Tuesday, October 5

VIVA Las Vegas Baby!

After lots of praying, and lots of premature crying sessions imagining leaving my Friends and family, we have FINALLY made the decision NOT to go to Texas. (I know what you're saying. We're crazy to stay in a place with very little culture, very little for kids to do and a place with a sucky education system, but we're staying.) For now! We've been going back and forth with what to do, and we feel really secure in this decision to stay. When we visited Austin and Dustin had his interview, we both felt rather indifferent about it. We liked it there but just couldn't see ourselves there right now. The company made us a really great offer and we were really sad to turn it down, but we know that all of our needs will be taken care of whether we have little or an abundance. With every BIG decision we've ever had to make in our lives, we've always gotten a firm yes or no from god and with this, we both felt really indifferent towards moving. We weren't being pulled in any direction, so we're staying. We'd really like to have money saved and debt paid off so that when we do eventually move, we can buy a home. This just seemed like the wiser decision.

His company has a lot of really great things going on right now and Dustin's been super busy at work. He's also becoming better friends with his co-workers and really Loves his job. He's getting more responsibilities and he's up for a promotion pretty soon. Dustin's bosses have made him a counter offer (which we've taken) and with this extra income we plan on buying Dustin a new car. He's had his dreaded car for about 6 years now (the same car that I threw up in on our first date at the drive in.... It smelled like barf for like 4 months....I'll tell that story one of these days.) His car is paid off which is wonderful but the transmission is crap, the windows don't roll down AND he has NO air conditioning. You can only imagine how sexy he smells when he comes home from work after riding in his oven for 25 minutes everyday there and back! Gross. He's driven the damn thing without air for 3 summers now and It's time. I want him to have a decent car to drive.

The idea of us moving has made us realize how special our friendships are, and really let us see how bad our attitudes were towards this town. Instead of seeing the good in things, we just threw our hands in the air and said screw this place, lets go somewhere new! Plus, not having as much spiritual community has been hard for us. Since this decision has been made, I can see that the Lord is gracing us with new friends and showing us that he'll provide us and equip us with what we need if we stop being such jerks about everything.

Last weekend we were on our way to church and I was just in a really pissy mood. Conrad was in the backseat being annoying and fussing, I didn't get to really get ready like I wanted to, I wasn't in the mood for church, I just wanted to bitch about everything. I had a major stick up my butt. The whole way there I was listing off all of my complaints about this person, and that person, and this situation and the list goes on. I wanted to just turn around and go home so I could just sulk all day, but we kept driving and went anyway whether I was happy to go or not. Thankfully when we got there, we dropped the baby off in the nursery and he didn't cry like he usually does the whole time. The music was amazing, I got to worship and reflect on the lord instead of hating the world like I was doing. My attitude shifted and I began to repent and the Lord put this image in my mind of a colicky baby. They can't be calmed, they can't be reasoned with. They whine all day, they're angry, they don't feel good, they need relief, they're sick, they're looking for a solution that can't be found because they're so busy screaming that even if the solution were in front of them, they probably wouldn't receive it. I am a colicky baby. So that's what Jesus has been revealing to me. I've been processing through that and dissecting my heart this week asking how I can mature into the woman he's calling me to be. Sanctification is a painful process. 
After church I met this really wonderful woman who is a week away from her due date and she's having her 2ND natural birth. I was really stressed out about staying in Vegas because we don't have a very strong community of natural birthing people. But actually a lot of woman and friends of hers are all in support of it. I was really humbled to see yet another way that God showed up and showed me that he will give us all that we need wherever we are.

{I want to squish his face off!}
So that's the story. That's where we are. We're going to stay here, Dustin's going to start school for his masters in the spring, I'm going to keep doing my thing and we're going to be content in whatever circumstances come our way. Thanks for all of your wonderful words of encouragement, advice, prayers, love and for hearing my rants the last few months through all of these decisions. 

Today we wore sweaters to the park. I was very excited for us to wear sweaters. 
It was the first day that finally felt like fall....so I took a few pictures.


  1. Beautiful sentiments, beautiful photos. He's just too cute. And even here when I talk about MAYBE not having an epidural I still get looked at like a crazy person at least half the time.

    Can't wait to see you in Vegas! And really glad that you're happy with your decision.

  2. such beautiful photos. i especially love the top one!
    very Fall like :)

    glad you came to a decision you can be at peace with!

  3. thanks for sharing all of this Chelsea. I love getting to know your heart through these posts :)

    i am feelnig a little bit of this way right now. seeing the negative in everything because i hate my job and i just want to be a mom. i am trying to learn to be content in the now and ask the Lord what he has for me today

    praying for more community for you!

  4. you are brave to admit you are/were a colicky baby. bless your heart as you seek HIM!!!

  5. We drove through Las Vegas this weekend (slept in Primm.) I've always loved Vegas. Haven't been there for an actual vacation for awhile, but seeing the strip makes me want to go back soon.

    What a hard decision to make. I would have a very hard time leaving friends and family. My husband would move in a heartbeat, but I'm stubborn.

  6. Sooooo, then you should TOTALLY come to the NEEDTOBREATHE show in Vegas on Dec. 11 at the House of Blues, and maybe we can actually meet in person! Ha :) My brother lives out there, and I'll be coming out to visit, and most definitely will be at that show.

    God is good, all the time, and He will put you in the BEST place in the right time. It's a hard decision, but worth it!

  7. My friend Erin really loves that band and I'm starting to love them a whole lot too! Thanks for the heads up! If you go to the show, let me know so we can meet up. that would be really wonderful!

  8. I'm glad you made a decision on this! It's the right thing or it wouldn't have happened! Conrad is so sweet. The pine cone pictures are so sweet!

  9. so glad you've made a decision and feel good about it. The Lord works all things for Good. And i love your comment about squishing your little boys face. those superlative reactions always come out of me with those sweet baby faces... squeezing to death, eating.... those are just the only words to describe it. the more "violent" the more appropriate :)

  10. I just wanted to let you know that when you guys do get pregnant again I would highly recommend Dr. Sauter. He's on Wigwam and Eastern. He does natural and vbacs. He was my OB with my first pregnancy. He's a strong Christian man, amazing doctor (took me even tho he didn't accept my insurance, charged me nothing and saw me thru the delivery). He's the one who recommended hypnobirthing, which is what I'll be using with Isaac. Just a thought :)

  11. Jessi, DR. SAUTER delivered BOTH of my brother in laws! How funny. My mother in law RAVES about that Dr. She's been seeing him for YEARS! How funny. What a small world. Thank you so much for reminding me of him. I totally forgot. AND it's good to know that he might be a good fit for our prenatal care etc. We're going to go and interview a few doctors that we're thinking about for our next pregnancy in a short while before we get pregnant. Thanks friend. I appreciate it!