Monday, June 25

Boob-ah-lee Pie!

Just recently we have noticed a huge change in Conrad's speech. He's really starting to become such a big dude. He used to call blueberries boob-ah-lees and now, he says it the big boy way. Blueberries.

This weekend, between trying to get lots of work done, having a session Saturday & Sunday night, working on a few DIY projects around the house and hitting a garage sale here and there, we found time to bake a blueberry pie. Yum.

My Conrad got to measure out all of the ingredients and make the fork marks around the edges of the pie. We were too busy scarfing down warm blueberry pie to take photos of the end product. It was dang yummy ya'll.

I kind of feel like there is nothing hotter than a man who can bake. Ever since my obsession with {Pushing Daisies}, {netflix season 1 & 2. It will change your life. Such a good show. Yes, I cried when the show was canceled. Yes, I sent ABC several letters begging them not to kill my favorite pie maker and dead girl. I'm still super depressed about it actually.....}

 I have really grown to appreciate a good pie. Plus, Ned reminds me of Dustin..... so there's that.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 


  1. that last picture...HE IS SO BIG!

  2. ahhh pushing daisies!! i was sad to hear that they didn't keep making it. :( i've only watched a few scenes so far, thinking it might be less painful not having got completely attached to it. *sniff sniff*

  3. Pushing Daisies! I have a major crush on Lee Pace (the Piemaker). That was such a brilliant show - like Firefly, it was cut down in its prime. I'd love to see it come back; certainly there is a cable channel that would pick it up!

  4. goodness I could go for a handful of boob-ah-lees right about now. ;) And in pie form! looked delish.

    What sweet photos of Conrad helping Daddy. xo

  5. Ooh ooh I LOVE Pushing Daisies... ahhh Lee Pace, I sent them letters too! Conrad is so stinking cute. :)

  6. YUM! Will so be making that! I love cooking with my hubs, made me think someday in the next few years that will be my two boys in the kitchen :-)
    UGH! I ALWAYS start shows on netflix that get cancelled!

  7. Hi! Just ran across your blog after searching VBAC on Pinterest. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and attempting a VBAC soon (hopefully). I so loved your birth story. Thanks for sharing! It was beautiful.