Saturday, September 4

The mullet is gone!

When I was pregnant, I dreamed of taking my little boy to a barber shop for his first hair cut... 
I envisioned capturing his reaction and taking tons of black and white photos....

 Today, he got his 1st hair cut! We went to Boulder City and found a barber shop with leather chairs, checkered floors, the red and white spinning pole out front....(the only thing missing was the old man with white hair wearing a white coat!) 

I would like to say that seeing those sweet little blond hairs hitting the ground had no effect on me, but watching the transformation from baby to boy gave me the biggest lump in my throat. I literally felt my heart sink as my eyes filled with water.
 I quickly wiped away (my pathetic) tears, hoping no one would notice....
After all, I WAS in a barbershop. I had to be tough. No crying in the barbershop!
"You're SO big!" I kept telling him as I fed him gummy bear after gummy bear to keep him happy. 
"He's so big! Wow....",
I said to Dustin as I took these photos. 
The first part was rough. sitting in the chair alone was scary so Dustin sat with him. 
He did not want to wear the cape either. Here he is, holding on for dear life.
I came to the rescue with my secret make-baby-happy-
 bag of cookies and gummy bears!
At the barber shop with the guys. Football blaring on the TV. No fashion mags in sight.
Just guy stuff! 
One for you....
Little sweet blond hairs.... 
{I need to stop it, I'm gunna cry again! Damn you little-sweet-blond hairs! Damn you!}
He's so brave.
I think Dad approves.
Conrad checking his new hair cut in the mirror.

Does it get any easier watching them grow up? Will I always be holding on this tightly, not wanting him to get older? Will I always be a basket case? Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of his childhood? Am I just doomed to cry over him learning to go potty like a big boy, losing teeth, soccer game victories....Oh Lord. Someone tell me I'm not the only basket case!
Being a mom is a whole nother' ball game of life.  

{I'm so proud of him. He's SO big! }


  1. Omg chels, don't feel alone! I cried when I put the girls in a room together because it meant kaija wasn't a baby anymore! She is in a big girl bed now and does big girl things now... so bitter sweet!

  2. I am a cry baby so you might not be as bad as I am but I know on Tuesday I will cry when Luke has his first day of Second grade, I cried at his first hockey game, his kindergarten school play (though admittedly I was a week from delivering August) and I definitely cried when I put Augie's first pigtails in! I'm always a mess!

  3. ahhhh yes. the first haircut. i have yet to brave this milestone! poor olivia walks around staring out from under way to long bangs. my husband came to me tonight and told me it was time. time for a cut. i can't do it though. i think i'll just continue to pin them to the side for a wee bit longer ;) i'd be bawling like a baby!

  4. lucky u got to hold on to his beautiful hair that long! my son had to get his hair cut twice before he turned one!! -

  5. oh my! i am so dreading this. but conrad looks like such a big boy! i've been putting jude's off because i know i will bawl like a baby (and i'd even be the one cutting it!) and regret it like crazy. but yeah, after jude got called a girl for the billionth time at the pool yesterday, i know the day is looming over me like a dark cloud! lol. i'll just keep looking at this and thinking how sweet conrad looks with his big boy haircut and hopefully that will give me the strength :D

  6. ooh this is just too cute!!

  7. This set of photos is way too adorable! What a brave little guy, the new cut is great :)

  8. Awww, adorable! What a pleasant first haircut story!

  9. Hey girl - I just saw you comment on The Paper Mama's blog. You looked like someone I would like to hang out with so I decided to stop by. I love this story and how you told the picture through your documentary style photos. I'm now following and look forward to seeing more from you. Have a great week!

  10. AWWwwwwweeee what a Big Boy he looks like now. Such beautiful blond baby hair he had just like his Mama did. Dustin looks so proud and happy and about ready to cry himself in that chair. Watchin' em all grow up is hard to do; (especially when they move away from you....) Love you guys so much. Mom/Nana

  11. aw!!! his first hair cut! he looks adorable in those photos.
    i think i'll cry when Lily will get her first hair cut...