Thursday, October 7

Weekly Surf:

As I'm finishing up preparing my dinner so we could sit down and eat together, I turn around and notice splats of apple sauce on my walls, on the floor, in his hair, in his belly button, down his arms and all over his face. Someone had an apple sauce party!
Then when it was all gone, he stared at the bottom of the container with such disbelief.
It's really gone?!
I could see the disappointment painted all over his face...
He polished off the spoon in an attempt to savor just a few little tastes of apple sauce.
He tried to get his tongue to the back of the container but sadly, it wouldn't reach and so he continued to smash the container into his face over and over with little success.
He realizes his apple sauce fun is over and moves on to bigger things, grapes.
Then he rubbed what was left of the apple sauce into his hair.
And we both laughed until our tummy's ached. It was bliss.

Weekly Surf:
I am currently OB-Sessed with this album
To have Conrad's name around my neck
This jewelry reminds me of my Mom
This Lamp make over is giving me the thrift-itch.
A super cute vintage trailer made into a lovely home
This movie is going to be AH-Mazing
The sweetest girls nursery I've ever seen
Grey with ruffles. I wear a small. I'll be checking the mail box. K, thanks.
Deadly knockers. This is exactly why I wont get a boob job. You can't fly!
What a chic teens room
A surprise proposal/photo shoot that made my heart skip a beat
Is it OK for a grown woman to wear this hat? I say yes.
Another kid, like Conrad with Hip Dysplasia
A bicycle themed room would be cute with these photos displayed in it
Fun props to go along with the DIY photo booth I'm working on
A man cave both man & woman can be happy about

I'll be watching Vampire Diaries tonight as per usual, enjoying some tortilla soup and warm crumb cake. Today was the perfect day for baking and cooking. We left the doors and windows open all day. The cool-crisp air put us in a good mood. Conrad was an exceptionally good listener and gave me extra kisses & hugs today. Praise the Lord.
It was a perfect day.

{Happy Thursday Dolls.}


  1. OH lordy. At first I was like-well at least it wasn't in his hair...and then I scrolled down lol!

  2. ohh, pretty! thanks for the inspiration! LOVE the little girls nursery too. yum. & your little dude never disappoints. i bet you had fun cleaning that up! ha.

  3. so far my favorites were the lamp, both jewelry links, and the little girls nursery. And I'm hoping since you read about the Cable Guy's son having hip dysplasia that means you weren't offended by my crazy forwardness by posting the link in a previous comment. Sorry, I just know what it's like to have a child with a condition that most people know nothing about and I love any info or stories that I hear about kids with the same condition as my son.

  4. isn't it strange how the cool, crisp air can change your mood so drastically? i swear, when i'm not crying over nothing (ugh...hormones!) i am incredibly happy due to this weather. it just makes me want to either be outside 24/7 with olivia, or cooking something yummy.

    that movie looks awesome. i need to see it. and every week you kill me with these Anthro links! oh, and that nursery? yeah, now i want to change Willow's entire room around. haha

    anyway, great pictures! i always love your friday posts :)


  5. that movie will be AHmazing!!! finally something by Sofia and hello, Stephen Dorff, gone for so long!! Those Fanning girls are so beautiful!

  6. AMAZING pictures!!

    and CONGRATS on winning the oufi bag on mara's blog. so jealous!!