Wednesday, September 8

Then Labor day came & went & we shed what was left of our summer skin

We played in the pool at Dustin's parents house, stealing the last rays of the hot summer sun....
(hoping to God above it cools down sooner than later....) Summer is almost over.
I'm not sad at all to kiss it goodbye, although I have to admit,
the hot Vegas heat does feel good on my shoulders.
I will miss the 100 degree late night runs... NOT! Ha! Vegas summers blow.

Labor day was fun. He ate lots of pop sickles to sooth his teething aches and pains
at this particular Labor Day BBQ. No veggies, or BBQ chicken, nothing of
nutritional substance, Just sugary pop sickles. And I'm OK with that.
He did pass out a few kisses, and the ones he didn't give out for free, I stole...
I've got to my kisses in before he gets all growns up and pushes me away.
And I blew that fat little baby belly and munched it a bit!

We both have been feeling the weight of the decisions coming that we have to make.
I don't want to leave family and friends. It makes me sad. So that's hard. But we're excited to see what the Lord is going to do in our lives and we're pressing into Him. Last night Dustin retreated to his "man cave" (our guest bath tub...) (Do OTHER husbands take daily baths, or is it just mine? This is normal right?! I mean, he doesn't soak in bath crystals and pour oil all over himself or anything crazy, but the man loves him a daily bath....I think it's weird. That's just me. 6'5 with your legs folded up in a bath? Who does that. It doesn't even sound relaxing at all....Maybe we'll find a place with a garden tub in Texas where he can extend his legs a smidgen!) I'm getting off topic now. Ahem, where was I, Oh, yeah, he read all of 1st and 2nd Corinthians, all of Ecclesiastes & the whole book of Colossians. I call this "binge" reading. He came out of the "man cave" looking like a dear in head lights with his eyes bulging out of his head. The pressure is on. I think we're both feeling desperate to hear from God. I feel so prayed out about this topic. Give me a nudging, or a sign! Drop something from the sky! Something! We just want to go where the Lord wants us to go, and to not be afraid of the un-known. This is tough.
We're both a little on edge with it all.
It's like my heart is being pulled in two opposite directions. This would be SO much easier if Vegas was a complete shit-hole. But my friends are here (two of which are about to pop out babies soon, and I want to be here to kiss those babies!! And what about Avery?! Conrad's going to be so heartbroken over the loss of his first true love....) And I'll miss my brother and family. So sad! But it's also very exciting to go on a new adventure with Dustin. I feel like, everything will be fine because we're doing this together.
I'll keep you posted on everything.


  1. you should check out the blog my friend is keeping now that they have moved to Canada!

    they sold everything they owned and moved in one month's time...they felt like that was where God was leading's really an amazing thing. talk about stepping out in faith!

    i'll be keeping your little family in my prayers as you are deciding where you are supposed to be :) new adventures sound like fun and when you are following God's lead you can't really go wrong <3

  2. Moving is rough. We've moved about 9 times in the past 7 years and have no family around us, but we have drawn closer to one another and have found forever friends who now feel like family. Last Christmas while Spouse was in Afghanistan I drove 14 hours home with two kids and a cat to get my dose of family:)You adapt and enjoy new places.

    Baths are normal for my Spouse too. We went away for a weekend and he requested a room with a big tub:)

  3. So funny that your hubby likes to take bathes... and you paint the picture so well! That's great. I don't think Grant's ever willingly taken a bath on his own now that I think of it!
    I know what its like to feel like you keep praying and praying and waiting... and waiting... sometimes its not until you make the decision on your own that you get the overwhelming confirmation it was right. Sort of like a leap of faith :) I love you Chels!

  4. Sometimes the Lord spells is out for us, and sometimes we have to make decisions and just step into them in faith that He trusts our wisdom, and the confirmation comes later. And sometimes both options are just fine and He leaves it up to us.

    Not at all frustrating, is it?

    That being said, we have just officially decided to pack our bags and move 2 weeks after this baby pops out to Vegas. Despite a possible job opportunity that would get us by here, we just feel very strongly (and peaceful) about leaving this place we love and moving in with my parents for a bit. This period has been so scary with this baby on the way and not knowing what the future holds, but at the same time we feel so taken care of. And that things will work out for the best in the end.

    PLUS I might get to hang out with you, that is if you don't leave, like, tomorrow.

  5. Where are you thinking about going!?

    This is totally a rough thing. Sometimes I feel like the Lord doesn't always speak clear and wants us to just go if we're feeling the pull. I'm reading Chasing Daylight by McManus right now and he talks all about if we are walking with the Lord and in relationship with Him, we can't make a wrong decision, He'll use it either which way and if he doesn't He'll send you back.

    Like Sarita said-- not frustrating at all is it!? haha.

    Praying for you in this decision!!!!

  6. I know how tough BIG decisions can be. It helps me to just study out all the options and then MAKE the decision myself and then pray to know if it's the right one. That way the Lord has only to give you a yes or no. If its a yes, go for it! if its a no, back to the drawing board!

    Good luck! Everything will work out!


  7. Life changing decisions are tough, I totally hear you on that. Thanks for the updates, thoughts of moving occasionally pop up for my and my husband as well and it's nice to know we're not alone in that. (We still haven't felt called to move though-- I wonder if these occasional urges are just preparing us for the time when God says "GO!")

    Conrad has the sweetest little face. So expressive. I can totally tell he's your son through the way you write-- I mean that in a good way-- you seem like you're pretty expressive as well!

  8. My husband is totally a bath taker. I mean every single day. I've always thought it was weird too! I'm so glad he's not the only one!

  9. conrad is SO cute! and those pictures are really amazing. i love the one where he is looking unto the distance holding the popsicle! and remember...God knows the plans He has for you...even if you don't! :)

  10. So is the "shedding our summer skin" a reference to the song? I LOVE love that song, I'll have to tell you about it sometime.

    Hang in there with your big decision. I know that where ever you are you will do good and have great friends because that's who you are! I love how you said "everything will be fine because we're doing this together." SO true! And so great to see people in love...REAL love... and sticking together. Good luck!

  11. awe! looks like such a great day.<3

  12. um, okay, our husbands could totally be brothers if it weren't for the whole my husbands black and yours is white thing. but my husband is strange too and loves a good hot, and I do mean HOT, bath. I think it's a little weird too, being that he's 6'3" and our bath is no where near the size it should be to accomodate a guy his height. And my husband wears some rockin' glasses too.

  13. Thanks girls. You're all so encouraging to me!

    Jess, the song is a death cab song. I dont know what it's really about though.... ;)

    It's nice to have such kind friends. You are all so amazing. Thank you!

  14. Yep..The Death Cab song!! Listen to it carefully...I have a story in my life (past) that fits it perfectly and I can see, smell, feel...that time in my life when I listen to it. Beautiful.

  15. wow. sounds like a great adventure to me! i'll be praying for wisdom & direction for you both.

    & ohboy. those pictures are so sweet. love that boy of yours.

  16. those are such beautiful popsicle pictures. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!