Sunday, February 13

You know You're pregnant when you'd rather have food over flowers:

Dustin: What do you want to do for Valentines Day?
Me: I dunno, lets just hang out
Dustin: Well, we have to do Something. What do you want? I'd like to get you something.
Me: I don't want anything specific. PLEASE don't get me flowers! 
Honestly, I just want creme brulee.
 Make me creme brulee!!!
AND that one Mediterranean beef curry dish with the cilantro and veggies!
AND maybe chocolate mousse with homemade whipped cream and raspberries!!!!
(at this point, I've got drool dribbling down my chin.)

{You know you're pregnant when you'd rather have food over flowers.}

Dustin: Remember the first year we were married and we dropped $300 on Valentines Day dinner?

We both start chuckling realizing just how ridiculous dropping that much money on one dinner was.
Not only that, but buying a pretty red dress & getting my nails done, all in the name of Valentines day. It wasn't ridiculous at all. It was fun, but NOW, it would be considered totally ridiculous. If we had $300 extra dollars just laying around, we defiantly wouldn't use it for a fancy dinner. 

Back then, I worked at a bank and also worked as a hotel nanny on the weekends. I was being tipped way too much money from moms and dad's who left a stranger with their kids-all in the name of forgotten nights on the glitzy Vegas strip. It was an easy job and I didn't have to show my ass off to do it. Half the time they were too drunk to know who I was when they returned from their booze fest. But that was my job, and I actually really enjoyed it. Dustin went to school full time and worked full time at a golf course & made great money. We had too much money back then and were too young and irresponsible to know what to do with it, so we spent it on romantic dinners! Glorious, romantic dinners! 

We enjoyed expensive bottles of delicious wines, sipped lobster bisque & ordered multiple desserts at the end of our meal. On our way to the car, we made out in the elevator making everyone else around us very uncomfortable, all in the name of Valentines Day & romance. It was hot. BUT those weren't the MOST romantic days of our marriage-the beginning. I don't look back at the beginning longing for the "good" days. I look back and am glad that our love is richer, that we're more in love & that we've fought for our marriage. That's what romance is now. 
So yesterday Dustin went to Whole Foods and purchased all of the ingredients needed for my 
Valentines Day food feast of feasts. I can't tell you how excited I am. All I really wanted was some time to myself to relax this weekend, and have my man cook for me. {I feel so fat for saying that! Whatever, I'm pregnant, I don't care.} Isn't it funny how when  you become a mom, an hour to yourself to have a good soak and read a gossip mag is so much more valuable than any kind of trinket or gift? A hot bath! That's all we want! AND a hot meal....that we didn't make!

  I've been leaving him poetry & photos of us, secretly stashed in his underwear drawer, lunch box and in his truck all week. There's nothing sexier or sweeter than a hand written love letter or a small reminder of the love we share. It's the simple things.

That's how we're celebrating this holiday of love.
What are you hoping to receive this year?                                 


  1. So beautiful.
    I sure do like reading your posts. Defintely one of my favorites.

  2. nothing sexier than having your man make the meal of your choosing. or than fighting for your marriage. i agree with bebe, a really great post indeed.

  3. $300 on dinner? yowza! im sure the memories are priceless though babe.


  4. Wonderful post. I agree that it's the little notes that are my favorite. They mean the most to me in the long run.

    And I've always preferred food over flowers. Does that mean I'm in a perpetual state of pregnancy? haha.

  5. Being in a long-distance marriage...I just want to spend time with my husband.

  6. We thought about doing a big night out with the grandparents as babysitters then realized we'd rather be together. But neither of us wanted to cook either. We decided we'd get Outback take-out and come home and spend time as a family. It sounds perfect, to me.

  7. You're right, the memories were worth it. It's just funny how life changes your perspective a bit. I remember us looking around the restaurant realizing that we were the youngest ones there. Everyone looked to be 45+ years old and over.

    I always LOVE surprises, but don't like being told I'm going to get a surprise. I HATE that. Dustin used to do that crap to me and I always managed to get it out of him-what he had waiting for me. If you're going to surprise me SURPRISE ME!

    I'd rather have something that will last rather than something that will die. He got me a plant one year that I ended up loving and naming. I miss that plant. Plants are good. No flowers though!

    I hope you get to see your hubby soon Autumn. Spending time together really is the best gift in the world!

  8. Chelsea you guys are amazingly adorable! It is definitely the little things :)
    Well I had this cute little stay at home date all planned for tomorrow night with bubble baths & chocolate covered strawberries... And then last night our water heater sort of exploded (to say the least) and our garage got flooded. We now have zero water at all. So much for my date idea... Now all I want is a new water heater. Laaaame.

  9. Amy, DANG, that really puts a "damper" on V-day BaHaHAHAHAHAH! kidding. Seriously, that sucks. I'm sorry. I saw Grants update on FB about your flooded garage this morning and was sad for you guys.

    I think you guys should go out and treat yourselves to a nice dinner for having to deal with no hot water. AND, Next week, I SAY pretend that it's Valentines day on Thursday and do your sexy date then! Nothing better than chocolate covered-anything!

    <3 you.

  10. Hahaha I know! At this point it's *almost* comical! But yes, a much needed dinner out will probably be in the works and DEFINITELY planning the chocolate covered-ness another night :)

  11. Chelsea,
    Love this post because I relate to it in so many ways...ha! Being pregnant, I just want my man to cook me a good meal. Our first Valentine's was so over the top and we loved it, but seriously its the little thoughtful things now that mean so much. We make eachother's valentine's (see my post tomorrow;)) and spend the evening together.
    Love is deeper now even though the external bells and whistles don't always show:)
    Enjoy that meal!!

  12. you are SO cute. i'd rather have food over flowers too, & i'm not even pregnant. heh. okay, i lied. i'll take the flowers :) i just went & filled my husband's truck with good ol' fun. hehe. i love valentines. all in the name of LOOOOVE. YEAH! makes me feel like a kid. yup :) xo!

  13. scotty went online to etsy and found this valentine garland made from old book pages. so he went downtown to an antique store, bought an old book, and made it for me at work one day! he added his own little twist to it and hung it for me while i was gone yesterday. i loved it! i'm so happy. love those small things.

    p.s. i can't believe your hubby can cook all that! i can't even cook all that.

  14. Aaahhh this is so cute. I love this post. You guys are the sweetest couple.

  15. I feel ya, girl! I remember those expensive, fancy dinners...oh how quickly things change! But it's always for the better!

    I hope you get all the yummy food you are wishing for! You had me drooling, too! :)

    Happy VDAY!

  16. haha, you are so funny. I LOVE your dialogues with Dustin. They are so so so hilarious!

  17. amen AMEN!! I loved your food you, i started salivating just reading about them :) Your husband is so sweet to be your personal chef! And I remember the frequent date nights to lovely restaurants...such wonderful memories, but you're so right that as time passes the love can get RICHER when you work together for it. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day tomorrow beautiful girl!

  18. Our first Valentines together we spent a ton on dinner, now I look back, it was great, but I don't think I really appreciated it at all. This year I think we are just going to stay in and keep it simple which is really amazing.

  19. I'm so gross I'd prefer food to flowers ANY day. A. I love to eat.
    B. I hate to cook.
    C. It's no fun to clean. So a cooked meal (by someone else) at home, or out, is always a huge treat for me :)