Friday, July 29

Bump watch: Week 37

The big bro came along for our little "bump watch" photos but I didn't intend to have him in the photos....Notice the Cheetos on his shirt and face? Before Kacie started taking the pics, I realized he was a hot mess and was like, screw it. It is what it is. This is us, Cheetos on fingers and shirt! This is us!
We've had a really great week this week. My energy levels are great in the early morning, which is why it's been so easy and enjoyable to take a good long walk each morning. I've been trying to walk 30-40 minutes a day. By the end of the day though, I'm soaking in Epsom salt baths and doing pelvic rocks to get this baby off of my back and relieve the pressure and pain! The morning sickness has come back with vengeance. If I breathe really slowly, and drink ice cold water, it seems to help. I guess that's just a 3rd trimester perk, dry heaving and such!
They say to "help the baby come out",  you should do what got the baby there in the first place... BUT I'd like to meet this woman who gets her swerve on during the last few dreadful days of being friggin' HUGE and shake her hand. Good Lord, it's no easy task these days. There is NOTHING sexy about 3rd trimester boning. Let's just be real honest here. It's a chore, it's no longer a sexy-fun time! It's not's like, let's do this now and get it over with as quickly as possible because I WANT THIS BABY OUT! My poor husband feels used and abused I'm sure. Am I right ladies?

Anyway. So there's that.
I'm back to consuming copious amounts of jalapenos. Raw ones too. With goat cheese. Sandwiched between two slices of bread and pressed in the panini maker. I haven't had heart burn AT ALL this pregnancy! Crazy huh? I found a great site for birth affirmations. (I figured my other pregnant friends would enjoy some of these or would want to write down the ones that spoke to them to bring with them to their births.) I have literally 7 friends who are all due the week I'm due! Crazy! Also, this book has been SUCH an incredible tool in helping me get ready.

My friend Tirzah shared her birth story on her blog, along with some gorgeous photos! Her baby was born en’ caul {in the water bag, water never broke} Pretty amazing. They say it's good luck if  your bag hasn't broken and the baby is born in it.... Give her story a read. (My midwife, April delivered her baby. It's neat to see her in action!)

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  1. You are so good at EVERYTHING. Writing, raising cute kids, being beautifully preggers with another, making me laugh...

  2. I LOVE your baby bump photos! You're just so cute pregnant!

  3. Conrad is such a beautiful little model.

  4. Almost there...and you are looking lovely. :)

    When I had Hudson I had an "unplanned" natural birth. ;) When I have my second baby, I will have a "planned" natural birth...most definitely. So, I enjoyed reading the site with the birth affirmations & will be bookmarking it for later. ;)

    Hope that morning sickness goes away soon!!

  5. i just love your belly posts. you are adorable. 37 WEEEEEEEEEKS?!!! man, that went by way too fast. for me. heh. :) love to you & your fam! XOXO

  6. Ah, I can't believe you are almost due!!!