Tuesday, May 4

Day 2:

Day one was a major success. He went the entire day without his "B" (we aren't even saying the word binky- we're just calling it "B". I just thought it would help him to forget about it easier).

I have however given it to him during naps. When I take him out of his crib after his nap, I take the "B" out of his mouth and he starts to cry, which is why I enthusiastically give him a stuffed animal or toy and act like it's the coolest thing that ever existed. It works.

Day two is a different story. He did fabulously without his "B" all day. We were in the car a lot and Mommy had to do a lot of dancing (to Lady Gaga, his favorite) and kept giving him his baby (a green frog toy that sings and lights up. Dustin has memorized every word this silly frog says, and every time I bring this little frog with us to The Olive Garden or anywhere public, Dustin asks the waiter to bring him a noose. He strongly dislikes the frog. He also strongly dislikes that he knows every single word the frog says...It's pretty bad. But Conrad Loves his baby, and it's a good distraction.) Anyway. He did wonderful in the car all afternoon while we did errands, I just had to dance my ass off in order to keep him smiling instead of crying and throwing crap at me. The things we do for our kids.

Around 5:00 this afternoon, he went to take 3 steps and ate it HARD. He landed face first, like literally face first. He didn't even put his arms out even the slightest to brace himself. He just went for it and totally face planted. Poor kid. So I grabbed him and we raced to his room to grab the "B". I HAD TO. There was nothing else I could do! He was doing that cry where it hurts so bad that he can't even breathe-you know the one where they do that super long pause before the actual screaming starts?!
Those are the best aren't they?!

So for the next hour he was glued to my hip. That got old and my super buff arms were getting tired so i put him in the sling and he was the happiest kid in town. He didn't eat his supper though, and gave me dirty looks until bed time. (It kind of was my fault that he fell. He was tired and I was bribing him with lemon cake to get him to walk.)
I'm a really mean mommy. I'll admit.
But he got his "B" and I was not about to take it away.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Someone told me that it only takes 3 days to break a habit.
I'm crossing my fingers.

{He asked me to style his hair like "the Donald" after his bath.
That kid. He's a hoot.}


  1. I HATE THAT CRY!!!!

    it is all i can do to not cry right along with olivia when she does that. i mean it's terrible!

    sounds like you are making progress...if he can go without it all day than you are doing well! that is how i worked on olivia with the nursing...cut it out a little at a time and one day a few weeks ago she just decided she was done all together. he will get to that point with his B. keep working on it with him...you are a good mama :)

  2. Great job keeping up with it:) Not an easy habit to break. It's good that you are doing the process slowly-still allowing him to have it for naps and major injuries- ain't nothing wrong with that:) Here's to a great day 3!

  3. Anonymous05 May, 2010

    Poor little dude. I'm jealous you're doing damn good! I wnat to get rid of Clover's pacifier but her teething has been BAD!!! and I'm too tired to hear the whinning and crying for her "Bah bah" thats what she calls it. And lately we don't sleep anymore. Maybe next week after the mother in law leaves...

  4. I hear you sister.

    Today, Conrad threw up 3 times. (He's got a little bug I think), He's had 3 baths and he had to lay on my chest to fall asleep. Needless to say, it's been an ALL DAY binky day. I just kept taking deep breaths today and praying for patience. It's been rough.

    Slowly but surly. We'll get there. He seems to jibber-jabber more without it but the whining for his binky makes me CRAZY! I have to keep him entertained a lot more.