Tuesday, April 3

The Almost Crawler.

Baby girl is SO close to crawling!!!!!

She finds her way around the house by scooting but hasn't yet mastered the art of crawling.... No, she  doesn't crawl yet BUT SHE WAVES! Which is pretty darn adorable. She waves at us, at Elmo on TV, at the chair in the corner, & at her green beans on her high chair tray..... she waves to herself in the mirror. She's started flapping both hands. I think she's trying to clap but I'm not certain..... 
maybe she's trying to be a bird? If so, she's a pretty cute little bird!
The wave.
Being a bird. The clap/flap.
The tickle/wrestle brother. She's getting really good at this move.
The "stare at brother with loving adoration" glance. 
(Note Conrad's finger on his cheek. I die.)
The "I'm pooped" look.
Conrad crawled at 10 months. We'll see when Elle decides to make a crawl for it. 
I think having her big bro around makes her want to do things sooner though, which is nice. 


  1. What?! Not possible! Weren't you JUST taking belly shots?

    P.S. Your little ones are too cute to be real.

  2. Oh she's growing so fast! She is SO SWEET! Isn't watching sibling together the best?

  3. The picture of her flapping her hands, and playing with Conrad, are the first time I've really thought they look like each other! Such sweetness.