Saturday, February 12

California Rolls Cure Runny Noses:

I hope you're all having a restful Saturday! Sadly, I had to cancel the family photos I was scheduled to shoot today because this god awful sickness has wreaked havoc on me! It's been 3 days of constant head aches, insomnia and coughing up lungs left and right. Luckily, Dustin took Conrad to the store & park today so I could read in the tub, sip tea & cry all over my key board after reading this beautiful birth story. He came home to find me weeping & praying for our baby and our birth. (I'm such an emotional train wreck right now!) I feel like I've been praying for this baby with an intensity that I hadn't when I prayed for Conrad when he was in the belly. Maybe it's because I feel so lucky to have had such a healthy baby when I had Conrad (aside from his funky hips.)
 This baby is such a miracle. I feel more aware of that now.
Today I showed Conrad how cute he'd look if he were a girl... 
he wasn't as enthused with his cute ponytail as I was.
Dustin came home from whole foods with a thing of California rolls. I secretly wish he had known that one pack would not be enough.... they were so good. He gets brownie points for putting slices of cream cheese on the tops of the rolls though.
The man knows. 

I think I went through a whole thing of cream cheese this week. 
No Joke.
{Photos above: Dustin & Conrad having story time before bed last night. I peeked in and took a few pictures before Conrad flashed me his mean-squint-y eyed stare for impeding on his Daddy time. Conrad enjoying his banana "cakes" for breakfast.}

I swear I heard a robber breaking in last night-OR maybe I dreamed it. I can't tell. I've been having A LOT of weird pregnancy-hormone-induced dreams lately where I'm fighting huge armies of men with swords and guns. It's pretty empowering, but still weird. I've been watching my new favorite show First 48 almost everyday while I eat my lunch and Conrad sleeps. There's nothing like seeing criminals put behind bars! That show is SO addicting. I woke up after my weird robbery dream having cramps, so Dustin prayed for the little tomato and it gave me peace to get a few more winks of sleep....Then I woke up and stayed up from 2-4 watching comedy central. The insomnia is awful. I took Benedryl earlier this week and slept like a champ, but haven't taken it since
 (even though it's safe, I feel guilty for taking it...) 
I'm SO grateful that Dustin took care of Conrad yesterday morning and missed a few hours of work to help me since I was feeling like death. He hasn't let me lift a single finger. He wouldn't even let me make the bed today. He's been so sweet. He's making me my favorite Mediterranean beef Curry tomorrow + guest posting on my blog about how to make it. Should be interesting. 

{I'm going to go have some tea and try not to die.}


  1. Hope you feel better sooooon!
    You're so beautiful, even though you feel so bad!
    I love California rolls too!
    What a sweet husband. :]

  2. Hope you get better girlie! And yes, your amazing growing baby IS a miracle!! :-)

  3. I'm a cream cheesaholic. I think I eat a ton of it now because for some reason I looked at it when I was young and was so put off by it because I don't like mayo. May not make any sense but whatever. So we put it on and in everything. Have you seen the recipies online?! Or just on ritz crackers. Anything and everything. So good but so bad.

    Being pregnant sounds like it brings out the crazy in girls. So if we're already nuts it must be pretty dang hard. Hang in there!!

  4. Is it bad that I like being pregnant because my husband totally takes care of me in a major way? I mean he goes all out. I'm lucky for sure.

  5. please feel better babe!! i love miss james and sushi <3 when i eat bagels, i slather on a pound of cream cheese, hehe. kinda gross but so good at the same time!


  6. your hubs is so sweet, i loved when I was pregnant and my hubs would take care of me :)

  7. being sick while preggers is the WORST. so sorry!

  8. sickness all around...sigh. i'll be praying your sweet family starts feeling better SOON!

  9. HE is beautiful!!! you seem like such a lovely mom, and i hope you feel better soon! ):

  10. Feel better soon, sweetie. That horribleness just finally left our house, and I am thinking God for that.

  11. I have often thought about how much a second pregnancy would be more REAL to me. I worried and prayed when I had Lucia in my belly, but I am not sure that I entirely got what a huge miracle it was until after I had her. I think that another baby would really make cement things in my mind even more. God is amazing and your pregnancy is a miracle. So awesome. Blessings. xoxoxo

  12. Being sick is the pits. Being sick while pregnant is even worse...get better soon!

  13. I have been waiting for her to post her birth story for months! So glad she finally did. What a wonderful story. I can't wait to hear yours (when the time comes :)