Friday, June 22

Robbins Recently: Photo Dump

1 & 2: Kids playing in a box 
3. Putting the nest together
4. Elle taking a nightly stroll down our street, testing out her bike seat. She's not sure yet.
5. Evening wagon rides.
6. Bedtime snuggles.
6. Conrad crouching down to get the best angle of his sister. Photog in the making? 
8 & 9. Slip n' slide with Dad
10. Bridesmaid for one of my bff's wedding. Congrats Dotty! 
11. Swimming with Dad
12. Mother's Day dinner kisses with Elle. It' got a little aggressive. 
13 & 14. My Conrad in his red big boy pants-and in his tiger costume.
15. At Whole Foods getting ingredients for Cherry Pie
16. Fast Food. Elle eats on the go
17. Baby girl saying Good Morning! 
I can't believe she is only a few days from being ELEVEN months old. 
Where did the time go? She's getting SO big.

{Have a wonderful Friday Lovelies.} 


  1. These pictures are so incredibly perfect. The one of Conrad looking a little upset with his big boy undies on? Priceless. And the lion outfit? Oh my gosh. You're so good at capturing these moments. Love you!!!

  2. number six put the biggest smile on my face.
    such sweet littles you have!!


  3. I applaud your "fast food" for Elle! I've wondered how that will work. I'm 25 weeks along and think it would be perfectly fine to nurse on the go wherever I need to. Hubs is trying to make me promise I won't nurse in public. I remember last year (i think?) you posted about all the moms having a "nurse-in" because of Target. Power to you Mama Bird!

  4. Thanks Miranda. Congrats on your baby! Almost there!!!!! How exciting. Nursing in public is taboo i guess. These days though (at least in the circle of woman that i know) it's not that huge of a deal to nurse in pubic. I usually try to shield her a little and be as modest as possible. I feel like even if you promised the hubs that you wouldn't nurse in public, sometimes there are times when you really can't think about if someone might feel weird about it and your baby will be hungry-so WHIP it out Momma! ;)

    I thought I'd be the type of mom that sat on a toilet in a restaurant and nursed my baby but as it turns out, it's pretty easy to nurse in public without offending anyone! ;) You'll get the hang of it.

    Congrats again on your baby on the way!

  5. LOVE your living room, and the bike, and the cuddles, and the hot you (you look fantastic!!!!) and the babywearing, and that damn sign above e's bed. I wish I would have thought of that!! Help me think of something for Lily's & Norah's room!

  6. LOVE the living room, and the bike, and the cuddles, and the hot you (you look FANTASTIC!!!), and the swimming, and that damn sign above E's bed. I wish I would have thought of that! You need to brainstorm what I should put up in L&N's room!

  7. well HELLO GORGEOUS to you too ;) I still love that sign in Elle's room so much... And what a fun post! I enjoyed all of the photos! The one of Dustin pushing Conrad down the slip-n-slide have me a good chuckle! ;) And can I tell you how much that rocks that you can feed her in that sling??!! I googled "ergo" when you mentioned it on a post on my blog...but it was more of a backpack (we already have a baby bjorn) But is that a sakura bloom sling? Whatever it is...i WANT one :)

    and my friend Bri, that I shared Elliote's birth video with, had her baby at home a few weeks ago! A sweet, healthy baby girl! Her name is Codi. :) Bri just shared a video of a photo montage she put together from it (and even used the first song you used in your video:) Thought I'd share with you :)

  8. Her swimming cap is the cutest thing ahhh!

  9. Wow, Elle looks a LOT like Conrad now. You can definitely tell they are siblings.

    Dustin pushing Conrad on the Slip'n'Slide and with Elle in the pool are my favorite. So sweet.

    1. You make grocery shopping w/ Elle look so hip & fancy ;) I hope when I'm a mom a can make it look as good! Miss you friend! Hate not being able to just pop over for coffee & paninis:D