Sunday, June 26

They Just Don't Fit Like They Used To...

     8 weeks pregnant with baby #2:
I remember taking this photo because I had ran 6 miles that morning. I was so excited 
and pumped about being pregnant (and was determined to keep running while I was pregnant, 
            which didn't happen, but when I got home, I took this photo.)                                  
34.5 Weeks pregnant with baby #2:
I went to the gym today to walk.
My tank top didn't quite cover my ever-expanding-baby bump...
The guy on the treadmill next to me kept looking over and staring.
So I apologized and explained that nothing fits anymore,
and that's why I'm all hanging out everywhere.
To which he awkwardly looked at my belly again and back at his basketball game & said nothing.
Again, it was very awkward.
Maybe he's right. I should try to cover my junk up.

But DAY-UM JEANA' this bump is gettin' BIG!

Long story short, I started feeling weird about our awkward exchange of stares, glares, & silences
 so I took my big'ol self and strutted on home.

I'm so close to the end now, which is great because that means it's almost baby time! But I'm at that stage in pregnancy where the maternity wear is starting to become pretty tight.
Do I go out and buy more maternity tanks or just let it all hang out??



  1. At this point I literally had 1 outfit that I wore everyday that I went out (if I stayed home I just wore junk clothes) but then again, it wasn't 110 degrees so it didn't get smelly.. not that I think you're smelly! But you know what I mean :)

  2. Let it all hang out girl. You're beautiful, and there is no point in buying clothes to last you 5 weeks!! Just be proud your still so active :)

  3. Ahaha! I'm sorry you're suffering but you're so good at writing about it and making me giggle. That IS a conundrum... more money for a bit of comfort that's fleeting? I'd definitely say get some new outfits (for your own mental sake) but that's just me.
    Yay! Almost baby-time!!!

  4. Let it all hang out! You look amazing. He probably has never seen a pregnant woman working out before - go you, I didn't work out from day one of my pregnancy lol!

  5. Yeah, I can't say I've been super consistent with working out. I was way more active with my first pregnancy, as far as taking more walks, but I also sat at a desk all day and now, I'm running after a 2 year old all day (which honestly has been much more draining from my experience.)

    The thought of "labor" and the hard work of it makes me want to keep walking to make sure I have the endurance for it. It scares me a little.

  6. Let it all hang out! You are doing important work in there, and really, who wants to buy more maternity clothes that you might only wear for another week or two (or five and a half)? You look great! :-)

  7. Morgan Snow26 June, 2011

    definitely keep walking all the way through early labor!! it pays off big time in my experience!! i walked 3 miles in early labor with eliza and a couple with beck! it helps position baby and gets them nice & low!! you are going to rock this VBAC girl!

  8. Today I went through the "I feel like a whale and clothes are uncomfortable" rant. I put on a maternity Maxi dress and changed my mindset, I'm pregnant and so grateful to be, why do I care so much what other people think?!? It's just part of being a woman I guess :)

  9. Maybe it's worth it if you plan on more kiddos someday? And, if it will make you feel more comfortable?

    You look great, either way.

  10. Thanks guys! I will def try to walk as much as possible. We are going to try to try to walk outside a bit (if it's in the middle of the night) to look at the stars. I read a birth story where the lady and her husband walked in the middle of the night and she said she felt like her senses were hightened and the stars were super bright-so i'd really like to do that too. But walking is a must and I've been trying to do as much as I can.

    I think I'm at the point of no return where sweats and baggy shorts are going to be my go-to outfits! It's not as stylish, but it's comfortable!

  11. Jamma pants were my best friend by the time I got to that point...because not only were my hips/love handles expanding, so were my thighs...

    Your legs look fantastic though!

  12. You strut your beautiful stuff!!! You are amazing and pregnant and lovely. I think you look fab. I'll agree though, this point in pregnancy gets difficult... but you are in the final stretch! XOXOXO

  13. When I was about that pregnant with Lily we started vigorously walking all over our neighborhood every night. Not a single shirt covered much past my belly...SOOOOO awkward. Everyone thought I was some knocked up high school meskin I looked even classier ;]
    You look awesome and you know it!

  14. the maxi dress was my BFF during my last pregnancy...covered everything and wasn't hot to wear in the 100 degree weather!

  15. I think some men just don't know what to do around pregnant women...haha!

  16. you crack me up. I say let it hang out or go buy some cute dresses that will cover your belly and will still work for after you have that babe!