Monday, January 10

Trying not to get fat in theory seems easy right?

WRONG! I gained a whopping THREE lb's last week. Ugh. Pregnancy! Why do you hate me so!?
(AND I've been working out AND I've been puking my brains out, so why the extra weight? Why? The hardest part about the 1st trimester is that all I want to do is lay around, eat and watch Jersey Shore. So pathetic. So true. When I'm not barfing, I'm lurking around the fridge searching for nom-nom's to stuff my face with. (Gross, I can't believe I just admitted that.)

This was me this weekend, right before I made love to this pretty doughnut with sprinkles:
Krispy Kreme doughnuts.... That's what did it. That's what's dimpling my ass at an alarming rate!

 Last Saturday morning Conrad was fussy and I decided that a Krispy Kreme donut would make me happy would make him happy, so 3 Krispy's later, I'm sitting there completely fat and satisfied.
Food coma city- population: me

Back fat, canckles, bingo arms, & too many chins to count. That's where I'm headed. God help me!

The thing about food when you're pregnant is that it tastes SO amazing. Dustin has caught me a few times now bouncing up and down, dancing and making little moans while I eat. I really never realized I do this, but apparently I bounce and dance when I'm really enjoying food. I won't admit that my eyes twitch and roll in the back of my head, but I do sometimes find my self catching a little dribble while eating a burrito. That has happened. I have drooled a few times. So what.

Why is food so good when you're pregnant? Why?
 In the photo above, Conrad is saying, "CAKES!" Which he repeated over and over after each bite. 
I'm glad he likes them as much as his mama.... or maybe that's a bad thing.
I'd hate to see the both of us on biggest loser someday. Lets hope it doesn't go that far. 
I also went through 2 bottles of franks red hot sauce this week. I put it on toast, I put it in salad, I put it on eggs, in pasta, I dab it on my finger throughout the day just to taste it... It's amazing. 
Dustin made some homemade chicken fingers 
(which I haven't been eating for breakfast lunch and dinner....)
 I can't resist their flaky, crunchy panko bread coating...  
Dustin has been really encouraging the last few days keeping me on track so I don't eat everything in sight. He threw a plate full of cupcakes and some cookies in the trash last night because god forbid I scarf down every last one of them in the middle of the night! After he dumped it all in the trash, I smiled and told him I loved him. I love that he's not some passive marshmallow who will let me do whatever I want. He's not worried about hurting my feelings, and I like that. 

What is the weirdest/nastiest/most fattening thing you ate 
while you were pregnant? 


  1. I love your jacket!

    When I really enjoy food I say, "Mmmmm Uh huh Mmmhmmm" and bob my head up and down. My husband thinks I'm crazy!

  2. Sonoran Hot dogs. That was my pregnancy crack. I kid you not I had at least one "episode" where I scarfed almost EIGHT, yes, EIGHT of them (normal people usually have one or two, tops) in one sitting as my husband and two little brothers looked on in horror.

    It was weird because I started my pregnancy so healthy. Went vegetarian, took vitamins, walked a ton, slept often, etc. And by the late 2nd trimester I threw everything out the door and pretty much went on a mission to become the mom from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape". In fact, it was probably ME that was eating Gilbert Grape!

    But yes, sonoran hotdogs and coconut curry shrimp. And I just looked away when they told me my previous 115 lb. self had morphed into a 170lb. version of myself.

  3. UGH I totally know how you feel! I've gained almost 10 lbs so far and I'm only 18 weeks :/ I gained 55 when I had Krugh, and I'm trying SO HARD not to gain so much weight with this one, but honestly, it's like you can't even control it!
    I love that you craved Krispy Kreme, it's been on my mind like crazy!! Every time we drive past I say, "Hey babe, doesn't that sound so good?!" and he {like your hubban} says, "we {you} don't need that, hun" with a little smile on his face. I love and hate him so much every time.
    BUT two things I can't get enough of with this pregnancy are peanut m&m's and A1 steak sauce. I sneak m&m's and have a special hiding spot so Keith can't judge me {and that way I don't have to share} and I've used A1 on salad, pasta, or I just put it in a little bowl and dip my finger in it. I'm kind of a freak.
    Anyway, congrats on the pregnancy! I can't wait to see {and most likely covet} all your maternity outfits!

  4. Fun! I miss pregnancy eating! I couldn't stop wolfing down baked potatoes, personally. Not to say I was 'healthy' during my pregnancy, and scarfing vegetables or anything. I just liked potatoes.

  5. hahaha Ohhh my gosh Chels! You are the funniest girl ever... "made love to this pretty donut with sprinkles" Oh I'm dying! I fear that when I get prego I'll literally not be able to contain myself and I'll be eating everything in sight! Scaryyy. You are too cute.

