Wednesday, May 5

"Dayyyyum Gurl."

......Is the comment I got from my husband as I was taking these shots.
He REALLY likes the gold sparkly tights apparently, which surprised me.

In the third picture you can see Dustin turning around in the computer chair to cop-a-feel. I told him to rest assured, I would be doing a rendition of CATS for him in the tights later that night and make all of his sparkly-spandexy dreams come true.
I had a girls night with my friend Bobbie on Friday, which is why I got all fancy with the dress and tights! We had sushi and talked about photography and about when we were gunna have babies and pondered what the future held. It was magical. Girls nights seriously rock.

I am wearing:
Dress: H&M (Moms closet)
Tights: Express
Shoes: Doll House
Belt: F21

{Here is a photo of us in our costumes.
Dustin let me make him up and joined me in a few Dance numbers from CATS.
He's a real good sport. I couldn't believe how INTO it he was.}


  1. LOVE it! I've had some great successes with Dollhouse's shoes.

    Also, isn't funny the things our husbands find hot? My husband thinks it's hot when I wear flip-flops and shorts, an outfit I thought was just "meh, it's summer and I'm hot", but he's all like "No, it's summer AND YOUR HOT!"

    I'm having a girls night out as well tonight, perhaps I will do an outfit post because you've inspired me!

  2. You know, Get fresh, make advances, complement the assets? Cop-a-field? You've never heard of that?

  3. isn't it cop-a-feel....or am I just way in the dark. Also, LOVE those shoes!

  4. i love that dress.
    it is too pretty! <3

  5. Anonymous05 May, 2010

    Chels it's Jessika Odell

    Your are so freakin' adorable!!

    You are lookin' sexy. hayyyyyy, girl hayyyyyy!

  6. I think it is "cop a feel" or "cop a field"? actually- I'll google it! I never get that crap right!

    Cop a feel:
    To feel on a woman's breasts or buttox; usually when she is not expecting it. Often followed up by a slap in the face.

    "Susan was looking so great that I got behind her in line and copped a feel, she immediately turned around and slapped me."

    I looked it up on urban dictionary.

    Pretty funny definition actually! Thanks Ladies for lookin' out!

    *Thanks Jess! You're so sweet!*

  7. Hahahaha. These comments are funny.

    But CUTE tights. I want those.

  8. check this baby out. now that would make all of his sparkly spandexy dreams come true!

  9. Oh lord. I was almost afraid to open the link.... but alas, it's just a swim suit, not one of your freaky-Nina fetishes or some crazy sexy cat suit like the ones you've sent me before.

    What a little freak. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to you. Nothing.

  10. I looooove that dress!!!

  11. LOOOOVVEEEE it! You look great! And it's makin' me want a girls night out...