Monday, February 27

This Past Month:

We had two of our favorite couples over {Dotty & Jon & CJ & Sarah} for an Asian themed living room picnic. Sitting around the living room, sipping wine & talking about what 3 people in history have had the most impact on our lives was entertaining. It was neat to peel away the layers of what makes our friends who they are. It felt more like a Friday night than a Tuesday night as the evening dragged on. We are blessed to have people who sharpen us & get us thinking.

Elle & I wore matching bows out to dinner. (her bow is half the size of mine, if you can't tell.)
I ran ten miles in one week, trying to get back into running, then had to stop running because it took a toll on Elle's milk supply. It seems like I'm the only nursing person who can't lose the lb's. But, whatever.  The curves aren't so bad. I'm walking a lot with my double jogger and I'm ok with that. 
 Conrad played with Andy & Brad in their tree house. 
 Elle tried out my new photo prop. I think she likes it. 
Conrad celebrated Logan's birthday with him 
& Elle gnawed on a gorilla to get those teeth to pop through. 

I realized that I most certainly am not a red head. Had my hair done and, no, 
I am not Emma Stone, as much as I covet her gorgeous hair..... 

The face of teething: She's got the two bottom teeth coming in. It's the saddest thing in the world. It took 2 hours of comforting, nursing, rocking, & snuggling to get this little turkey to bed last night. 
 Conrad made Valentines cards & strawberry fruit leather for a few of his buddies. 
Proudly showing them off:
We're going to get busy over the next week or so. Conrad has classes 4 times a week to attend, which I'm excited about. He's really starting to come out of his shell, which is such a blessing. The kid can sometimes be so painfully shy, but we're seeing him turn a corner & I'm grateful for that. He spent the afternoon learning some soccer skills with my father in law (Larry) who has coached soccer for years. I was nearly in tears from laughing at Conrad running down the hill, face planting in the grass. 

We baby sat one of Conrad's besties this week. They had story time together. We <3 Bella.

Dustin was in Denver for the past 3 days at a convention. (I only had ONE meltdown while he was gone!) The kids did great & I had a lot of help from my parents & mother in law, so that was helpful. I tried to fake being sick today so he'd stay home from work but he wasn't buying it.... 

{Hope you're all having a fabulous day.} 


  1. You gorgeous girl with such gorgeous little peanuts. Elle's smile is really killer and she is just so beautiful. I miss you a ton.

  2. I love your picnic cloth. And you are NOT the only one who can't lose weight while breastfeeding! After the initial baby-placenta-fluid weight-loss, I didn't lose an ounce until my little man was 9 months old and eating a few solid-food meals a day.

  3. noelle, good to hear I'm not the only one! It's like my body holds onto the fat! If I skip meals or dont drink at least a gallon of water a day, Elle struggles to eat and it's heart breaking. I snack all day long it seems like. *trying to make healthy choices with my snacks! I think we're going to put off solids for as long as my milk is enough to sustain her. I'd like to just give her milk until around 9 months also. She loves to chew on celery though. She hasn't had cereal or anything like that yet. I think I'll skip the cereal all together!

  4. oh goodness the matching bows picture is killing two are soo adorable.

  5. omg shut up. You are not the only one who can't lose weight. I weighed 170 no matter what I did with Lily while nursing, and it wasn't until she weaned at 14 months and then BAM, I lost 10 pounds immediately...but I was already pregnant again so that didn't last long, haha!
    Your purple chair is killing me, as is Elle's face and how much she looks like Conrad! You have the cutest little babes!

  6. living room picnics (brilliant!)...matching bows...tree houses...CUTE KIDDOS...and adorable homemade Valentines...looks like a good month indeed!!

    and i loved your last comment on my post about Sunday :) Our little one will be here in the next few weeks!! Due date is March 20th, but my OB said he wouldn't be surprised if he/she came 7-10 days early! we'll see... :)