Sunday, July 1

Our Week In Photos

1. E at the grocery store having a mommy date with me, enjoying a raspberry.
 It's rare that she gets to ride in the cart. Ususally, she's in the Ergo.
2. Baby girl with orange lips. Someone got into some cheetos.
3. First piggies. 
4 & 5. Sharing an omelet with me Saturday morning.
6. Sharing a doughnut with me Sunday morning before church.
7. E enjoying some cream cheese toast.
8. Conrad helping Dustin mow the back yard.

Two things. First, Elle is ALWAYS eating. In almost every picture above, she's chowing down on something. She is like my little garbage disposal. I can literally put anything in front of her and she inhales it. Secondly, while giving Conrad his bath last night I realized that he now has underwear tan lines. Apparently, I need to put some clothes on the kid. 

Eventhough life has been crazy lately, 
I can't forget to slow down and remember these moments in our lives with our kids. 


  1. sharing donuts and underwear tan is looking pretty good :)

  2. not that you were sharing underwear tan

  3. I love that picture of you feeding Elle in the sling. And also, Conrad has the same undies as my son...and you guys have a push mower. Everyone in our parts thinks we are crazy for having one. When we moved into our house last year, our neighbor even came over and asked to try it, thus mowing part of our lawn for us!

  4. first piggies already?!
    she is adorable.
    good job, mama.

  5. She's so cute. Check out the red shoes. And love your sling too xx