Monday, May 23

Bump Watch: Week 27


{See the previous belly growth progression photos HERE}

I am finally in my THIRD trimester! Only 11 weeks left to go!!! I can't believe it's almost over. I've been feeling great, for the most part. Except I'm getting BIG! Yesterday my sweet husband lifted me nearly half a foot off the ground trying to pull last years bathing suit up over my belly. Lets just say it was not a pretty scene with me yelling, "Stop! It hurts!" as he tugged while grunting, "I've allll-most got it! Hold still!" with beads of sweat forming on his forehead. The whole crotch of the bathing suit nearly busted open. It was a pretty sexy moment for me, let me tell you. It didn't even go up over my boobs! SO it's safe to say, It's TIME for a maternity suit! (womp-womp!) 
I just bought THIS one & I love it on.

I've noticed that my appetite has increased quite a bit recently though (I ate TWO whole grilled chicken burgers yesterday as Dustin looked on in horror, warning me to SLOW DOWN as I neared the end of my first sandwich. Maybe he was scared he'd have a wife with two stumps instead of hands. He quickly whipped me up another sandwich in an effort to prevent stumps! What'a guy. I've been eating a ton of eggs. I'm craving them like crazy! I went through 2 dozen eggs last week alone. I feel like that's probably normal?...

During our Bradley Method birthing class this week, the instructor said that the penis is like a sword and the vagina is like the sheath of a sword, but most "feminists" would rather refer to the vagina as a "yoni" (she included herself in this feminist opinion of the name). I then politely raised my hand and said, "Actually, I'd rather refer to my vagina as a sheath to my husbands penis, the "sword" because I like the sheath meaning much better. It makes woman's vagina's sound more powerful!" Everyone just looked down at their work books and didn't acknowledge my statement. I guess I thought more woman would chime in and agree?? I don't know what exactly possessed me to object to the "yoni" name for the vagina, but it rubbed me the wrong way and I needed to let the class know. (I make really great first impressions.) The teacher just smiled and nodded and continued on with her point. (My poor husband. I feel sad for him-having to deal with my outbursts. But really, he knew what he signed up for when he married me.) And I felt passionate about expressing my views on the subject. So whatever.

Dustin (and Conrad) are convinced we're having a girl and I'm sort of convinced it's a boy. I still don't want to know though. I feel like the surprise of not knowing will be that extra motivation to get the baby out while I'm in labor. When I was carrying Conrad, I was all out in front and this time, the curve in my back has disappeared and now I'm just round.all.over. Which makes me think it could be a little lady...

I can't get enough of Ina MaySeriously, if you're pregnant, read her books. They WILL rock your world. Her book has been a life saver for me. I feel like every time I seem to hear that little voice that says that I'm broken and won't be able to birth my baby, all I have to do is stuff my nose in one of her books and get my confidence back. I'm learning that a big part of having a successful birth is seeing how the emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects of a woman's heart and mind can hinder her birth and even stop the laboring process all together. The mind and body have to be in agreeance with one another. Through this process, God has been healing and teaching me so much about who He is, and has answered SO many prayers along the way. 

I also feel incredibly blessed to have such a great support system around me. The more I meet other VBAC mom's who have successfully done what I'm attempting to do, the more confirmation I feel about birth being a natural process where when a woman is supported and when unnecessary intervention is not interrupting the act of birth, she is able to trust her body and let it do what it knows how to do.

OH, and I also got to be apart of my friend's home birth this week.
You can check out the photos I took HERE.


  1. That swimsuit story is funny - reminds me of a dress story I had...only I wasn't pregnant. :)

    Looking great and feeding that baby well - congratulations on's all so exciting!

  2. you're 27 WEEKS?!! what the? :) that fleeeeeew! you are looking as cute as ever. love that bump!

    and the name thing IS so hard. SO HARD! i told tim the other day, do people sometimes have a baby & really not have a name?

    he said no. i know it'll come. i hope so at least :)

  3. You are one BEAUTIFUL lady. You look absolutely gorgeous and your baby lump is too cute. :)

  4. we found on the sex of our first child, but not the second. it was SO exciting not knowing. :) and i'll definitely do it again if we have a third child.

