Sunday, December 26

Our Christmas

My Dad spent Christmas in the hospital, unfortunately, but on Christmas Eve, I got to go see him and spend some time with him. His nurse Roman let me listen to his new heart valve which was an incredibly wonderful sound to my ears. Here is a photo of my mom listening with the stethoscope. My Dad is such a trooper. He did so well recovering, they let him leave late on Christmas night. I met my parents at their house and helped them get settled. My Dad says that his heart is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.
Conrad enjoyed red and green pancakes and made silly faces at me when I asked him to smile.
He enjoyed sipping out of his new snowman sippy cup.
Conrad wore this for Christmas Eve at Grandpa Larry's house:
We opened gifts at my In-laws house Christmas morning. He's at the age now where he can finally rip open gifts,
which is SO fun to watch. Watching your own little ones open gifts makes Christmas so magical.
Conrad got a big bag of safari animals. When he opened the bag he was gasping with excitement and couldn't contain himself.
It was absolutely adorable when he was making the elephant sounds and saying
"ION! ION!" When he saw the lion in the bag.
My favorite Christmas gift this year:
If I could sip this hot sauce with a straw, I would. I can't get enough of it.
For lunch we went over to my brother Vinni's new house. He made lasagna and Italian sausage.
Since he's Italian-he wanted an Italian Christmas. The food was awesome.
When we got home, Conrad opened his gifts from us. We got him a Mr. Potato Head and some horses.
I found him a set of 3 horses. (a mommy horse and 2 baby horses....
but Dustin says it's a Daddy horse and his two masculine sons.
I found the horses in the Barbi section, but Conrad doesn't have to know!)
{I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well.}


  1. That last photo is to die for! Those pajamas are great! Happy new years!

  2. so so cute. happy your father is doing well!

    and LOL about the hot sauce:)

    darling sweaters.

  3. love those stripey jammies!

  4. i have 3 things to say about this post:

    1)what an extra special Christmas that your dad will never forget! i'm glad he is doing so well :)

    2)you are rocking that outfit and i love it.

    3)your little boy is the sweetest thing. i bet he will be such an awesome big brother...i'm excited to see where this new year will take your family ;)

  5. Glad your father is recovering well.
    The faces your babe makes just kill me. Such a silly.

  6. glad to hear your Dad is doing well!!! God is good!

  7. Wow I LOVE Conrad's Christmas onesie pajamas. SO adorable. And wow your Christmas outfit- you looked so gorgeous! Not that I should be surprised. Merry Christmas, love.

  8. Good to hear about your dad! I'm glad he's recovering well.

    Loved these pics! And it's funny about the hot sauce, just last night I was telling the husband that we need to find and pick up some of the Chipotle Tabasco sauce. It's SOOOOO good. We've been Red Devil addicts for awhile now so I figured it was time to mix it up.

    Hope your Christmas was wonderful (I got your Christmas card last week and your faces are all up on my fridge and Jack keeps pointing and talking at Conrad!)!

  9. Awww. Very glad to hear that your Dad is recovering well! The pictures are great! It looks like little Conrad had a splendid day!! (Red and green pancakes??! How awesome?!)

  10. That first picture is great! So glad to hear your dad is well.. love how you captured the verse on the back of your moms shirt.
    That picture really does say a thousand words!

  11. red+green pancakes! now that's love :) glad your pop is doing better. you look so pretty girl. ah, christmas. come+gone just like that.

  12. I hope your dad feels better and his gift for Christmas is the best of all. :)

    Loving your family photos! I have to say that I love your hair! I wish I could have bangs like that.

    :) M

  13. Your boy is so cute, hope your dad is fully recovered soon.

  14. I hope your dad is well on his way to recovery! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Also, Dustin looks like a GIANT in that picture!!