Thursday, July 28


Last week we grilled and swam at my in law's house. 
Conrad insisted on swimming in his birthday suit....
Because really, who doesn't enjoy a good skinny dip or naked cannon ball?
His dimply little butt was so cute jumping into the pool over and over. 

Dustin took a few photos of the {three} of us splashing around.... 
Aw, I said "the three of us...." because, yep, the baby was there too. 
Just chillin', being big & cute in my belly. 

P.S. Underwater, grainy photos make me really happy. 

P.S.S. Being pregnant in the summer doesn't suck as bad as they make you think.


  1. awwww so adorable!! your belly is so cute ;) I'm sure it feels amazing to be in the water!

  2. do you have a waterproof case for your camera? i've always wanted to do pictures like this. i think about it every time we go to the Springs to swim.

    i loooove these. especially that top one! good job to your hubby!

  3. I am in love with these photos! These have to be blown up and framed :) I feel reassured that being pregnant doesn't suck as bad as I think it might (had a winter baby over here) how could it you look fabulous mama

  4. Yay! Another momma that doesn't mind rocking a bikini while pregnant. I've only been pregnant during the summer, so I don't know anything else. It isn't too bad.
    No Guilt Fashion

  5. They were taken with a disposable and I turned them b&w.

    Thanks Rach.


  6. Grainy, underwater photos are AWESOME! Kudos to Dustin. You should hang these up in your house somewhere.

  7. These are magical because of the grainy! It feels more like a moment than a scene.

  8. aww look at your cute belly and his cute buns in that first photo!! goodness i want a waterproof camera! :) And naked cannon balls...awesome :)

  9. GREAT pictures!!! I wish we had an underwater camera. I think the belly + naked baby photos are so beautiful :) and, thank you for your comment on my/your blog! good news - prayed this morning that there would be a clear sign as to what to do about the kiddo's birth, whether induction was the way to go. Show up at the dr's office, have my BP checked twice and it's the lowest its been in weeks!! So, no induction necessary and looks like my high BP may have just been a fluke... so, dr isn't as concerned and we get to just wait it out for another week!!