Monday, June 27

When The Day Is Taking A Major Crap All Over You....

It's nice to call the husband, who is also being covered in loads of crap at work,
and have lunch together.

We met at one of our favorite places to visit in the morning, Town Square and enjoyed each other's company for an hour before we both had to go back to our respectable jobs, engineer & mom (womp-womp!). We love Town Square so much mainly because it's never busy in the mornings, we love sitting in the aisles of Borders looking at books, I get exercise walking from store to store browsing, we can grab a snack at Whole Foods & afterwards, burn off some energy at the water park and be in the car ready to head home for nap time at 11! It's a win, win situation for everyone!

Conrad (and his horse with a freakishly weird amount of realistic looking hair...) had some pizza.
I ate sushi with copious amounts of wasabi all over it.....
Conrad talked to the baby *(my belly), showed the baby his horse by attempting to lift up my shirt and tried to "feed" the baby a bite of his pizza by also trying to lift up my shirt & give some to the baby. He was all, "Here bay-be! have some peeezah!" I wanted to die. It really was almost too much to bear.... I felt like lifting up my shirt was a little inappropriate for public, so we just let him talk to the "baby", with my shirt down.
He and his horse both cooled off while running around on the splash pad.

What a nice break from the our sometimes draining, hard, frustrating & long days.
After seeing my hubby's smiling-handsome face, it totally put a little pep in my step the rest of the day!

Do not be afraid for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine. When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through fires of oppression, you will not be burned up. The flames will not consume you!

Isaiah 43:1-2


  1. he's such a cute little guy, him and his horse

  2. I love this. I wish I could do lunch with my husband on rough days, but location is an issue :P Also, you are beautiful. I love reading your blog and honestly believe you are an awesome mom and wife, let alone Godly woman who isn't afraid to be real and raw. I love that.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Chelsea.

  3. THANK YOU jessica! You are SO sweet! I appreciate such a thoughtful complement. You brightened my day!


  4. Ooohhh thank so for this. I had a pretty craptastic weekend at work (I'm a nurse) and this simple little post, perfect closing verse and all, really has lifted me up!

  5. What a nice pick-me-up! Conrad is adorable, and you really look great!

  6. I have been reading that verse OVER AND OVER again. I love that I am HIS. Even on crap-tastic days!

  7. Great verse! Just keep in on repeat :) And Conrad is looking cuter than ever! He is looking more and more like a little man. What a doll!

  8. The title of this post had me at crap LOL

    that is all my love

  9. I love you. I love the images put inside my brain by your words, of Conrad wanting to feed the baby in your belly, showing him his creepy horse haha. DANG I miss you. I hope you still love me.


  10. I love reading about Conrad's interactions with the baby. It's just honey-sweet.