Tuesday, February 8

Weekly Surf + An Outfit:

First off, the out pour of comments, prayer requests & emails about the last post have been so amazing to read. I have been burdened for you & will continue to pray knowing that God is faithful to meet every need that we come to Him with. Do not hesitate to email me if you need an extra word of encouragement. It has blessed me greatly AND built my faith to hear your stories and pray for you.

Weekly Surf:
My inspiration for the walls in the baby's room
Good quotes always put me in a good mood
I want to have a tee-pee date on the beach too!
Can't believe it's almost our 5th anniversary, time flies when you're in love
Loving this wedding dress
I'm loving these colors. A girl would love this nursery too right?
I am IN LOVE with this photo
Wanting this for my bed
This looks beyond delicious
Uber cute for nursery
Getting excited to have TWO

What I'm wearing: Skirt: thrifted, Scarf & jeans: buffalo exchange, Vintage jacket: thrifted.
*The main reason that I love posting my thrift store finds is mostly because I want to encourage others {who are as broke as me!} that you can find decent stuff at a really reasonable price. I love this shirt because it has elastic under the bust and it expands. AND, I only paid 4$ for it! Score.
What I'm eating: Spinach smoothie consisting of 2 handfuls of raw spinach, 1 banana, 1 orange, a handful of frozen mango, a handful of frozen pineapple & a splash of carrot juice. I have one every morning. They are SO good. I drink it with love knowing that those good vitamins are going to the
 lil' babe.

I've been binge snacking on jalapenos like it's no body's bid'ness lately.
Dustin made me some iced decaf coffee & two beautiful hot dogs this weekend
with sauteed Jalapenos & onions.

I literally had a love affair with the both of them...so good.

{Have a happy Tuesday Friends.}


  1. i have been craving hot dogs since Superbowl Sunday! these look so good and the wedding dress looks like a pretty wedding cake!~

  2. i LOVE jalapeno poppers. they are my weekness! thanks for sharing fun and entertaining links. i love your weekly surfs <3

  3. Aww! Such a cute outfit!

  4. pssst. i featured you on my blog <3

  5. two thumbs up to the outfit!

    thanks for linking to mae's blog - her testimony was so powerful.

  6. Love this and your bangs are AMAZING.

  7. I love that nursery, just saw it the other day. And that's a cute mobile. I make mobiles too. In case you're interested, I'm having a little blog giveaway.

  8. I love your shirt too- great find- and your scarf as well! :D

  9. I love jalapeno anything! Last year I was especially obsessed.

    Great outfit!

  10. cuuute blog and outfit! i found you through blogredhead, and i'm so happy i did! i'm also broke and most of my clothes are thrifted and/or pretty old haha. gotta love dressing on a budget! but really. it makes me appreciate things more. (:

  11. Thank you for the link! You and your blog are precious. I hope these next few months of pregnancy go smoothly for you.


  12. is that an olive in the glass?

  13. oh my goodness...that picture of the pure JOY on that mom's face holding her little girls was enough to make me teary eyed! now i want to go grab mine up from their beds and hug them <3

  14. no olive. The glass has black and white circles around it. Looks like an olive though huh?

    I know huh rachel. I hope to recreative that photo someday!

  15. I love smoothies with spinach!
    Your outfit is super cute as usual! I love thrifting so much. Come to Texas and let's thrift together. :]

    Also, I always love your link lists. So much pretty to look at.

  16. Wow. Just noticed that you featured my table runner! Thanks! I'm loving your blog!

  17. I always love your weekly surf blogs...full of both fun and beautiful things. I wish I had the patience & forethought to go to thrift stores more often. I get impatient (I blame Dad for this) more times than not when things aren't easy to find...plus, being a curvier girl, the options are more limited. I know so many people who have great luck with thrift stores though! Hmmm...

  18. SO cute!!! Love your outfit, and all the linkies. :)

    The spinach smoothie, on the other hand, does not sound very appetizing. ;)

  19. Honestly, you don't even taste the spinach because of the other sweet things in it like the mango and banana. I'm one of those people that will drink, eat or take anything if i know it will be good for me (or the baby!!!)

    Thanks for the sweet comments! <3

  20. 1st: i love your weekly surf and look forward to it always!
    2nd: i make almost the EXACT smoothie every morning! have you tried giving it to the little guy? mine gobbles them up...awesomeness!
    3rd: i love your sense of style...seriously love!

    hope the pregnancy is going well! <3

  21. The scarf is awesome, I love the dress your bump website

  22. Keri, Conrad eats the smoothies up! He loves them. I put them in a coffee cup with a straw so he can watch it disappear. I think more than anything he just likes to drink from the straw!

    Thanks sweet friend! ;) How's your pregnancy going? I'm feeling SO sluggish the last few days. I've got a cough and constant head aches. No fun.

  23. oh my goodness, those hot dogs & smoothie look amazing. AND you look absolutely adorable. I am loving your outfit here, love that jacket & your super adorable bangs. Great to find your blog! xx veronika

  24. you are fun. ubber fun.

    that is all.

  25. that aura joon...brilliant!! she has some mad style...especially as a beautiful pregnant woman :) kind of like someone else I know...*cough*cough* you :) Love the plaid!

    PS - Oh i wished i like spicy stuff more...but I"m glad you've been getting your jalepeno-fix! :) and oh hot dogs...get in my belly.

  26. CUTE outfit! Off to check out some of these links!

  27. I left an award for you on my blog. Have a good weekend!

  28. Lovely outfit, the shirt-jacket combo rocks :-)
    I'm also a sucker of jalapenos *lol*

    Would you mind visiting my blog? Follow eachother if you like?

  29. love your blog everytime I stop by. always something interesting and inspiring!

  30. GAW! Have I told you lately how adorable you are? I just came back to this post because I saw it on your sidebar. Love the jacket with the plaid.

    Cannot believe you have a little bean inside! He/she is growing so much!!!!!