Sunday, September 5

The Weird & The Wonderful:

A boy and a room full of comic books:
Little doll in a bag: 
If Conrad were a doll, he would be THIS doll....
If I had $35 bucks to spend on a cake dish, I'd be serving you cake from this dish:
An entire room dedicated to owls. Awesome.
A vintage mixing bowl + Barbie's fashion success book? = Ah-mazing. 
The scale mesmerizing my husband, and the place where my wedding ring rests nightly from now on.... 
(creepy hand! But I love it.) 

Our date consisted of a trip to the antique mall where I tried to talk the guy down from a $24 glass hand to a $10 dollar glass hand! Score! I found some vintage fisher price toys for baby photos, Dustin found a a very interesting scale....nerd! We asked about some estate jewelry (like we were going to buy anything! Ha!) Afterward, we headed home to change into our pj's and watched 2 episodes of Vampire Diaries. (YES!) 
I ate some delicious guacamole and we acted like we were teenagers again! It was the perfect date. 

The baby is home now. Dustin picked him up from Grammy's house. He just got out of the bathtub. I can hear him screaming (he's cold & his jelly-bean-sack is shrunken and is sucked into his body. He is soaking wet and hating life.) Thank God Daddy just put on Signing time! The screams have seized! 
It's smooth sailing from here folks. Ni-night time is upon us! I think I just heard the rocking chair start to sway and I hear Dustin's Australian accent as he reads stories. Yep, It's story time.

Happy Saturday! Praise the Lord. 
Let the teenage-fest-continue! 


  1. Oh my, owl heaven! Also, I love the red hand. Great find!

  2. Jelly bean sack! hahahah.

    And that antique mall looks ah-mazing!

  3. Oooh I so wish I had known about the owls before Maden's party!! LOVE them!
    Ha I remember the first time his jelly bean sack shrunk...I had to ask Jason if that was normal!! :)

  4. hahahaha.....i love reading your blog. every post makes me laugh!

  5. I love the jelly bean sack.....

    And the hand. I just saw one that was clear glass and not nearly as cool for like twice that at Urban Outfitters. So SCORE.

  6. That lime green cake dish is awesome!!! If they still have this dish at the Antique Mall I'll go buy it for you and ME too :) Love Ma

  7. jelly bean sack? ha ha ha that's hilarious! This is such a sweet post. What a perfect date. I love antique malls.


  8. My mom sent me that exact glass hand a few months ago to put my wedding rings on. I had no idea how to display it so I gave it to goodwill. I never thought I'd see another one because it was so unique. How odd...two red glass hands in Vegas!

  9. Aw Kelli! Dang, too bad I didn't find it at Goodwill. I think it's kind of neat. I will say though, that if i walked into someone's bathroom and saw that weird glass hand, I'd be like WhhhaaaT?!


  10. p.s. I added you to my blogscroll! Just thought I'd let you know!