Thursday, May 6

Head Scarfs: Do we love or hate this trend?

Ever since seeing the trailer for the new sex and the city 2,
I've been on the look out for a cute head scarf 
(not a shiny-gypsy one like SJP's, I'm 
really not in love with hers.)  
...But Katie Holmes on the other hand. 
She knows how to pull it off quite well.
It's getting hot out now and I can't really wear beanies, 
so a head scarf is the perfect alternative for those
days in between washing. I found 2 that I had to have at the thrift store
a few days ago and I was kind of loving my scarfs until
Dustin told me I looked like a chola. 

{I don't think he gets it yet.}

I actually really like this trend. 
I think it would be best worn on the beach 
paired with aviators and a cute suit. 

Conrad got some kind of bug and has been barfing his little brains out since yesterday morning.
Needless to say, I haven't even tried to pry the binky out of his mouth or other one out of his tight-fisted
hand. You know you're a mom when you drift off to sleep with the sweet smell of baby barf wafting through the air (because it's in your hair!) Gross, I literally just gagged. One day at a time! 


  1. I'm pro, been rockin mine for a while. But I actually like the really short hair, or put up hair up the scarf. I'm Russian too, so I think it's kinda in my genes ;]

  2. i love it. lucy or gypsy style.

  3. I'm packing for the beach in about an hour and now I'm going to TRY to rock a head scarf. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. SJP looks like an old witch/wizard, but you and Katie look cute with it. It would be uber cute on a preggy lady in over-all shorts....

  5. adorable! You can definitely pull off the scarf. It looks fabulous!

  6. you and katie look perfect. I think SJP looks ridiculous even in a white tee and jeans... but that's just me! lol

  7. I love it. I think it's super cute.

  8. Love it. I wanna get one.

  9. Looks better on you than SJP or Katie Holmes!

  10. love it!!!!! beach trip i may have to test this out.

  11. you can totally pull that off and do NOT look like a cholla!!! ha!

    and yeah sick baby = ANYTHING he wants!!! know all to well how that goes!!! he'll get there lady!