Friday, October 1

A place I love: My office.

Her blog inspires me to no end. She is a genius.

My office is where I work, it is where I come to read at night, listen to music and unwind after a day of chasing my rug rat around. It comforts me to be surrounded by photos I love, old treasures and trinkets, furniture with a story, and it's turquoise-brightness that brightens my mood.

The photo below was taken by my mom when Conrad was 4 days old. I remember being so exhausted and tired after we got back from the orthopedic surgeons office where we learned that he had to wear his hip harness. I think I was all cried out when this photo was being taken, But I'm so glad she took it. Theres something really sweet about this photo. Maybe that he's asleep after nursing.
 I don't know. I just love it.
My little camera collection minus 3 others. Nothing too fancy.
Self portrait of Mom & I circa 2000. My freshman year of high school. I remember going through a huge black and white phase. I'd steal my parents camera and go nuts. I think this is right around when I started to fall in love with photography. 
This bookshelf belonged to Dustin's parents. They got it from Ethan Allen when they got married and gave it to us when we got married. I love Ethan Allen furniture because they stamp the year that it was made on the back. The bowl and pitcher (below) was my Mom's. She gave it to me when she decided I was responsible enough not to break it. (2 years ago....) Thanks Mom. It's been in our family for ages. It is the first antique of my mothers that has been handed down to me. I've got my eye on a few others....
The office also doubles as Conrad's play room.... the floor is almost always covered in toys.
{But I cleaned it nice for you today.}
Do you have a favorite room in your home that you'd like to be featured?
I'd love to show it off to inspire others in their nesting endeavors.
{email me at with a photo}


  1. I LOOOOOOVE your office. I'd be in it all day. And that bookshelf has me swooning.

    I wish I had a favorite room but as it stands our little (825 maybe? sq. feet) apartment is almost pure function with some creature comforts that I try and throw in every so often. Maybe I'll take a few pics of my favorite parts of our place and post them.

  2. How freakin' adorable! I love your office so much!

  3. i'm a new follower
    i came in via olivia [For me]
    your office is so fun

  4. Oh my goodness. Perfect office. That first picture is the sweetest thing. His little lips.

  5. gorgeous!!! you have such a good eye for interior design!! :)

  6. Your office colors are inspiration for a (future) nursery for my (future) kids! The teal/lime/white combo is both cheery and unique.

    The picture your mom took of you and Conrad is precious.

  7. so beautiful & cheery! i love all the stories behind everything. fun, fun!

    have a great wkend, pretty lady! xo.

  8. I love the pictures! And I love the colors of your office! Very pretty. Hope you are having a wonderful week!!

  9. that top photo brings tears to my eyes. i don't know if it's because i'm emotional and pregnant or if it's just because it really, truly captures all of the raw emotion of being a new mother.fears, worries, anxieties...all of it. the look on your face is so familiar to me because i'm pretty sure that was my look for a good, solid month after olivia was born! ecstatic but scared out of my mind and worried over every little thing and what i was or wasn't doing right.

    just beautiful.

    and your office is really gorgeous...come to Florida and fix my new bedroom for me :) it has been severely neglected since we moved in!


  10. Your office is gorgeous. LOVE that accent wall!

  11. you were in high school in 2000? you are soooooo young. if that was my office i would love it too. it is a wonderful personal space.
    love the black and white photo taken by your mom.

  12. What an amazing work space! I love it so much! I think i had a room like this i'd find uni work that much easier to do.
    I've been reading your blog and i adore it. Now following :) xo

  13. This is PERFECT timing as I'm just starting to nest! Thanks for all the inspiration (as always)

  14. what a beautiful room! i love this space. especially the frames and desk.

  15. Both of those black and white pictures are so awesome. What lovely memories for your office!

  16. love your office space, your photo wall is amazing careen x

  17. Your office inspires me:) i really really really love it!