  5. you are looking so stylish and gorgeous!

  6. chelsie chan24 May, 2011

    CHELS, you are having a girl. 50% sure of it! ha!
    As I have been following your food cravings I have noticed that they are the same with mines... and I am expecting a girl in 6 weeks!
    The tomato sauce in the first trimester... you know, how I wanted to stick a garden hose in a gallon of tomato/marinara sauce and siphon that sucker out like a crack head on a pipe with a fresh batch. I can't remember 2nd trimester craving but I know it was the same as yours... but I have been having a SICK affair with EGGS for a month already. As I lay in bed I FANTASIZE about my steaming plate of beautiful golden yellow scrambled eggs in the AM. I get orgasmic-like just thinking of what it's like to peel back the shell of a meduim boiled egg revealing the smooth, shiny, warm LOVE inside... custard desserts, egg based sauces, egg sandwiches...
    omg, there I go again. Getting all hot up off of freaking EGGS. IT'S A GIIIIIIIIRL!

  7. Omg, I have been sooooo hungry too! Damn 27th week!! I can't get enough fruit. I could eat it alllllll day long!

  8. Love your bump, envious of it!

    Also, I think you mean Ina May- I got to see her speak on Mothers Day and she blew my mind. I looooove her.

  9. I love that you are keeping great records of the pregnancy!

  10. you look gorgeous!

  11. Aw. I really love these. Pregnancy becomes you.

    Also, I love that you said that about the sheath! You are bold. Love it!

  12. You look beautiful!! Totally glowing. How exciting to be apart of a home birth, what an amazing experience

    Delighted Momma

  13. You look great mamacita! I love the part about the eggs! Not sure i've heard that one before!

  14. we just finished our bradley classes and loved em too.. don't ever not share your opinion. I bet other women felt the same... they were just to nervous to say the same. i agree with you though. the most empowering thing for a woman is to have a loving marriage. i just finished Ina May's too and its been so helpful. this is my first birth but after reading it and going to the classes.. I can't wait! I don't know if you've read or if your husband has read the bradley book.. husband coached childbirth. it was also really informative and my husband has loved reading it. you're looking good momma!

  15. How exciting!

    We've read husband coached childbirth and the bradley method. My midwife gave me 2 relaxation dvd's to watch and she gave me spiritual midwifery and ina may's guide to breastfeeding. So I'm pretty excited to read those. I've never read through books so quickly (except for the twilight books....)

    Thanks girl! Good luck to you! ;)

  16. ahh, you're a beautiful pregnant woman:)
    heck, pregnancy is gorgeous.
    my older sister is almost completely a "certified" doula, and in the past year of her studying and going to births of friends and new acquaintances, i've learned a ton. ohmygosh.

    ina may is her favorite, though i've yet to read any of the books.
    also, peggy vincent's birth stories in the book "baby catcher" is one of my favorites.

    hah, that class time sounded epic. ;)

  17. yes... when there is a definite deadline... books get read much faster. i should start reading the breastfeeding one of ina mays. hopefully i have only 3 more weeks left... so i should get on that.

  18. chelsea chelsea chelsea...
    you crack me up and i love it!!! reading about your swim suit endeavor and scarfing down those chicken sandwiches...teehee! :) The swim suit you chose is awesome! stylish and looks like it'd be really comfortable :)

    Glad you're feeling good! And you look GREAT!! love that little Conrad want the little on to "come out! come out!" Can't wait :)

  19. PS - i already commented on the water birth photo shoot...but again, STUNNING photos. they truly touched my heart :)

  20. I think its so fun to wait till the birth and only then find out if its a boy or a girl! Those photos are soooo lovely! Kisses, darling

  21. Loving those cauliflower pics!
    You're looking good!

    Your class time sounded fun :) Don't lose your confidence- you never know when someone agrees but doesn't want to chime in (out loud :)

    And the name thing? Apparently I was 'baby b' for a few days (my twin was 'baby a'). Keep on praying & it will come :)

  22. You are adorable. Like, seriously cute. I love how involved Conrad is through all of this! So special.

  23. When I think you've taken the most beautiful maternity pictures I've ever seen, you then go and do it again! Love these. xo!

  24. these get me every time! i'm so glad you do them.