  6. I made a double layered round banana cake with chocolate icing and ate it for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and snacks and dinner and dessert for a couple of days. YUM!

  7. I would like to apologize for the chocolate haupia (coconut pudding) pie Joel made. That's at least 2 pounds by itself.

    I was the same way while pregnant with Kai. I craved chicken wings like no other and Joel was great at providing them. And gained way too much weight that I'm having fun getting rid of these days.

    Also, while I think Dustin's support is all too sweet, I don't know if I would have forgiven him for throwing out treats. ;)

  8. Food is so amazing when your're pregnant!! Ben is mad at me becuase he says he's been gaining "sympathy weight". Since he went back to work this week after 2 weeks off, he's starting back on eating right. Me on the other hand, ate an entire batch of homemade cinnamon scones yesteday! They were just too tasty to leave alone.

    I told myself at the beginning that I was only going to gain the recommended 30 pounds. I didn't even change my diet that much from pre-pregnancy and I've gained 50. How does that happen!???

    Either way, if you can't eat the things you really enjoy when you're pregnant, when can you?? As long as you stay healthy and fit it's okay to indulge here and there :)

    ps- your shirt is super stinkin' cute!

  9. Sarah, THAT PIE WAS AH-MAZING! Your hubby gets a high five next time I see him. Thank you! I'm trying not to be that annoying pregnant girl who complains about everything, but it's hard.

    One week I'm eating veggie smoothies for breakfast and working out like crazy and the next week I'm eating del taco at 11 at night and begging dustin for jalepeno poppers- so there has to be a ballance. I was getting off track with the fatty foods so I'm glad he's put his foot down with helping me to eat better!

    Yah Keri! How fun! I'm so glad we're kind of going through this at the same time! You're so sweet! Can't wait to see your baby bump too!

    Amy, you're an animal. You're so determined with working out. I can't imagine you getting fat during pregnancy. You're going to be the most adorable thing on the planet.

  10. haha so true! i have snuck a few donut trips in with my boys too...hee hee...and i eat way more than i should! I think we should enjoy it though cause once baby comes, it's back to lettuce!

  11. I am seriously cracking up over here!
    Tears were rolling down my face....

    I'm pregnant with baby girl... (our 2nd kid--We have a boy 1st!)

    I've been craving DOUGHNUTS GALLORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I understand completely!!! :)

  12. Oh my word. This post is hilarious. I've eaten an unholy amount of Nutella. By the spoon. My goodness, it is so good. And thank you for this, because now I want Krispy Creme. Here's hoping my child doesn't come out of me craving sweets galore!

  13. i'm afraid for my future because i'm NOT pregnant but all I want to do is lay around, snack and watch reality television. Pregnancy could push me over the edge into zero self control.

  14. nothing like bonding with your son on the biggest loser! you look amazing! it'll be alright. 3lbs is no big deal! it's like a big poop or something.

  15. Love the sweater/jacket...too cute! And although I've never experienced pregnancy, I have heard plenty of similar a friend eating cookies and popcorn allllll day! My mom craved oysters...yeah.

  16. You're so funny Jess. "It's like a big poop or something!"

  17. Ah, why do I want to eat everything too? I am not pregnant. Just hungry.

    My crazy craving was KFC Cole Slaw. I could have eaten it all day long. But I actually still love it (though I'm ashamed to admit it). Maybe being preg just allowed me to blame it on the bump. Hmmm.

  18. haha you are so funny.
    Good thing is, you will still be back to your hott little self after your healthy little babe arrives!

    I haven't had a doughnut in sooo long, and now I want one(6) reallllly bad.

  19. is Conrad sleep walking in the background of the chicken fingers?

  20. Sweetie, don't worry about 3 lbs... I just gained that by looking at those donuts!! ;-)

    Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

  21. You are TOO cute for words! I'm 34wks preggers today and I eat like a hurricane! I've never had a sweet tooth, ever, and after getting pregnant that's ALL I want to devour. That's the only unusual thing that has happened to my body, everything else has been normal.

    I love your blog. I will be following it intently :)

    Big dinosaur hugs,
    Sisilia -

  22. i'm waiting for the cravings to start! i wasn't able to keep ANYTHING down the first 10 weeks...i lost weight. but i'm finally wanting food now. i think we're having babies around the same's my first. :)

  23. Kasie, he is indeed sleepwalking. how nice of you to notice. NO, i'm kidding. We let him have his binky all day long for 2 days a week ago when he was really sick with a sinus infection. Normally, he doesn't have it. He must have blinked right as i snapped that photo.

    jen, you make me smile. Thank you for your sweet comment.

