Wednesday, January 12

Same Shirt, Different Day:

You're probably saying to yourself, "Shame on you Chelsea for wearing the same shirt two days in a row." Yep, I'm a dirty pregnant girl whose too tired to care and you'd better be glad I don't leave the house bra-less in my pj's LIKE I REALLY want to-cause you know when i get home from being out in public, I put on my yoga pants and let my gut hang out.... That's how we do. I at least attempt to pull myself together for Target and Dr's appointments. I wear the same shirt back to back without washing it.
This is true.
{Yes, I'm already showing....}
Baby bump @ 10 weeks:
Navy, high waisted pants & tank: Express (I love pairing black and navy)
Trench: Gap (x-mas gift from Dustin 5 years ago. He always gets all sentimental when I pull it out to wear it.)
Necklace: tj max, Earrings: thrifted
Pants: forever21 (I got them 2 sizes too big to grow into), Tank: express,
Sweater: Anthro (Mom's closet.) Shoes: Colin Stewart

*Thank you all for your comments about my last post. I don't feel so alone now that I know that all of you are freaks of nature too when It comes to pregnancy (or non-pregnancy) food cravings and the inability to put down the Krispy's! You all eat weird crap and stuff your faces just as much as I do, so High five for me! I'm not the only fatty in town! Kidding y'all. You're all gorgeous and no one's fat!

The comments were hilarious and brightened my day, so thank you for being
so encouraging and sweet.

{Happy hump day lovies}


  1. I don't care if you wear that shirt three days in a row. You look adorable. I love those high waisted pants.
    No Guilt Fashion

  2. listen, you are a gorgeous pregnant lady. you wear that shirt as many days as you'd like. AS MANY DAYS, I SAY!!

  3. two perfect options for that sweet striped shirt :) And i'm all over those suspenders!! love 'em Chelsea

  4. Pssshht! I do that ALL THE TIME! And I don't even have an excuse other than pure laziness. So kudos to you for still workin' it during pregnancy.

    I'm showing too. Except my baby is an at home burrito bowl.

  5. I have no idea how I missed the baby news post but CONGRATSAMILLION! And you look fab!!

  6. I just always love your outfits. and i am all about wearing the same clothes without washing them. I am dirty and not even pregnant! LOL

  7. You look so amazing always! I just love your style. You've probably been asked this a million times, but what is the brand and shade of that amazing red lipstick you wear?

  8. You look BEAUTIFUL and I'm sooo glad you wore that shirt two days in a row. I love seeing your baby belly. And I miss seeing your sweet face. We need to skype soon. Sunday afternoon was a much needed conversation with you and I need you in my life, so I'm so thankful for you Chels.


  9. I love your style! I wish I could pull something cute together like that :)

  10. No one's fat! Yay! ;)

    And my policy on clothing is "if it doesn't smell, wear it until it does."

  11. Oh my goodness, you are freaking adorable in a rockstar way...I really really want to rock suspenders buuuuuut, I have a feeling the twin towers wouldn't allow for it to actually look good. And I can't judge, I've done the same thing. Either with a sweater, a shirt, pants...multiple times. Maybe even this week. And I'm not pregnant. Ha.

  12. If I had that cute shirt, I'd probably wear it all week. :)

  13. Ooooh I love your bog and your outfit is perfection! love the prints!

    xoxo following!

  14. I wear things a few times w/o washing. I find that washing over and over damages clothes and it's not like I stink. :)


  15. I missed the baby post too, congratulations! I wondered after the doctor post and I am happy you have been able to figure that out so you have something that is comfortable for you!

  16. Chelsea,
    Those Colin Stewart wedges are killer. His shoes are comfy, so far anyway :)

    AND.... I have the same issue.. I have a favorite pair of jeans that I wear all the time. I absolutely REFUSE to buy maternity wear, so when I was at 5 months preggers, went to the local boutique and bought some cute and comfy (& stretchy) Citizens of Humanity jeans at 2 sizes larger than usual and it's the best thing ever.

    You look hawtt with the cute baby bump <3

  17. freaking love those navy pants. your teeny-tiny bit of baby-ness is presh. i cannot wait to watch your belly grow :)

    hope you had a good weekend.