Thursday, June 2

Weekly Surf:

Friday {June 3rd) is FREE doughnut day!
Can't wait to see this movie
This is how an Urban Outfitters designer decorated his daughters nursery
What woman need to know about the most common surgery in America (one that could be performed on you, without your consent)
This would be a perfect "push" present if the baby is born in July
These days, I'm dreaming of one day having a porch for dinner parties
Perfect summer Pretties for your ears
Just in case it's a girl.... she MUST have this!
I won this baby carrier yesterday! Yippee!

Upon arriving home from work today, Dustin was greeted with a juicy, watermelon kiss.
How has your week been? Mine has been l-a-z-y! This third trimester tiredness is making me one grumpy, hungry, tired, zombie-mommy! If I manage to do anything productive in my day, it's a total miracle, let me tell you! Dustin has confirmed that I am WAY more emotional this pregnancy than I was during my last....I cry pretty much all day, everyday, for any reason under the sun. (I can't wait to NOT be pregnant any longer.) I forgot how sucky third trimester sleep was until this week. I toss and turn for hours before I finally get comfortable. As I'm tossing and turning, I'm trying not to fantasize about Cheerios with honey drizzled all over them....I try to just STAY in bed and go to sleep! "The Cheerios will make you fat! You don't need them, you just want them! Go to bed!" says the health conscious pregnant angel on my right shoulder."But the honey! The crunchiness! Late night TV!" Says the fat-pregnant devil on my other shoulder. The internal battle rages on until I either give in and have some, or ask Dustin to scratch my back until I fall asleep..... I think that having to pee 8+ times a night is God's way of preparing me for being up all night caring for a new baby. It's like, what the hell did I even drink before bed to be peeing THIS much? It's ridiculous! The bones in my feet are starting to disappear! I'm doing all I can to not become a swollen hot mess, but it's summer, and I've been eating like crap this week, so I'm puffy, what do you want me to do! OTHER THAN THAT, I feel great and LOVE being pregnant!

I feel like 8ish weeks is far too long to wait to hold this baby! Please Lord, make these wretched-third-trimester days pass quickly. I do feel like I'm falling more in love with this little boy/girl as this pregnancy comes to an end. Just can't wait to see this baby and snuggle it!

{Happy Thursday}


  1. We don't have a Dunkin Donuts in town...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  2. Now I really want to see that documentary, too! I can't believe that's really happening!

  3. ***Krispy Kreme is giving them away too!! ;)

  4. so jealous you won that! how'd you do that! That is the best baby carrier, hands down! loved it for my first!

  5. I really enjoyed this post!! And now I must see that movie! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I could move into that house right this second.

  7. Oh my goodness I can't believe that you can say this pregnancy is coming to an end.. amazing how quickly that went (well maybe for us readers hehe)

    My heart is swooning over the amazing picture :)

  8. soooo close to the end! hang in there, lady!
    and i really, really love that carrier you won :)

  9. what an awesome nursery! and i think i'm going to get a free doughnut now ;)

  10. chelsea-

    i love your weekly surfs.

    that maternity photo session-documentation is so cute.

    i feel you on the 3rd trimester wonders. :)

  11. Thank you for the link love! And Congrats on the little one!

  12. ohmygoodness! The maternity series from Tenley is adorable! Very much I just have to wait haha. Love the pic of your guys, as well. Thanks for a great surf!

  13. Fantastic round up as usual, especially that maternity series!
    Hahah! I have that late night devil on MY shoulder too! All of the time...

  14. P.S. When I was little, I used to LOVE getting muddy so I could really, really scrub all the gross off later. It was way fun getting dirty then getting clean. Maybe this'll be like that. You gotta get all swollen and feel yuk to really appreciate how great your body is gonna feel later!

  15. I can't believe the little nugget is almost here! Time sure flies on this end.

    That's how I feel, I really just want to experience pregnancy, I cannot wait!

    Have a great week, I love when you post ;].

  16. Hang in there:) In the last trimester of this last baby- our fourth- I was expecting it to be miserable but it wasn't...until the last few weeks..pretend you didn't read that part :)

    Good links!

  17. I keep coming back to that loft to stare and drool over it. I'm in love!

  18. great surf features!! That home you're obsessed with...YES PLEASE. Our dream home has exposed brick...I loved the rustic and modern mix of their decor! And that maternity series is fabulous! so creative :) I love seeing all these pregnant women (including you:) who embrace and really celebrate their pregnancies and share their joys with the rest of us :)

    And i'm so sorry these last while has been hard...I think you're SO right about God prepping us for waking up in the night to feed baby, by having us sit on the loo 10 times a night. hahaHA.

  19. Thank you so much for linking to my maternity series!! I love your blog! You have a beautiful family and I loved your maternity series too. Your weekly surf links are so much fun! =)