u can sub. a binky for a lovey. it worked for my son. he loves his lovey and i can handle him toting a teddy/blankie around instead of that goofy lookin binkie.

  2. when we got rid of Aiden's bottles, I let him throw them all in the trash. that way he would be excited and accepting of it. It worked too! He got rid of his own pacifier though. When I upgraded to the thicker ones for older children, he decided it was too much work and gave it up on his own. What a blessing! Good luck!

  3. oh goodness...this makes me happy olivia never took to the pacifier!

    good luck with the weaning! poor little guy.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Good luck with everything. I was actually able to get away with never using a paci with Alex and there are some nights when I wish I could pull one out! Lol.

  5. Right on, Rachel.
    This makes me scared one of my kids will take it. One day...a couple of months ago I think...we gave L a binky at the beginning of her "no sleep" crap. She hated it-BUT she walked around the house sucking and chewing on it. I kept saying "take it away! She looks so dumb!" haha

    YOU CAN DO IT! Just throw em ALL away, and don't buy any more!

  6. Wow. Our son is 16 months old, and he still sucks on his binky, but not THAT much, haha. We don't leave the house without one though, because if the time comes when he wants it and we don't have it... its not pretty. I'm sure you very well understand.

    Good luck Mama. Soon he'll be weaned and you'll back on it and think "boy that sucked, but it was allll worth it".

  7. Good luck! Ave is kinda naturally weaning herself at 18 months, but I still use it in public places all the time and its really embarrassing because, as you know, she could totally pass for a 2 1/2 year old. Oops.

  8. i thought FOR SURE there was never going to be a way to get my (then 2 year old) daughter to give up the binky...but surprisingly one day after eating at red robin an idea struck...i looked at meghan and said "hey i have an idea what if we tied your binky to this balloon and send it up to Jesus so He can give it to someone who needs it more??" and what do you know it totally worked and she never asked for it again after that but still to this day tells that story about how she gave her bink to Jesus...hahaha! good luck lady!!

  9. Brook, that is such a cute idea.

    I think we're going to limit binky use to sleeping times only. He didn't have it ALL morning, and did well. BUT we still have the rest of the day! I just have to keep him really preoccupied so he doesn't notice it not being there.

    Thanks for your advice ladies. Some babies like em' and some dont. I don't think it is a "bad" think really, I just think we need to give it a shot, even if it's not easy. I'll keep you updated!

  10. Your awesome. It'll be OK, the beginning is the worst just remind yourself of this. In a couple weeks he won't even know that thing exsisted. I was the complete oppposite, I went into motherhood saying "I will use a pacifier and I don't care what you think about it." She never took to the idea. Theres a few pictures where she's got one but it never lasted more then 30 minutes and now she just chews it. Mothers need a moment of silence and I'm on your side here.

  11. This is sooo rough. Claire, our first, was sooo obsessed with her paci's. Like you guys, we had millions of them all over the house. First we said we'd take it away at 1, then we said 18 months, then we were worried that she'd need it since number 2 would be arriving. And she did need it. So at 22 months we FINALLY just took it away. At this point she understood that it was for babies and not for big girls... so that made it easier. But that's the way to do it... just take it away. Give it a few days and he won't even remember. It'll probably be harder for you (to deal with tantrums) then it will be for him. And it's funny that you posted all of those pictures... I was just looking at pictures of Claire and newborn to almost 2 she ALWAYS has a paci in her mouth.

  12. Thanks for the reminder. My daughter is almost 3 and still has her "binks" but she also has a little sister who uses one. We are totally getting rid of it before her 3rd birthday. Hope it works out for us both!