Friday, December 31

Weekly Surf:

A Hot dad wearing a baby will make any woman smile
I've always wanted to kidnap my husband and take him on a surprise trip somewhere special
If I call you darling, will you make me pancakes?
These headbands/hair pieces are gorgeous
Want this & Adore this
Nursery dresser make-over giving me inspiration this week
Rockin' this song this week
Bright and cheery reminder to love
Pretty wedding hair
A birth story leaving my keyboard soaked with tears. She. is. SO. brave.
Something cute for the kitchen
Such a great idea
I love this hat and scarf combo
(Don't hate on the blue leggings. I only wear them around the house.
I'm not some freak who walks out in public looking like a power ranger. Just sayin'.)

{Happy New Year!}

If you leave a comment, tell me what your new years resolution is this year. This year I plan to go through each room of my house and get organized. I'm picking a room a month and concentrating on that room until my whole house is totally organized. I have other resolutions, but they're boring (don't get fat, eat my veggies, read more, floss more, be kinder to others, stop watching so much TV, spend more time with my granny.... yadda-yadda you get the idea.)


  1. I really think you look beautiful in that outfit: so natural and free. I want to cuddle you in that outfit. Here's to 2010 and for the Lord bringing us to each other and to you becoming one of the best friends I've ever had. And here's to 2011 when I will finally get to hug on you and love on you in person. I love you Chels.

  2. my new years resolution is to do all the things i think about all the time, but don't do. things like just picking up my phone and calling someone when i think about them (like, say, chelsea?) and not being afraid to put myself out there and invite new people for playdates, and writing thank you's all the time for everything, including times when i'm just thankful to have a person in my life, or for something nice they said in passing.

    my nyr's do NOT include anything to do with decorating my house, improving my wardrobe, or spending money on anything that is not going to benefit us spiritually, or move us toward our long-term goals. (which is SO easy to become focused ((read: obsessed)) with)

    i know it sounds really idealistic, but i have felt really strongly about this lately, and i am excited to really put my mind to focusing on the the things that will last. parenting, relationships, knowledge, etc.

  3. officially i have been reading your blog for over three-hundred-and-sixty-five-days. i started around Thanksgiving of last year - i remember one of the first posts was about lipsticks.

    anyway, kinda cool and i think you are a doll.

    my resolutions are boring ... mostly eat clean and healthfully, try to relax more & love harder.

    happy new year.

  4. oh and ps. love the dresser re-do that you linked. i think the number knobs are so fabulous - probably a must for your next baby room!!!

  5. okay. now i feel like a creeper, but i also must tell you that your arms look smokin hot in the photos! damn girl!

  6. Cara, I love our Skype dates and text convos. You have been a blessing to my life my dear friend. Love you lots. Can't wait til we can hang out!

    Nina, I love your resolutions. I need to be more intentional in my relationships as well. It's funny though how good I feel when my house is cleaned. I Love the feeling of de-junking my home. I honestly never make resolutions because I think it's such a stupid thing we do. I've never made one. I'd really like to learn some new recipes to wow my husband, get better about honoring God with our money, and pouring myself into Conrad more. I don't want to just "get through" the day, I want to feel like I'm connecting with him more and teaching him more.

    Sarah, I too love your blog. Your little Lucia is such a sweetie and you have such a beautiful home, plus reading your encouraging words and bible verses always lifts me up! Thanks for the sweet comment. Happy New Year to you too my friend.