Sunday, October 3

2:00PM On A Cloudy, Drizzly Sunday Afternoon:

The guys lounged around and watched some Sponge Bob.
These two smiles steal my heart on the regular:
What's extra cute is when something is so awesome that his smile overwhelms his face and causes his eye lids to completely close shut.
I really love the closed eye lid smile.He does this a lot when he dances in the car.
Of course kisses and hugs happen during Daddy-snuggle-time.
I beg for them but Dustin gets them for free.... How is that fair at all?
Dustin's satisfied smile after his complementary hugs and kisses:
He doesn't have to be all cocky about it.
My new desk top photo:
(I expect that he'll ask me to take this photo down & be embarassed that I put it up, but what the hell. He's cute. He can get over himself.)
What a wonderful, stressful, relaxing weekend we had. Dustin surprised me Thursday afternoon with a really sweet email telling me he had made us reservations and booked us a babysitter for Friday night. He knew I had a busy work weekend ahead of me and wanted to spend some time together, "so find something pretty to wear cuz' I ain't takin' no busted up woman to a fancy restaurant!" His email read. He knows how to put a smile on my face when I'm in the middle of a tornado storm kind of a day. After reading the email I about jumped out of my desk chair and called him to thank him for this surprise. You start to miss the spontaneity that existed before more important things existed (a baby!) Often times we feel like our life is centered around nap times and bed times. The world stopped revolving around us so much when we became parents. We really have to be intentional and creative in wooing one another in our marriage. With a toddler, everything has to be so planned and organized, but not having to think of anything was really nice. There's something so sweet about sitting and having a conversation with this man, picking his brain and digging deeper into who he is that makes me realize there is so much more to learn. I love that. Having him stop dead in his tracks during dinner to pull my chin and kiss me or notice the delicate material of my lace dress makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel pretty, when honestly, most days when he comes home I look "busted up" for sure. He was joking about it, but it's true! I don't want him to see me just as a mom. I want him to still feel like a naughty teenager when we go on these dates. Even though these kind of dates don't happen as often as they used to when we had money to blow on fancy restaurants! But when money is tight, we find ways to still make dates fun. I still really like the fancy dates though. They're REALLY fun. I can say that right?
I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was long and eventful and I'm SO glad the week is here. I'm looking forward to sitting at my desk during naps and editing photos while I sip my coffee (Just got a big thing of pumpkin spice coffee creamer!!!!) I'm hoping for many rainy days this week!


  1. That little boy loves his dad so much. They are absolutely adorable!

  2. One day, I DREAM of being able to take pictures like this...of my future husband and child(ren)!!! Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment.

  3. mmm pumpkin spice creamer! jackpot.

    that squinty eyelid smile melts my heart...and im sure it does yours a thousand fold because he's YOURS! so sweet.

    i laughed outloud to "i ain't takin no busted up woman to a fancy restaurant"

    thanks for such a sweet post that made me feel all mushy inside. :)

  4. Those photos are so sweet friend:) Glad you had a great weekend see you soon!

  5. Those are such wonderful father-son photos.
    We had a great family weekend here and I also got to have some time to myself (which I really needed).
    Happy you went out on a date. It is so important to keep the relationship still sexy. It is hard work but it must be done.

  6. Oh my gosh these pics are SO DARN SWEET!

  7. oh oh oh! SO happy for you and your date night :)
    i love email invites.......they make me SO giddy :)
    heck - i love any invite to a suprise or date from mr leif!

    way to go for keepin the spice in your marriage!

    praying you have a great week!

  8. the way you talk about your hubby makes me want, NEED, a date night stat! life is so busy with toddlers..never a dull moment. i LOVE spontaneous dates (especially the kind where you get to dress UP) mmm, mmm, mmm.

    & that boy of yours. the way he loves his dad, makes me want, NEED, a baby boy.

    so thanks for making me want a lot of things today :) haa. i have a problem.

  9. That sounds like such a great date and good weekend! What a sweet husband! And speaking of sweet... those photos just melt my heart. I LOVE that closed-eyed smile!
    Thanks for your kind comments on my new digs
    p.s. I actually get 5 extra HOURS per day, not minutes ;)

  10. Hilarious! "No busted up . . . " That is so funny. I love lazy days at home, and your bedding is brilliant. I love it.

    xo M

  11. I love how you talk about your husband. Sounds like such a fun (and deserved!) date night. And your boy...too cute to handle.

  12. This post makes me so happy! Hope you had a great date night-- I just love that your hubby did that for you.

    And thanks for the reminder to go get myself some pumpkin creamer! :)

  13. These pictures are absolutely priceless!! You're one lucky momma, you know that? :-)

  14. Of course you can say fancy dates are more fun! cuz they are. But it's nice to have a balance too, so the fancy dates are that much more special and the chillaxin' dates are sweet in their own way.

  15. awesome pictures! too cute & i love your bedspread!

    yay for great weekend and date knights!


  16. awww this makes me melt. He is so darn cute to look at

  17. we just had a fancy date night was very much needed :)

    and pumpkin spice creamer is on my grocery list! YUM!

  18. This is so beautiful. I love that you said you still have to be intentional about wooing each other. That is very true, and very sweet.
    You guys are adorable.

    I love the dress you wore too! Sassy mama.

  19. mmmmm....
    beautiful,,,and very sweet...