Friday, September 10

Weekly Surf + Date Night Duds:

We're in TEXAS!
We're staying with dear friends Aaron & Morgan! They've taken us to some of the neatest restaurants, parks, vintage clothing stores, & coffee shops. It's been so fun! We're both feeling so much peace and encouragement. We're walking in the truth that fear is not of God and that if we're walking with Him, our steps will be made in confidence and He will guide us, protect us and grace us with new friends along the way. (We still haven't talked about a lot of key components concerning this position, so a lot is still up in the air, but I do feel like, if we stay in Vegas, I'm going to want to hug my friends and family so much tighter. The thoughts I've had of losing them, or not being near them have made me realize how dear they are to me....So guys, IF I HUG YOU EXTRA LONG NEXT TIME I SEE YOU, AND IT GETS A LITTLE WEIRD, JUST GO WITH IT..... ) We're at the point in this decision, that if we stay in Vegas, or go to Austin, we're totally OK with either one. We're trusting God and leaning into him. We're excited.
Thanks for all of the prayers and great advice about the potential move to TX.
I'll let you know what the verdict is shortly.

Here's what I wore for our date the other day.

Nothing too fancy.
{Jessi, I need a spray tan)

I am wearing:

Lace Cardigan & Pearls: (Mom's closet)
Shorts: hand me downs
Plaid button up: Thrifted (Men's Section)
Leather Loafers: Lands End (Thrifted)

{Kisses to Mom. I think of you when I wear this necklace! Love you!!}

Weekly Surf:

a beautiful bed made of trees

somethin' real funky to run to this weekend

I plan on buying up a ton of these for my next pregnancy!

love these photos & these photos

one of the coolest songs I've heard in a long while
sung by Ryan Gosling

If you're a wifey, read this

A post wouldn't be a post without a photo of the tiny-man-sandwich....
(sleepy head after his nap!)

{Have a great weekend dolls.}


  1. ryan gosling is my celebrity crush.
    yes he is.
    for years...ohhhhh how i love him and his amazing band!!!!!
    you should look up the live videos. so GOOD.

  2. You look so darn cute in that outfit. And I'm looking forward to a GIANT hug when you all get back. Miss you and love you bunches. Granny

  3. aww Chels you are so stylish! I'm happy you guys are enjoying Texas, but we sure do miss you here!
    and you know i'll give you a good spray tan anytime :)

  4. DUUUUUUDE! I haven't crushed on someone (referring to the Gosling) that hard since Teen Bop! I have a thing for piano players. Dapper looking ones at that! Whew!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. i am sure that whatever decision you guys make will be the right one!

    love love your outfit, look GREAT!


  6. you are one beautiful ladyyy.
    i love your bangs,
    and that outfit on you.<3

  7. Ohh my the last pic is so adorable!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Ah, I want that cardigan, but unfortunately yellow is so not my colour... :(
    But it looks so cute on you.

    I enjoyed your link list once again and drooled over the bed. I had seen it on German Etsy months ago already and this is the bed of my dreams! But doesn't fit the room nor the budget...

  9. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. You two are a such a cute couple too!! (and your little adorable!)

  10. You look awesome and that last pic is positively adorable. Happy weekend lady!

  11. love your outfit!! that sweater is darling.

  12. You guys are too darn cute! I am glad you are having a lovely time. I love your vintage finds!


  13. i'm actually visiting a friend in austin as i write this. i've lived in texas almost all my life and austin is the place to be in this state. the culture is eclectic and odd and so lovely and fun. i love the terrain and the people and the emphasis on healthy living and the like. i love it here, but i suppose i'm biased (having never been in vegas). good luck with the decision. and i adore the outfit, so cute!

  14. what a beautiful blog!! i found you through the rockstar diaries. i'll definitely be following your adventures!! :)

  15. You always look so good! I love your style!! Have a great weekend dear! xo

  16. Oh my gosh. You and your blog are darling! Your little boy is so cute ... I love the pics of you with him at the pool :) I'm your newest follower!

  17. A-dorably awesome. You and all the links. Hope you are having/had fun deep in the heart of Texas.