Monday, February 14

A Valentines Day Treat For My Readers:

Since today is a day devoted to love, I wanted to offer you something sweet to show my appreciation to all of you for making my life a little sweeter. Your comments and love brighten my day, SO I want to brighten yours by offering one of you

To win, tell me what you would want your bracelet to say.
*For an extra entry, be a follower of this blog.
Please leave separate comments & leave me your contact info too
Winner will be chosen at random and announced Friday!
(this give a way is open to us residents only.)

My Bracelet would say: Conrad & _________.
I'd want to have both of the kiddos names on it!
Happy Valentines Day!


I thought it would be cute to let him make his own Valentines for his Grandparents....
But the paint was scary.
He wanted it off of his hands as fast as possible, so he rubbed his hands on his belly and arms....
That didn't work.
Luckily, I had some fancy Sponge Bob stickers laying around.
He stuck them on the paper.
He stuck them on his face.
He stuck them all over his body.
Then he proudly displayed his art work. His body & the paper both used as his canvas.
Then he proudly showed Daddy what he had made him for Valentines Day.
Dustin was pleased.
In the afternoon, we went out and about to get some fresh air after being quarantined all weekend nursing our colds. We got snacks at Whole Foods and threw this favorite ball around soaking up the beautiful weather.
I treated my little Valentine to a piece of heart shaped chocolate.
And observed as he tasted.
We ate chips and salsa, strawberries, chocolates, & a Delicious smoothie.
My boys watched as a horse and buggy trotted down the road.
Conrad ran after as it passed, then cried when the horse was no longer attainable.
It was a sad time.
I watched his tiny, fat fingers grab for raisin after raisin.
After a warm embrace and a kiss, i was shunned and pushed away like last nights trash.
Happy Valentines day to you too Mr.
He finally gave in after yet another attempt to steal a kiss from my little love.
Forced affection is always nice right?
He fed me some raisins.
And I made a crazy/ugly face that made him giggle and me stole my heart away once more.
For Dinner, Dustin made me one of my favorite dishes and we spent the evening together.
After dinner followed dessert....
and a food coma.

It was nice.

{Happy LOVE day my loves.}


  1. Your son is utterly adorable Chelsea! Sounds like you guys had a great day :)

  2. I love love love the robot shirt!

    Awesome bracelets. I'm already a follower but mine would say something cheesy in Spanish like vive, ama, ríe.

  3. Beautiful photos! Happy Valentine's Day to you too. Poor baby with the scary paint!

  4. Oh, my bracelet would say... hmmm... not sure. Maybe: Peace . Love . Happiness .

  5. Your son's eyes are just stunning! I love them. I also love that bracelet! :) How great is that!

    xo M

  6. Also...I would want my bracelet to say " I love you to the moon and back" from the book Guess How Much I love you. My hubsby got me that book last year for valentine's day and replaced the names of the bunnies with our names. Best. Present. Ever!

  7. I thought I was a 'follower,' but I wasn't I am :)

  8. My bracelet would say...I have no idea. Something special that I can't think of yet. Or my kids names, 'Maxwell Daniel~ Ella Vita'

  9. Ahh i think this is a great idea chels! and so sweet of you! i hope this is ok for my entry place?

    love. without. boundaries.

    I think that sometimes i forget the simplicity of this statement, and hope that if i learn nothing else from life, this would be enough. happy valentine's day lovely!

  10. hmmm..."keep calm and carry on" should be my life motto right now because lately every day i feel like i am on the brink of losing my mind! kids birth dates would be cool.

    i love your kid and i love that the paint scared him. i attempted that same thing with olivia last year and she did the same. as soon as it was on her hands she screamed. haha...i also love your blog. it's uplifting. and i also love you. you're great :)

  11. Conrad is so cute. Love the bracelets... I would want mine to say "ENLIGHTENMENT". Hope you have a wonderfull V-Day!

  12. I love the "Keep Calm & Carry On" that's definitely what I would get.

    Contact info:


  13. mine would say: you have stolen my heart.

  14. hi! i'm a follower now!

    p.s. miles has the robot shirt.
    p.p.s. love the plate wall.

  15. Ok you have the cutest little family... and it gets me all excited to have babies.

    I think I would have a bracelet that says: Patience, Charity, Love. Those are 3 things I try to work on everyday.

  16. Annnnd... I'm shocked I wasn't an actual "follower" until now(?!) because I read your blog religiously :)

  17. love it!! Mine would say "Rise up, my love, my fair one" its from Song of Solomon 2:10

    Happy Valentines Day my friend!

