Saturday, June 25

Get In My Belly!

Mr. "D's" Is one of my favorite custard places in Vegas. We stopped by to indulge in some yummy custard last week and boy did it hit the spot! You have to treat yourself every now and then! Dustin could barely finish his but I woofed mine down in no time! He was a nice husband for not mentioning how fast I ate mine..... He just smiled and said he was glad I enjoyed it.

I met another fellow preggy recently and we were complaining about our swollen canckles and how it sucks that we pee 40 times a night and while we were complaining (and also talking about the joys of pregnancy too) she said that the best part of pregnancy has been being about to guilelessly eat whatever she wants to eat. I just agreed with her but really, I felt quite the opposite. I have already made my list of junk (spicy lime Cheetos, a glass of wine, candy, a Star Bucks frapuccino, chocolate covered espresso beans, chocolate covered almonds, jalapeno potato chips, deep fried pickles and a whole crap load of buffalo wings, like 24 of them all to myself.....If my husband could just have all of these things ready buffet style, on my kitchen table, my heart would be so happy!) I indulge every now and then, but if I eat too much junk, the guilt sets in. I can't wait to have just one really good day of binge eating after the baby gets here. I really can't tell you how excited I am to guilelessly eat and eat and eat.....

I think I've figured that I'm going to gain just as much weight (if not, a few LB's more) with this baby than I did with Conrad, but the difference is that I feel A BILLION times better and healthier this time around. I ate a lot of processed foods and fast foods before and now I'm making sure to eat a lot of protein and raw foods, so I'm not as concerned about the weight. Dustin has noticed a huge difference too.

I'm looking forward to my buffet of junky-goodness. 


  1. Proud of Chelsea. It is so important to both you and the baby to eat right (even after the baby if born, breastfeeding Mama!!) However, you are right, it is important to indulge and give yourself some yummy treats no and again.

  2. Thanks! Yes, Dustin has reminded me that the fruit/veggie smoothies and healthy eating need to continue after baby comes for good milk for baby!


  3. That's really, really awesome that you're eating healthy for you and the little one and that you're having a healthy MINDSET too (like, that you're doing this for a purpose and that it's okay to have a splurge once in awhile).