Saturday, February 18

Jar Of Buddies.

I stole this idea from Pinterest. I can't take full cred, BUT we already had something similar we were doing with Conrad, asking him if he wanted to pray for someone every night after books & songs. To have a fun picture to hold of the people he's praying for makes it even more special though, so GO pinterest! Last night Dustin asked who he wanted to pray for and he picked 3 friends: Gigi (his great grandma,) Avery & Sissy. Dustin then said, "OK, what should we pray for?" as Conrad held his friends on a stick in his hand and said, "I pray Sissy teeth not hurt and she goes night night!" Elle has been a fussy little thing lately, thanks to the pearly whites that are trying to push through her sweet little gums. The last few nights have been pretty draining on me, to say the least.

She is SUCH a great sleeper but with this teething business going on, it's thrown her off pretty good. It took me a whole 3 hours last night to get her to finally pass out (when she finally did, she was down for the night, but those 3 hours were rather frustrating.....) I nursed her as usual and she fell asleep, then as I placed her in her bed, she'd arch her back and start screaming. I'd pat her back for a few minutes and try to help her find her finger but she was just pissed. I walked out of her room for a few minutes to try and let her get some of her frustration out. (We don't really let her "cry it out" necessarily, but we do let her cry for a while and get a little tired out so that she falls asleep easier if she's being a diva during bed time.) I came back in about 5 minutes later and picked her up, nursed her again, put her in her crib once she fell asleep and her eyes would pop back open.... We did this whole thing over and over for seriously 3 hours. I even let her sleep on my chest and rocked her for a good long while just to comfort her but even then she wasn't too happy. Teething is no fun.

I was supposed to have a girlfriend come over to hang out after the kids went down for bed but that wasn't really in the cards.....

So yes, Conrad was right. Elle needed lots of love and prayer last night.

And so did I. 

{Hope you're having a lovely weekend.}


  1. I love this idea. It makes it so much more fun, I love the visual aspect.

    Hope all is well with you and yours, miss you around the interwebs.

  2. What a sweet heart little boy you have. I love that.

    Hope your babygirl gets some peace soon! No fun! and you too momma.

    Happy Saturday. <3

  3. awwwww. i love your stick idea :) absolutely love it!!!! way to go momma, instilling a time of prayer, you rock :)
    xo. love your cute little family!!!!

  4. You're back! *sigh of relief* I missed your online presence!! :0)

  5. What a sweet idea! A great way to make prayer more concrete, perfect for Conrad's age.

  6. super sweet idea ! miss reading you here in blogland..i have been away for awhile. i had to prioritize my time and delete a few things..blogging seems to be one of them. Elle is just gorgeous !

  7. yes, shelly, I too had to reprioritize also and get away from blogland/facebook land for a while! 3ish weeks away gave a fresh prospective.

    Thanks guys! ;)

  8. Such a sweet boy. And a great idea! I can't wait to have experiences praying with Kai. Even now, the blabbermouth seems in tune.....quiets down while we try to have a family prayer before bed. I always think it might be a waste trying at this point, because he will just be loud and trying to squirm away. But he doesnt. Can't say the same for when we are at church though. :)

    I hate teething. Watching your babe all frustrated and uncomfortable and not being able to fix it is the worst.