Thursday, January 27

Weekly Surf:

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I had trouble falling asleep last night knowing that I was only one sleep away from the new returning episodes of Vampire Diaries tonight! AND I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning....I got myself a special soda and a special snack to munch on while I watch tonight. I'm kind of too excited about it.
I went over to my Mom's this week to raid her closet because It won't be long before I no longer fit into her size 0 jeans.... I already can barely button them. Sad day. I love Mom's yellow cords and pretty sweaters. She's got such great style. Her sense of style is bright just like her personality.
 (Love ya Mom!)
Conrad had a breakfast/play date with his buddy Logan this week. They ate one doughnut each, and I ate my portion.... The doughnuts in the bottom left corner. Yep, those were mine. ALL mine!
Weekly Surf:
I love these very first "Hideously cute" photos of newborns
I covet her style
A super cute way to decorate a kitchen
Can't wait to wear this again
Oooohhhhh. Prettty!
Would you do this if given the opportunity? I SO would.
I adore these
Amazing before and after
I'm kind of obsessed with this adorable jacket (I love the back.)
Loving this Gorgeous headboard DIY project
I want them all & these too while you're at it
Wouldn't this be such a lovely set?

**Thank you all for your kind, encouraging words about my last post. I appreciate the love. 
I promise to keep the complaining to a minimum for the rest of this pregnancy! 
 {Happy Thursday!}


  1. I always read your blog and forget to commet but I just have to say-your mom has good style! LOL She gets you some of the cutest stuff! (You ALWAYS look cute too :)

    Love your blog! From a fellow So Cal mama up in Orange County! I'm trying to find more So Cal bloggers to organize some kind of meet up this summer...if you know anybody send them my way! I love finding new blogs!

  2. AH GIRLFRIEND. I'm coming to LA on March 2. I want to see you when I'm there! AH SO BADLY. Also, I want to do that no pants subway right with you. Badly. And all of NYC.

    I miss you.

  3. Oh man, hearing you talk about Vampire Diaries makes me miss my TV shows.

    I've been thinking about how to decorate my kitchen and the link you posted gave me some great ideas!

  4. I love you even more that I know you love vampire diaries.

  5. Wait a second- you're somewhere around 11 weeks pregnant, and you're still fitting into size ZERO jeans, but you're freaking out about being fat? I'm not saying this to be shitty, but seriously if your next child is a daughter please try to get a handle on the body image issues before she is old enough to start picking up on things like that. I grew up with a mother who absolutely never talked about diets/called herself fat/complained about weight and the difference between my self-esteem and self worth and my friends' (whose mothers were constantly on some diet or another) was night and day. They would cry over being fat when they were literally 100 pounds. It was sad and scary and I worried about them all the time.

    We all have our insecurities but you're a size zero at 3 months pregnant lady! That is certainly not fat and you look *gorgeous*- like, glowing goddess gorgeous. You're making a human in there- that is miraculous and amazing! You should be struttin' around being like "I'm making a human! I'm a QUEEN" :)

  6. Thanks Anonymous, for humbling me! ;) I don't mean to complain about the fat hanging over my jeans! It's just a little hard when you start feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Pregnant woman can attest to this! Just because I complain, doesn't necessarily mean I have "body issues." BUT i totally get what you're saying about not projecting my "issues" onto my kids. I've been very vocal about my how good it is to run and how I got so much confidence back by getting back in shape the HEALTHY way, not with silly starvation diets. For someone as active as I try to be, it's hard not having the energy to get out there and run! So I feel fat and unhealthy. I'm starting to feel more energetic as I get closer to the 2nd trimester!

    I think all woman whether pregnant or not don't like gaining weight.

    **Thanks for the encouragement to the ladies who (know me) and know that I'm not crazy and totally insecure. I'm just feeling fat right now.

  7. I totally get feeling fat! It's so hard for women, and especially during pregnancy. I just wanted to let you know that from an outside perspective you look fantastic and I'm sure you'll start feeling better soon :) I don't think you're "crazy and totally insecure", not at all! Have a fabulous day!

  8. *eye roll* size zero... whatever, make me mad ;]
    Also, I'd kill to pull off lipstick like you. I always try to put on lipstick before we leave the house, then, while we're in the car, I look in the mirror and say "what the hell was I thinking? This looks ridiculous," and wipe it off, lol.

    And isn't it ridiculous what can keep you up at night these days?!

  9. wow, i couldn't DREAM of fitting into a size 0 pant!

    also those donuts look sooo good

  10. two of my weaknesses -- cute kids, and donuts!!

    LOVING that outfit!

  11. I love your sweater. You look so pretty!!

  12. You are darn tootin' precious! And complain away. Sometimes it just feels good to complain. I do it all the time haha

  13. Ok, now let's hear it from the 51 yr old mother who is a size 0, but used to be a size 14-16. We ALL complain about size at one time or another, (sometimes often, sometimes once-a-month); and then too how our proportions "shift" around as years go by. I still felt very loved and attractive to my husband as a size 14, as I do today. But I'll still say silly things like "Do I look fat in these jeans?" Just to hear him say "No honey you look gorgeous". Don't we all NEED the Compliment?!?! And being pregnant is the ONE TIME no one can ever critize your weight, shape, energy,or moods swings. That all goes out the door for 9 months. Then God hands you a precious gift and your filled with pure joy, happiness, and love; and could care less what your thighs looked like, huh?!!!
    And my dear "slightly" preggers daughter, you make my clothes look EXTRA EXTRA fabulous, with your daring personal flair and imagination putting outfits together that I would never think to match up. And I've never seen anyone else wear red lipstick as well as you Chels. (oh maybe Gwen Stefani) LOL
    Love Ya Bunches my tiny tummy daughter, Mom

  14. You look fabulous. Dont forget that even when you are beautiful and round.

    I love those earrings. Im a sucker for earrings. And those pillows! My mom collects scrabble games and has jars of scrabble tiles perched beautifully on bookshelves. I am so using those as inspiration for my next gift for her. Mothers Day maybe? Shhh. Dont tell.

  15. Thanks Mom. You brightened my day! You're SO sweet! Glad you understand where I'm at.

    Love you!

  16. Did you really have FIVE donut? I hope you were for real, because I felt so much better about myself after reading your post! Last week, I finally paid a visit to a donut shop I've been meaning to go to for months, and I polished off three donuts, but let me tell you, I could've easily slammed down 1/2 dozen ( I intentionally brought only $5 so I'd have to cut myself off). Needless to say...I have back fat now! :)

    PS. I saw three of your five delicacies are my all-time fave--RAISED GLAZED!! mmmm.....

  17. so adorable!!

    Loving your blog, am following you!

    Would love you to enter my GIVEAWAY:


  18. Kelly, I think I ate three of them. Why are Krispy Kremes so good????

  19. OH my word...i totally get the feeling like your fat thing...don't we all?? no matter what our size?? but what i REALLY want to comment on is you FABulous sweater!! i'm in LOVE!!!!

  20. hey Chels! Love the doughnut pile, I do that all the time and I'm not even pregnant. I'll be in town in three weeks, doughnut date?

  21. Susanna, that is HIL-arious! I love it!

    Linds, YES YES YES YES YES! I want to hang! <3

  22. silly question: what lipstick do you use?? i admire it in all your posts! i feel like i can never find one thats juuuust right..... or stays on!! ;*)

  23. I use a few different ones. I like maybelline lipsticks a lot.

    I use Red Revival for the really red lips and Very Cherry for hot pink lips.

    ;) they're each 4.99 i believe.