Friday, November 19

Weekly Surf:

This Pound Puppy was passed down to me by my older brother after he grew out of him when we were kids. Now this beloved toy belongs to Conrad. My Pound Puppy's body is flattened out from being snuggled every night for years, paint and stains cover him, eye ball paint missing, the stitching on his mouth that makes him look like he is forever smiling has come undone, his ear has been reattached-the stitching giving away his age but to me, this was my comfort as a kid.This was really the only toy that I ever had an attachment to.

Today, this pound puppy's ears are soaked in drool, bitten and chewed by a toddler who is teething. He is STILL covered in years worth of dirt, but I can't bring myself to wash those years of dirt away.... He's been drug around the house by his tail and sat on like a horse, kissed and squeezed. He has spent the last few years tucked away in a box filled with other happy memories of my childhood, my little box of treasures. And now, Conrad gets to love him too.
(I REALLY wish I had kept my barbies. How fun would those have been to pass down to our daughter? Or just to take out and look at.)
The bed-head kills me.
Pointing out the Doggy's nose.
Weekly Surf:
I would have taken a photo of this too

Something pretty for your walls
Who knew teaching kids how to brush their teeth could be so inappropriate.
I'm kind of obsessed with this guy's music at the moment
Instead of pickpocketing, try this. I love the idea of putting surprises in someones bag.
Imagine having this much counter space (Dustin)
I've been searching for a new duvet. What do you think?
I love this jewelry
I also love this duvet but would Dustin go for the bright pink?
This really spoke to me this week. Thank you Matt.
Ring lust. Wouldn't this be the most gorgeous engagement ring ever?
{He pulls off the double chin so well doesn't he?}


  1. OOOOOOH! I just love your blog!

    I wish you could take my family pictures! I'm needing a good FAMILY photographer around her...

    BEING the photographer... it's hard to find someone you like!!!!!!! isn't it?

    P.S. your son is a CUTIE!!!!

  2. Oh man, that Barney video, HILARIOUS. And disturbing. In a funny way.
    Love the first duvet.

  3. I saw Landon Pigg in concert a few years ago. I had never heard of him, but he opened for a band I loved. Keep the love/obsession going because he is incredible. So so so good.

  4. Aww, my brother had a Pound Puppy attached to his hip as a kid as well :)

  5. hahaha...i am DYING over that barney video!!!!!!!!

    the ring is stunning. i want.

    first duvet is adorable. do it! second one is equally as adorable (and i kind of like it more) but i doubt any husband would be to keen on that awesome shade of pink! haha, at least mine wouldn't! i had a bedroom that shade of pink when i was a teenager. it was obnoxious. i LOVED it.

    and lastly, i had a pound puppy once! i wonder whatever happened to it...the one thing i have held onto for years is my American Girl doll. Olivia will have that one day :)


  6. I passed down some of my old stuffed animals to my little guy recently. All he can do is chew them, but I hope he will love them as much as I did. I love subway art blog!

  7. ohhh my goodness. My little guy also loves his pound puppy that was his daddy's!! So so precious!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. i was browsing Anthropologie yesterday I saw this ring and thought it looked like a cheaper, similar version of the one you posted!
    sooo pretty.

  9. Your little guy is just too cute! And what a sweet story about the pup! I think I had one of those. And now I wish I saved it for my future kids. But I did save my Barbies! You win some you lose some right?


  10. I wish you would post again soon! I love reading your blog! :) Your outfits are always so super cute, and you inspire me to look for the creative side in everything! ....Just some words of encouragement! :) Jessica from Joplin

    where are you????????!