Friday, April 30

weekly Surf: Mothers day edition

Mothers Day is quickly approaching. Have you thought about what mom would like this year? This will be my "third" mothers day. I was pregnant for my first Mothers Day, Conrad was just a Lil' guy last Mothers Day, and now he's a violent kisser who digs his teeth into my chin to show his love.....
Exhibit A:
{photo credit: my sweet friend Nicky}
How will you show your mama some love this year, and what would make you feel appreciated on Mothers day? If you are dying to know (dustin), I would really like to have a night without baby, a hot bath alone with my boyfriend Edward (I'm reading New Moon right now....I know, someone shoot me right?!), a nice bottle of wine and a hot date with this really hot guy I know (Dustin!)! That would make me super happy....

Here are some ideas I came across:

A pretty mama-to-be

For the mom who likes a good run and doesn't like predators

The perfect sentiment: your child's fingerprint made into a necklace

a reminder of your little one to wear on your finger

this is quite cute

I wouldn't mind owning one of these bad boys (crossing fingers for this one!)

a pretty suit and a pretty hat, for that pretty mom in your life?! (hint hint, Dustin)

pop art of your little one


  1. that photo needs to be framed. adoraaaaable!

    and i am dying over that fingerprint necklace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. that is the most precious picture of all time.<3

  3. This picture made me smile. It's so adorable and shows how gorgeous motherhood is.


    ps, i left you something on my blog!

  5. I agree with everyone. That pictures is awesome. And I totally want that camera... and I REALLY need some pepper spray. I've been asking for some for months, and then I forgot about it and you just reminded me.

  6. girl your blog is sooo cute and inspiring! definitely following.

  7. i've been dying for that swimsuit, as well! one-pieces have definitely come a long way since the speedo swim team uniform i had to wear as a kid! haha.
    and the fingerprint necklace is amazing! i just had a friend send me the link to that etsy a few weeks ago! wish i would have thought of that idea!

  8. What a beautiful photo full of Joy and Love