  18. Me too! I have you on my blog roll on my page but I wasn't an official follower! Now I am! You already know I love your blog though!


  19. Ooohhh I love those bracelets. Soo cute! I'd want mine to say "Lane, Claire & Faye". And if I don't win it I'll just have to go buy it, cause I love it. And sounds like you guys had a fun day celebrating!

  20. Also, I would love a bracelet that said "actually, i can."

    Thanks for doing the give away and Happy Valentines Day!!!

  21. Your picnic looked dreamy!! I can tell your 2 boys sure love you :) And that quilt is fabulous!

  22. You're so great to do such a sweet giveaway! I'm crossing my fingers! And if I was lucky enough to win...mine would say:
    "love conquers all...A+H forever"
    (hope that's not too long;)

  23. I think I would want mine to say...Love never fails CMBx2 (my hubs and I have the same initials). PS your baby boys hair makes me jealous! So adorable!

  24. I follow your blog

  25. I would want my bracelet to say "Love overcomes all 2.12.10"

  26. ahh so cute!
    i would want my bracelet to say :
    "His love is what i live for. My love is what He died for."


  27. Love you.
    And your blog.
    The paint fiasco cracked me up!
    Man oh man...

  28. good luck everyone!
    chelsea, you are my running inspiration.
    happy valentines day <3

  29. my bracelet would say "be still and know". thanks for writing and giving this opportunity. love to read your blog!

  30. Great giveaway. I'm not sure what I would want it to say. Maybe my kids names, but then what if we have more? Maybe a cute short quote? O r maybe my favorite verse? This is hard.

  31. Oh, and I've been a follower of your blog for a while now. :p

  32. What a happy Sunday. playin',eatin',picnicin',eatin', enjoyin' sweet baby kisses, eatin', and soaking up sunshine.

    I love the idea of a custom script bracelet.
    But Chelsea, I would want you to choose an engraving that would be perfect for me, and from your heart would be so special.

    Happy V-Day Sweetheart
    Love ya Bunches, Ma

  33. Your little man is so adorable. I just can't get over it. I hope my babens have that lovely blong hair. :)

    Happy Valenties day to you lovely lady!

  34. Oh, and I'm a follower. If I won, I would have the bracelet say "To live is Christ and to die is gain."

  35. i don't know how the heck i wasn't already following your blog?! anyway, i am now! ;o)

  36. and my bracelet would say Derek * Jessica * Rowan!

    contact me: jesshoeft@gmail

    hope i win! XOXO

  37. Oh my gosh, these pictures are so absolutely darling. Love them!

    If I won, I would want my bracelet to say 'write'. That would remind me to do what I love every single day.

  38. Long time reader, first time commenter!!!, not really... I just love when I go to enter blog giveaways and someone feels the need to say that, lol.

    Mine would say "lily & norah" OR "lily & rhys" we'll find out soon enough! I would also consider "Live Simply. Love God."

    This is a fantastic giveaway ;]

  39. Oh, and I'm a long time stalker now

  40. My bracelet would say "remain in my love".

  41. Oh my gawd mae, you crack me up! I Love you, you're hilarious.

    btw. I love both of those names. they're precious.

  42. Following!

  43. That is so, so sweet! The pictures of Conrad crying because of the paint is HILARIOUS!!

    I'm a follower! :-)

  44. My bracelet would say Monkey Man + Hippo Girl = AMOR

  45. SO. SWEET. So sad about the paint though! Maybe he thought it looked like blood?

    The bracelet is so cute. I think I'd just have mine say Michelle. Simple and classic.

  46. The pictures are so sweet:-) great post for Valentine's day. I'm a follower:-) Mine would say: I remember you with love.

  47. Mine would say, "All the same."

    Because there's this song by The Icarus Account
    called All the Same and it's about how even though I am so sinful and I mess up so much, the Lord loves me all the same.

    I want to get it tattooed eventually.

    I miss you.

  48. Been reading for about a month...and totally enjoy it!

    Mine would say:

    1.19.2008 & 2.08.2011

    The first is our wedding anniversary & the second is the birth of our son. Two dates that changed my life forever.

  49. Mine would say "Chance & Jude" both my boys names.

    You look so gorgeous it kills me !!! Pregnancy looks beautiful on you.

    Jude has the same robot shirt !

  50. I have no idea what my bracelet would say, but I'm sure I could come up with something good if I actually won it! :-)

    Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your adorable family!

