Tuesday, April 10

Changing Seasons

Good things have been going on. Great things actually. Life is good. I can sense a new season of change happening and I'm really excited to see where God leads us (more on that later.) Other than that, Vampire Diaries is a new one next week!!! I just know you can't stand another week without knowing if Elena is going to go back to Stephan or be with Damon.... I however, happen to be on team "Delena".... Damon + Elena for-everrrrrrr! Annyyyyway. So there's that. I'm totes excited and can't handle myself. I'm hoping she declares her love for Damon, but we'll see.
 I will eat his face:
 Elle practiced her waving....
Easter was fun. Conrad has enough candy to send himself into a diabetic coma. Awesome. We had a really great Easter dinner with my mother in law Saturday night at Presidio. The weather was beautiful, the food was crazy good & I treated myself to a lemon drop martini for a hard days work after shooting
{these photos}. It was bliss.

Saturday night was a "work night" for Dustin & I, but apparently, my co-worker was more "bothered" by me than anything. It seemed like the perfect scenario. The kids were sound asleep in bed, a candle was lit, wine was poured, pandora was blasting my favorite station.... I was dancing away-editing photos while my husband banged away in frustration at his calculator, huffing and sighing every few minutes, scratching his head at the problem he was working on.... what a mood killer right? He was totally stressing me out, so I moved the edit/dance party else where. He's not the best work buddy that ever lived, I must admit. I thought our "work/date night" at the kitchen table would be so fun and romantic but It SO was NOT! I love the man either way. (He was very annoyed that I took this photo of him immersed in his work. Whatever. I find it humorous, and I took a picture-so there!)
Before we headed out to my parents house for Easter dinner, I shot {these photos} of my friend Lindsay's new baby girl. Enjoying my Dad's cooking & watching Conrad run around finding eggs in my parents front yard was really nice. Conrad was incredibly adorable searching for eggs-I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures. I was maybe just so enjoying watching him find eggs, I wasn't thinking. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and take a mental picture instead of having to whip the camera out.

So that's what we've been doing as of late. Elle is teething, but what's new.
She hasn't taken a morning nap in a few days <-------- I hate my life. Today, it took an entire hour to soothe the little beast enough to get a nap out of her. Talk about frustration. We got some fresh air this afternoon and headed to Town Square, (again with my mother in law. Monday is her day off so she hangs out with us in the afternoon and helps me with the kids in the evening while Dustin is at school.) While Conrad rode the train with Grandma, Elle and I waited and enjoyed the nice weather. Plus, she flipped me off-so yeah. It was quite eventful.
Elle waved at some friends.
 Played with Rosie the train.
 Admired Rosie's red wheels.
 Had had enough with Rosie and decided to stretch those fat legs and air out those sweaty thigh rolls.
 Then things got ugly when she flipped me off. (I blame it on teething.) 
{Happy Monday!}


  1. Oh my goodness gracious, lady. I love you. I would've had the SAME idea about the edit/work/drink wine party as you, but Dan probably would have had the same attitude as Dus. Anyway, I hope you know that seriously we are four peas in a pod. I miss you a lot. Phone date soon now that I'm back from PA! xoxo

  2. love the photos! you have a beautiful family...so glad that you had a blessed easter! :)

  3. oh you have such darling little ones. Can we share that little Conrad dish? i could eat him up too! ;) And Elliotte waving is ADORABLE!

    and Chelsea, I'm working on a slideshow/video of Ava's birth and went to watch Elliotte's again...TEARS and feelings of INSPIRATION. Makes me want to do a home birth next time...would need to get the husband on board though. I'll work on that ;)

    oh, and thanks so much for your sweet words of congrats for our new baby girl! Having one of each rocks :) xoxo