Wednesday, March 28

Feedin' Time.

One great thing about baby number two is that you've already had one kid to be your guinea pig or tester learn things along the way with your tester kid. Your tester kid is special because they are your first. I know that with baby #2 we will learn more things along the way and grow as parents & do things differently. This time though, I wanted to breastfeed and not supplement with formula. I never really had the support or knowledge the first time around (support from other successful woman.) I didn't have a lot of friends who nursed. I also knew that I wanted to really take my time easing Elle into solids.

The sad part about breastfeeding though is that I usually have to get up at night and put her back to sleep (if she wakes up, which is rare.) Dustin doesn't get to experience a peaceful-happy-full-fat baby in his arms sucking away. He doesn't get to feed Elle like he did with Conrad. He never has, not even a bottle. I'm not going to say though that I haven't shaken my fist at him from time to time late at night because he simply can't lactate. I have. I've begged him to sprout a boob for me real quick and go feed Elle when I've been zombie status tired. He tried. It didn't work.... although he does however have one strange looking mole that I swear could quite possibly be a third nip.... it's questionable.

In all seriousness though, It's been one of the biggest joys of my life. I'm kind of greedy with it actually (hence the fact that we haven't given her a bottle yet...) I really love the relationship that I have with Elle that we've been given-through nursing.

The great thing though is seeing Elliotte & Dustin bond as he spoon feeds her. The way she locks eyes with him and makes silly faces or licks her lips. The way he laughs at her and acts goofy with her.... The other great thing is that she doesn't associate Dustin with milk, so at night when she's not hungry but needs to be soothed back to sleep, he can rock and put her down without her smelling the milk and wanting to nurse. He always feels like he's accomplished a lot when he's put her back to sleep.

Sometimes though, wouldn't it be great if men could go ahead and whip out a boob?

 Have a great rest of you hump day. I woke up this morning and caught myself thinking that today was Thursday three times today.....this week has been way too long.

***I have something fun to share with you tomorrow over at my photography blog. 


  1. Aw they make such a pair, I bet she loves her daddy's funny faces :)

  2. oh my goodness she is the cutest!

  3. "I'm not going to say though that I haven't shaken my fist at him from time to time late at night because he simply can't lactate."

    This made me laugh. I've definitely been there! And when I was, shall we say, fully immersed in the first trimester this time around, I would glare at Rob and say, "YOU get pregnant next time."

  4. Oh the man boob, that would be great!

  5. Wow, you have been blogging a LOT lately! TOTALLY loving it, girl! I'm so thankful that Dustin and Elle are having their own special bonding moments. That's so sweet and tender. I love you a lot, and I love those peanuts! xoxo

  6. How sweet! I love Elle's princess necklace, did her big bro make that for her? Doll baby!

  7. Thanks Jessica. the necklace she's wearing is an amber teething necklace. ;)