  51. Did Dustin end up making creme brulee? When I read that you wanted that I was like DANG! Hope he can pull that off. That's Max's favorite, but it takes me 5 hours to do it =]

  52. yes, he made me creme brulee (chocolate mousse....) it was yummy. my favorite is when i get to break the sugar to get to the creme brulee.

    He made it for me when we were dating and I request it whenever I can-birthdays, holidays! It's the best.


  53. Chels- I'm already a follower? Does that qualify for the double plus bonus?
    If I scored the gorgeous bracelet it would say 'trust that you are clean'. It's a promise Jesus gave me while I was praying/sobbing, telling Him that I missed Him didn't know what to do. I'm in love :)

  54. (I think that gets you 2 comments...? )

    Yay kimberlea! That comment makes me smile. I love it!

  55. Hi
    This is the first time I've seen your blog and I think its great!
    The bracelets are beautiful and such a fun concept.

    My bracelet would say:

    Carol Brown just took a bus out of town, but i'm hoping that you'll stick around.

    Its a lyric from one of my favourite Flight of the Conchords song and is really sentimental to my boyfriend and I.

  56. what a great picnic! mym bracelet would say" You'll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut." - Dr. Seuss

  57. Hi Chelsea, I follow you and have for a coupla months.
    I have been trying to focus on a message that God sent to me while deep in thought: You are enough.
    Something like that. Some thing reassuring, that God is never gone from us.
    It is easy to feel alone and a tangible reminder of God's presence is a big help.

  58. I can't think of anything really clever for the bracelet. But I like the idea of my kids' names. So mine would say Lucas and August

  59. And I'm already a follower :)

  60. My gosh, you are all gorgeous! And those crafting pictures are just too much!

    I love those bracelets ...I'd want one to say either "JUST BE" or "REACH FOR THE STARS"...such a hard choice!

  61. Tried to comment the other day but realized I didn't hit "Post Comment"! HA! Love your blog, it brightens my day! Your little guy is absolutely adorable!

    Love that bracelet too, would love mine to say My Boys. Case & Rhett.

    Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Valentines Day! :)

  62. Love the bracelets. If I win, I'd like it to say Keep Calm and Carry On.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog about my wedding dress! Your blog is amazing. Love all of the pictures!!

  63. hmmm, it took reading ALL of these comments, & i still don't have something i'd love on a bracelet. [insert brain fart here] i mean, i would if i won ;) can i think about it? hehe.

  64. follower! woot!

    p.s. such sweet pics of your fam. love the one with the kiss on conrad's cheek!

  65. Your Valentines pictures with your son are soo precious... he's the cutest little boy!!

  66. Too cute for words! Lovely blog you have here. Your photos are killer. Love your style :)

  67. Cute! I follow....i think mine would have my kiddy names on it!

  68. Thanks for your comment on Simply Motherhood :)

  69. This is so perfect!

    The picture of your funny (adorable) face and his giggle melted my heart.
    You're such a beautiful mom.

    p.s. Your hair is so long and beautiful. I want it on my head now.
    In a non creepy way, thanks.

  70. My bracelet would say "Follow your burning star."

    I am a college student working my butt off in the class room, and at home doing homework for hours on end and at my two jobs. Often times I come home from my long, usually very depressing days, and feel so utterly drained and done for that I just want to give in and stop looking up at the night sky and stare at the amazing wonder ahead. I know that this is not how it's always going to be. But the one thing that keeps me going is knowing how big and beautiful space is. How, it just seems like and aweful waste of space of sky if we were the only intellectual life out there. I am a Communication major and an Anthropology minor but my goal is to work for NASA or a private space agency one day. I have always been fascinated with space and what it's potential could be for us as a human race. I strive to keep going for the good of man kind while I sit in my dorm room studying hard and when I'm at work I make other women feel beautiful (I work for Sally Beauty Supply). So, I try constantly to make others feel better while I need to remember that I need to make myself feel better at some point along the way too.

    I have been following your blog for ages. You and your adorable family and lovely friends are sometimes the only thing that keeps me going when I am feeling blue. Keep on posting inspirational things for us all :D

  71. awesome bracelet. would definitely say, "always be where your hands are" to remind my ADD brain to be present! :)
    gregandjessyathotmail dotcom

  72. I dunno if this is still open but I'd either get it with 'Patches and Bunches' (which is my brother and my nickname for each other) or 'Fearfully Made' and give it to Autumn.