Saturday, March 31

Thomas Birthday Bash.

Playing trains with Papa Jim.
We celebrated Conrad's birthday today! I'm really so glad that it's over. The planning and preparation can sometimes be exhausting, no matter how small you try to keep it. BUT the important part was that he had a fun day with all of his friends and felt special. He's been talking about his party for months now.... I forget how exciting birthday parties are for {three} year olds. 

For the party I made ice cream cone cupcakes (thanks pinterest!) Instead of a pinata, we put a few pieces of candy in each punch balloon and blew them up for each kid to have their own balloon to pop. At our story time at Town Square, a magician comes to read to the kids and do tricks so I got his card and had him come to the party dressed as a train conductor. He was totally the hit of the party. He made each kid a balloon & did a magic show at the end. Sarah's husband brought over their mini jump house and the kids played in that for a while. We set up all of Conrad's trains and train tracks to play with at his party. I got all of the kiddos train conductor hats with their names on them & train whistles. They looked pretty adorable in their hats. 

Even though he was full of sugar and pizza, he actually took a pretty solid nap this afternoon. 

Thanks to all of his buddies who made his day extra special. Conrad loves you all! 


  1. So cute!! I'm glad it was fun. He looks so big!

  2. The magician looks like he could be Dustin's brother! I almost asked if he was Conrad's uncle. It looks like a great time was had by all.

  3. i love the idea of using balloons over a pinata! totally stealing that.

    cute party! happy birthday, conrad!

  4. Ahhh. I love this party. You are such a good momma Chels:) That dinosaur balloon is the best, Oliver would just die over it! Happy 3 to your sweet lil' man.