    Lesley, I don't know why I have such crazy cravings. Some woman dont get a single craving, but I do! It's such a curse! I'll be 10 weeks on friday! Yah for your first baby! Blessings to you and your sweet little baby friend!

  24. I've never been pregnant, but can definitely see myself eating all that stuff; especially the Frank's Hot Sauce. XD

  25. Now I really, really, really want a donut. Awesome.

    I've never been el preggo, but the most fattening thing I ever ate? Probably a tie between 6 Krispy Kremes (in one sitting - thank you high school!) and a deep fried candy bar (which, thankfully, was gross).

  26. i ate ice cream sandwiches by the boat load.

    this post was hilarious.

  27. Eat away! That donut looks delish! I just LOOVE them. They are for sure my weakness.

    Congrats on the pregnancy. :)


  28. peanut butter and apricot/pineapple jelly sandwiches for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. no apricot/pineapple jelly? no sandwich.

  29. back fat, cankles, & bingo arms! LOL! ohmygosh. you make me laugh so hard! i think i'll join you. i'd rather be fat & happy playing bingo. HA!

  30. bahahaha!! i laugh because I have sooooooooo been there! you are one witty writer, i love it :)

    One day when I was pregnant I literally scarfed down a whole box of cap'n crunch [with berries of course]...with milk...bowl after bowl. it was SO good. haha

    And actually, i may have eaten all but 3 cookies of a Milano cookie package WHILE grocery shopping. and i'm not even preggo. yikes ;)

  31. this post was SO entertaining. and for that, i am following you :) i really want to have kids. like yester-year. but im waiting to get my degree first. i can only imagine how insane its going to be. my fiance said he wont allow me to eat sushi and WAHHH! that is gonna suck! im excited to follow your journey :) take care


  32. hahahaha...i'm laughing at what your hubby did. when i was pregnant with Willow i beeeeeeegged zac to go out one night at, like 10, and get me some cinnamon buns. i was CRAVING them. i wanted them so bad i couldn't sleep. and he refused. and i told him he was mean. and he said "trust me babe. you'd hate me if i did that to you. i'm just lookin' out for you!" so true. i know without a doubt if he had bought them and i had eaten them at 10 at night i would've been like, "UGHH! why did you do that to me?!" and been mad the rest of the night. hahaha..

  33. This post made me laugh. And smile. :D

    I think you are too cute in your colorful clothes & fabulous knit hat!! & your little one? Seriously precious.

    If it makes you feel better, I basically live to watch Jersey Shore. My poor baby...pretty soon he'll have the Pauly D Oh Yeahhhhhh down. :)

    Love your glad I ran across it! I'm a new follower & can't wait to read more!

  34. I totally feel your pain. I have been craving bananas with peanut butter and chocolate chips sprinkled all over it. I know this isn't crazy..but eat a few of those a day and the pounds start adding up! So glad that I found your blog! Blessings to you and your sweet family!

  35. This post is hilarious and I love it. Thank you for sharing your silly pregnancy cravings (some of the comments are so funny, too!).

    Omg, and now I want a donut SO bad. Good thing I made brownies yesterday. Haha. So bad... So good, but so bad.... ;]

  36. aww these photos are adorable!

  37. i love that Conrad calls them cakes !! Jude has this new thing of demanding cookies for breakfast ! ok..when I was pregnant with Chance I totally craved Milk and jalapenos...not together though. I would literally drink at least a half a gallon of milk a day if not more. I would also buy fresh and canned jalapenos and just eat them like crazy. With Jude...I was so flippin sick...I sucked on lemons the whole 9 months to keep my nausea at bay. One would think I wouldnt have gained that much then...wrong...68 lbs with Jude...but...drumroll.....76 lbs with Chance!!

  38. Food does really taste amazing while pregnant! I bounce around and dance when I am eating something amazing or I just know it is going to satisfy my craving!

    Lets see the worst thing I have eaten so far is probably hooters wings lol. with there hot sauce dumped on it and on my fries! If I could down a whole bottle of hot sauce without feeling sick I probably would!

  39. i'm 23 weeks now, and I try to eat healthy for the most part, Veggies, fruits, my only beverages are water and milk, however I eat sooo many sweets in between its horrible! Candy, Cookies, Ice cream. It is truely impossible for me.

    Funny how girls were craving donuts :) I was looking for a maple bar for like a week straight when I was about 16 weeks preggo. LOL! Every place I went was ike sold out of them?! It made me a very unhappy cranky pregnant woman until the day I finally got my maple bar fix. Haven't craved it since tho. Just been craving Mango and Pineapple!