Wednesday, May 25

Weekly Surf:

Inspiration for maternity photos
LOVE these fun cookie pop ideas
I need ideas for decorating the nursery
Ways to help baby "spin" & not become breech 
Perfect card for the expectant mother in your life
I want this print
Homemade Oreos.....YUM!
This is how a breech baby is born at home {caution, nudity} 
Gorgeous images of motherhood that melt my heart
I'm dreading converting the office into a nursery. This conversion is gorgeous though.
Very sweet Cesarean birth first moments 
Love this mom's cry face after baby is born

{I love how involved Conrad gets to be in our weekly visits with my midwife. 
He gets to help find his "Brister's" (brother OR sister's) heartbeat.}

It makes my heart very happy.

{I'm 29 weeks this week! Twenty-Nine-Weeks!? How can it be?! Eeekkk! It's almost over. Baby is measuring perfectly, although baby "brister" is laying sideways right now, so I've been encouraged to use the birthing ball to bounce, not lounge in chairs, not lay on my back, walk more & do my pelvic rocks so we can possibly get that baby to go head down before the big day! It's getting harder to find tank tops that cover my growing belly & I'm at the stage now where I'm wearing my husbands Tee shirts to bed to stay comfortable. Grow baby grow!}

Happy Wednesday!


  1. oh wow, you are almost there!! look at your gorgeous photos.

  2. I did everything to get Isaac to flip (which wasn't until almost 35 weeks) including hours of the "polar bear" and laying on a ironing board practically upside down.

    So have you decided to do a home birth? Or are you still planning on doing it at the hospital? I can't believe how close you are. It's gone by so fast! (for us the readers :)

  3. awwww, these photos are so precious! i love how involved he wants to be <3

    ~Andrea @

  4. Yes, home birth. Just as long as baby is doing fine during labor and I'm doing fine, we'll stay home. ;) Otherwise, we have a designated doctor & hospital is only 5 mins away!

    Thanks girlie!

  5. Awwww, you're looking so radiant! And I love reading about how involved Conrad is.

  6. I love these photos of you, baby belly & Conrad! They are just way to sweet..
    That conversion nursery is great :) Love the yellow fabric

  7. You look fantasic and those photos are so sweet! Im really excited for you, darling. Btw: those homemade oreos? Brilliant:)

  8. This is so cute and how cute is Conrad!

  9. I enjoyed reading your weekly surf! On the nursery conversion... I thought you might enjoy taking a look at some of the baby nurseries that have been sent in to our nursery photo contest.

  10. those cesarian birth pictures made me so weepy.

  11. You look amazing! Can't wait to see the nursery - I'm sure it's way harder to do that kind of work with a toddler on board. Best of luck to you with the home birth and thanks for the shout out!

  12. I love that nursery conversion too! It's gorgeous - so calming. Also, you look gorgeous! I'm so excited for you, Chelsea! Way to be an incredible woman, wife, and mother!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

  13. love those maternity shoot ideas! 29 weeks...woohoo! almost there :) you look beautiful!

  14. I've been a bad commenter lately! Miss you!

    Every post you do of a maternity shoot makes me want one very bad, when the time comes :].

    Conrad is so sweet, I love how involved he is.

    I love hearing your stories, you are so very inspiring! Thank you for letting me read.


  15. oh my goodness, so adorable.

  16. I LOVE how involved your son gets to be with your checkups!

  17. aww your son is awesome!!! he's gonna be a great brother!!x

  18. Beautiful photos, and that video was amazing.