Saturday, June 30

Naked In The Herb "Garden"

A couple friends of mine have planted herbs in hanging shoe racks and (now that we are living in a house), we wanted to do the same! We ended up just buying the herbs in plants and re-planting them. We still have lots more herbs to plant, water and let grow but for now, two herbs was enough. (What are your favorite herbs to cook with? What else do you use them for other than cooking?)

Conrad had so much fun helping Dustin re-plant the herbs that we bought at Trader Joes. Scooping handfuls of dirt and standing up on the chair was fun for him. Both kids really enjoyed the dirt under their fingernails. I'm convinced that kids need dirt. They need to get their hands filthy and search for roly poly's and get a little dirt in their hair!

Elle had a tiny bit of a red booty, hence the nakedness....gotta air out the red-baby-butt!

She did try to eat a roly poly, but I put my camera down and saved his life before she could end it for the poor little guy.

That crazy, naked, bug-lovin' lady.

So this weekend is our anniversary. We're celebrating all weekend. Last night we enjoyed a little glass of wine and the most amazing chocolate cake from Bonjour, my favorite little bakery in town. We watched {this} animated short from the newest Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom, which we're going to this afternoon. Nothing like an afternoon date! Tomorrow night we're going to go have appetizers, drinks and dessert at Hanks, after the kids are in bed. We've enjoyed our late night dates since we've had Elle. It's nice to put them to bed and leave for a few hours.

{Have a relaxing weekend. I will be doing zero work and enjoying my darling husband of six years!}


  1. Moonrise Kingdom is awesome.

  2. Happy anniversary!!

  3. a hanging shoe rack herb garden!...totally brill :)

    LOVE the second and third pictures of Conrad...those eyes, and then that proud smile looking at his work :)

    and yay for naked babes!!! hope her bum is better, Brooks had a good case of red booty last week, ouch!

  4. and round two of two comments on one post :) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CHELSEA AND DUSTIN!! hope you have a fantastic weekend celebrating your love and the beautiful life you're making together :)

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous. Amazing idea about the herbs, especially because I've NEEDED mint for a while now and am thinking about planting some. That picture of Conrad looking right at the camera with his cute little boy smile? And NAKED ELLE?!!?!?! In love. xoxo I hope you got your necklace in time.

  6. Cara!, Hey sweets! YES. I got my necklace. I wore it all weekend and Dustin felt really sentimental and nostalgic about it. It makes me really happy that you got to wear it for your special day. *Maybe for an anniversary gift, Dan can pick out his own favorite "D" for you?! That would be really sweet huh?

    Thanks so much for your comment. Conrad is such a little ham! ;) He's been LOVING helping around the house with chores and projects. Last night, he and Dustin cut up ingredients for a steak marinade and he had the best time doing it. He's at a really fun age right now. I just love three. It comes with it's challenges, but it has been a lot of fun.

    *Missing you!*

  7. LOVE how excited you are to just enjoy your hubs! Happy anniversary!! I cannot believe how grown up your little Conrad is looking! Great pix!

  8. Love Conrad's proud little smile!

  9. Okay, I do love your blog- I think I found it from a friend of mine's blog a while back, and have visited it from time to time. As a working mom, I am finding that there isn't a ton of time to relate to other mom's(I am a teacher and spend all day talking about and working with other people's kids)- so for me, reading blogs has been a great escape to feel like I can connect with other moms- even though it's a bit one sided. Either way, my daughter Rose is 13 months and my husband and I STRUGGLE with making dates happen. Please tell me more about the late night dates, how you rig it up for people. We really have only left her with my mom. Our daughter is prone to wake up multiple times after we get her down, sometimes even early in the night, and we don't want to just leave her unless it is my mom b/c we know she'd be okay if she woke up to her and not us. However, we just had our 6 year anniversary at the end of may and we realized we NEED to get out more. Any advice/suggestions that you have would be great! We got this sweet babe somehow and obviously want to keep our partnership thriving through parenthood! Thanks so much!

  10. Jennifer. So the night we went out, probably 30 minutes after we left, Elle woke up and my mother in law wasn't able to rock her back to sleep, so she let her come out into the living room and hang out with her for a while. She finally texted us and said that "Elle was up and was missing mommy" so we took our dessert to go and headed home.

    There have been a few times that I've put her down for bed around 8 and gone out for ladies night and had dinner with a friend, or had a meeting with a doula client late at night around 8- but the husband has learned some tricks and knows how to put elle back to sleep without milk. *It's kind of amazing actually that sometimes he's better at taming elle and he's not the one with BOOBS! ;) Never underestimate the power of a daddy! I even put one of his sweaty-cologne drenched tee shirts in her bed to sooth her and she has been using it as a blanket the last week or so. Weird.

    We have to be a little flexible and know that if we leave late at night, she might wake up, but it's better than us going out at 6 and having someone else put her down-knowing that it's going to be a struggle (plus she's never had a bottle, only boob), so that could get tricky. But if we put her down, usually she stays down for the night but there are occasions where she wakes up but that just means extra grandma snuggles! ;)

    Hope you guys get a date night soon. Sometimes a date night for us just simply means a cup of coffee at the coffee place we like down the street. It's not always "fancy" but that hour of sitting with my husband, being able to connect and have some good conversation is worth a ton.

  11. Perfect and so comforting to hear your similar experience. It is amazing how people seem to not understand when I talk about this phenomenon of needing dates/but having a daughter that is particular about sleep, so thank you so much! My husband is a stay at home dad and actually MUCH better at getting our daughter to sleep- after I nurse her- I think she smells me and thinks it's time for more action! And good to know that you rely on her grandmother too- we were debating if we needed to find someone to train like my mom- but there is no substitute for knowing that someone will care for your child and do whatever to keep them happy when you're gone. Not sure how else go get that other than some granny love at the moment! I love the coffee shop idea too- good to keep in mind that it doesn't always have to be a production, but just time together. We've taken to afternoon dates- but it feels more like an outing, and less like a date. Thanks for the support and ideas, seems like we are on the same page!

  12. Yep, nothing like gma. Love her.

    If i take a good shower, shave, do my hair, put on a cute outfit, heels, make up..... get really dolled up and feel super cute, it makes it feel more like a "date"